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04:43 PM on 10/25/2010
Over the past 10 years about 4,000,000 civilians were killed in armed conflict.
Over the same period, about 9,000 of them were Arabs killed by Israelis - less than 0.25%.
None of the other nations responsible for most of these civilian deaths (Sudan, Congo, Russia, USA, UK, China, Sri Lanka etc.) nor the Non-State Actors responsible face systematic personal lawsuits to defame them, nor do they allow such trials to even occour, save Israel. Even this being the case, no nation save Israel faces repeated UN general assembly resolutions and rapporteur reports concerning its conduct. Actually Sri Lanka was praised by the UN human rights council for killing 30,000 civilians in 2009 - more than Israel Managed in 50 years. Yet no westerners fly to die for the Tamils or for the Chechens.

Does the "International Solidarity Movement" help Sudanese? Tamils? Chechens? no - it is a tool that brainwashes people to become "Media Ammunition" that does not help Palestinians, but hurts Israel under a comfortable excuse. People like Rachel Corrie THINK they are pro-human-rights, when in fact the cold hard numbers show that they are playing to the tune of some very powerful manipulators of mass delusion.

Those same manipulators were so successful in creating this Israel Mass Delusion that they managed to take a young innocent girl from her home and flew her halfway across the globe to die for Political Islam in one of the worlds smallest conflicts (as far as civilian deaths are concerned).
07:48 PM on 10/25/2010
fanned and faved.
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02:20 AM on 10/26/2010
Sorry but the U.K. does allow trials to occur in those instances.
Intrigued to learn that those who oppose State actions should only protest the largest ones however, curious way of looking at things but no doubt a great relief to so many dictators and repressive governments who from now on will only have to keep just under the largest total in order to avoid any censure under your new morality rules.
02:49 PM on 10/26/2010
It only took about THIRTY YEARS to get an honest investigation into Bloody Sunday. To date not one squaddie has been charged with a crime... Although several were awarded medals for "bravery" in directing close-distance fire at clearly unarmed civilians

The Birmingham Six and the Guilford Four spent SIXTEEN YEARS in prison on charges of which the government knew they were innocent within hours of their arrests
04:03 PM on 10/25/2010
The sad part is that the investigation in this instance seems to be just as "Transparent. Credible. [and]Thorough." as most internal Israeli military investigations.

It's not just the failure to find the truth, it's the apparent disdain for even going through a legitimate search that I find most disheartening -- not surprising, but disheartening nonetheless.
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04:39 PM on 10/25/2010
This is a Civil trial, not a Military trial...and what do you base your views that this case isn't being Transparent? off of the size of a courtoom? or Credible because the Defense is protecting its client by preventing Human right activists easy entry to the courtoom to disrupt proceedings? What do you base your statement that they aren't looking for truth in the courtroom?? why even have a trial that will likely go on a long time? come guys are clueless.
07:26 PM on 10/25/2010
I wasn't commenting on the trial, I was commenting on the investigation.