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11:51 AM on 11/02/2010
Great contribution, Mark! This issue has gotten ZERO coverage from the national media and it should!
Lawyers for argle bargle.
11:50 AM on 11/02/2010
Mark. Love you films. Thanks for caring about the country and thinking about the rest of us.
11:26 AM on 11/02/2010
Wow. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea about this drilling practice, but am not surprise about the Rove machine and obstructionist fervor to drill for more money. We don't seem to learn from the oil spill in the Gulf. Very disheartening...
Veritas Vincit!
10:44 AM on 11/02/2010
Thank you Mark.
Unrepentant, unreconstructed Dharma Bum
10:36 AM on 11/02/2010
As someone who has lived for most of the last 23 years in one part of Sullivan County, NY or another -- eight of those directly on the Upper Delaware -- I have more than a passing interest in, and awareness of the issues Ruffalo brings to light. It is truly a good thing to have a renowned resident be responsible and proactive (as opposed to well-documented instances of notorious former renowned residents whom I apparently cannot name, much less call names).
The Delaware River Basin Commission is sure to play an important role in preventing the impending Marcellus Shale _______ (fill the blank in with the pejorative of your choice) from becoming an environmental calamity. Maurice Hinchey, IMHO has been front and center in regining in unchecked corporate power, whether in this instance or in the area of media consolidation. And he'll be recieving my support once again today.
10:22 AM on 11/02/2010
We watched Gasland on HBO last month, and were horrified. This is a concerning issue that needs to be scrutinized thoroughly. Hopefully, the quick buck mentality will be countered by cooler heads. If it sounds too good to be true...
Blowing up rhetoric with facts,wherever you can!
09:33 AM on 11/02/2010
Folks, swatting at the Oil and Gas Industry is like taking 100 aspirins when you have cancer. The real Cancer is run-away funding of American Elections by nameless, faceless, shadowy groups created by corporations to get away with anything they want. They would have all the Rethugs in their pockets and enough Democrats (Democrats in Name Only - DINOs) in their pockets to thwart any attempt at Campaign Finance Reform. If you even want to pretend that what we have is a democracy, we need to push for Campaign Finance Reform at the earliest. What we have already is a Kleptocracy or a Corporatocracy. Sure we can all go out and vote today like I already did but to pretend that it all matters for anything is just stupidity! They will all be dancing to the tune of their corporate masters who gave them millions not the five dollar donor like you and me!
09:32 AM on 11/02/2010
Mr. Ruffalo's article makes clear what republicans are all
09:20 AM on 11/02/2010
In North Dakota, the state oil and gas division is urging people on its website to lobby against federal fracking regulations:
05:29 AM on 11/02/2010
I lean Right and I can say I'd back Hinchey in this election if it meant stopping the oil companies from poisoning my water.
Nuzis stay to the Right
02:27 PM on 11/02/2010
Cancer doesn't "just happen" people. Cause and effects. We as Americans are lazy about our symptoms until it's too late. Of course, you know Karl Rove no doubt has a nice patch of clean land, fresh water and clean air somewhere - in the South of France.
02:02 AM on 11/02/2010
The only thing the right wing really have over the Dems in rural America is cultural warfare - they are appealing to the last gasp of bigotry that is slowly being lanced from the nation.
And with the growth of the internet, here's hoping that rural folks can begin to see that people who're different than them are just as human, and deserve just as many rights as they do. Maybe the (largely cosmetic) interest in libertarian ideas from the right post-Bush can help with that.
Once that ship has sailed, the Dems who are actually trying to take steps to ensure the safety of rural people - especially their children - in their communities(not to mention their ability to use their land in the future), and not concentrate entirely on profit-as-god(especially once it dawns on them that those profits never do trickle down) - are going to reap the political profits of their current, pretty much thankless efforts that are being attacked by big business now.
01:28 AM on 11/02/2010
The documentary "Gasland" about the effects of FRAC-ing is coming out on DVD on December 14th.

Great gift for the holidays!
It's just math
01:08 AM on 11/02/2010
Way to go Mr. Ruffalo.
It's just math
01:07 AM on 11/02/2010
My hydrologist friends say fracking is perfectly safe. It just doesnt' pass the smell test.
09:27 AM on 11/02/2010
Your hydrologist friends are perfectly wrong.

And anyone who doesn't do some basic internet research for themselves to see what is involved in the hydrofracturing----and why it represents such a great hazard to future generations------is perfectly uninformed and lazy.
It's just math
03:10 PM on 11/02/2010
"they" say that the layers of rock prevent leakage to the ground table. And your information probably comes from the movie "gas".
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12:08 PM on 11/02/2010
Aye right! I remember back in the old days when we used to do that with oil wells using the mud pumps.... they had no real idea what the results were going to be then either.
12:41 AM on 11/02/2010
Dear Democratic Party,

You see, this is the kind of issue that wins elections. Even Republicans like their drinking water. Unless of course you're in on the gag.

Yet another reason why I'm voting Green tomorrow.