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Per angusta ad augusta
11:33 PM on 11/03/2010
Great analysis!
10:15 PM on 11/03/2010
I agree with this article.
10:07 PM on 11/03/2010
greetings....George, do you have, maybe, at least, a question about "morality"......morality is just another word for SHOULD isn't it?.......right in there with obedience....and follow the leader....
Is micro-bio a new disease?
10:03 PM on 11/03/2010
Spot on as always and reading the comments here I always understand why it happens. People just don't get your simple, cogent message. I've been grinding my teeth for fifty years watching the Dems fail in this regard.
09:55 PM on 11/03/2010
Democrats win by standing up for working people. Blue collar, white collar, union, non-union- People who get a paycheck with deductions. When Democrats try to be like Republicans the voters just vote for the real Republicans. Heatlh Insurance Reform? single Payer, not forced private insurance. financial Reform? End Credit Card Interest Rape. Wall Street Bailouts? How about 10c on the dollar, not dollar for dollar? TARP? Either the banks lend or go broke. Tax cuts? The Bush feed the rich giveaway? END IT NOW. Let Democrats be Democrats. If Lyndon was Majority Leader these corporate owned Republicans would be going home every night in tears. Nancy has the Mojo-Harry has been rolled. the President needs to channel his inner Truman.
12:32 AM on 11/04/2010
That was then. Today the average Republican IS a blue collar worker. Remember us? The ones you dems call stupid?
All I know I learned from dogs and Thomas Paine
02:12 AM on 11/04/2010
If you think Republicans have any ideas that will help blue collar workers, you are... not that smart.
Sister Bluebird
07:21 AM on 11/04/2010
When you all "blue Collar Working Repubs" vote for tax cuts, exclusively for people who make over 250K a year while penalizing your own class and station with exorbantly high healthcare costs, while simultaneously trying to deprive grandpa and grandma of affordable drug costs in their sunset years, it really causes me to question your perception of stupid. Cutting your nose to spite your face--is it ever a good idea?
02:01 AM on 11/04/2010
You mean, like Truman in 1946??

"After many years of Democratic majorities in Congress and two Democratic presidents, voter fatigue with the Democrats delivered a new Republican majority in the 1946 midterm elections, with the Republicans picking up 55 seats in the House of Representatives and several seats in the Senate.",_1946

Looks like he already did! LMAO
devoted father, community activist, musician, reti
09:39 PM on 11/03/2010
We have no radio stations to deliver the message. Once you are outside of L.A. and New York, left wing radio stations are few and far between.

In the rural areas that keep going Republican more and more the only choice is Rush, Sean, and Laura, every day.

When the rednecks get into their pick up trucks and click on the A.M. radio station they hear Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram.

And don't talk to me about XFM, no redneck hillbilly is going to go out and pay extra for XFM and look for a left wing radio station. It must be there already.

There are left talk show hosts but few can get them.

Then at the six oclock news hour where is president Obama with his " I feel your pain message"? Never happens. He is still analyzing the data, and too busy to feel your pain.

Banks are making money for the rich and the working class is getting left behind for another generation.

I say shut down the banks and start over. Shut down the FED and start over. No investment bankers, no Wall Street, that's not an economy for the everyday man.
Is micro-bio a new disease?
10:05 PM on 11/03/2010
Radio? The Dems have everything they need to get the message out. Read Lakoff again - they just don't know how to frame the message as simple - as it is.
Sister Bluebird
07:23 AM on 11/04/2010
I know how just fine. You can't argue with people who have their minds made up. Unless of course you are suggestion a lobotomy or reprogramming? And sometimes the Dems are elitists. They can be quite condescending about the notion that wisdom can be found anywhere outside an Ivy League college. Which is sad. They alienate a lot of people that way. And sometimes they are just flat wrong and are no better owning up to it than Conservatives.
10:21 PM on 11/03/2010
I agree. The left and the Democrats are too "elitist" to have radio programs where the people are! The right is reaching out and speaking to "ordinary" Americans. They have out-FOXED (pardon the pun) us.
Sister Bluebird
07:28 AM on 11/04/2010
They are not reaching out and speaking to me. We make less than 60,000 a year --single income family, vet status. Most of the time I feel alienated by conservatives Apocalyptic religious messages, that targets women and other minorities for blame for social ills that only "gawd" can cure or some such mess. They do not respect women's rights, but are happy to utilize the appearance of such with conservative female politicians who are perfectly happy infantalizing female constituents by selling those rights for conservative votes. They do not invest enough in Good Education--Don't Teach both sides--Teach Science, leave God in Sunday School! And don't promote shame based sexual mores, while refusing to teach young people proper sexual hygiene [psychological and physiological]. The Dems fall short in Performance. They get voted because they say the right things, they loose their seat because they don't have the spine to follow through.
Aglets: their purpose is sinister.
09:34 PM on 11/03/2010
It. Was. The. Economy.
Extreme cat and dog lover
10:51 PM on 11/03/2010
That essentially is all that matters to most voters.
12:37 AM on 11/04/2010
...and the health bill, instead of "shovel ready projects."
Basai Master
09:31 PM on 11/03/2010
How bout that Conservative Stream Radio.
09:30 PM on 11/03/2010
What the Republicans tapped were the bi-credulous voters of America, by which I mean twice as credulous as most Europeans, one hundred times as credulous as most Italians, and one thousand times as credulous as any Sicilian.

Pee Tea Barnum was intoxicated with the wet-behind-the-ears perfume of gullibility emanating from the rustics in this year's voting pool.
Truth hunter
07:04 PM on 11/03/2010
The same bankers that run the Clinton administration are running the Obama administration and their trying to purge the govt of progressives and replace them with the more conservative blu dog and anyone questioning the banking cartels are demonized and then minimized...

The left/right is still being used to shield those at the top pulling the strings,,, I guess folks shouldn't be surprised Obama lost the house,,,, he did hire the same folks who tun the Clintons...
06:37 PM on 11/03/2010
What Lakoff missed in this article is the meaning of the word “progressive.” And as a result, he made the same erroneous assumptions most non- “cognitive and brain sciences” pundits make.
The idea that somehow today’s conservative ideology is interchangeable with – or even compatible with – true progressive values is absurd.
The swing voters who actually voted for Obama or a Democrat in 2008, who then voted for a Republican this year, aren’t bi-conceptual.
They’re uninformed, reactionary, and easily manipulated. Just like a frighteningly large segment of the American population.
Sure you have guys like Jon Stewart who liked John McCain, for example. Until McCain stood up on stage with Oral Roberts. And that was the end of that.
Thanks to the neo-cons and the teabaggers, there will never be a “Conservative Progressive” anything. The whole concept is now completely counterintuitive.
“I voted for Obama because he said he supported single-payer healthcare, but he let me down so Rand Paul sure looks good.”
Absolutely ridiculous.

Then there is the idea that somehow an intelligent human being with even the slightest progressive leanings would buy the Republican’s “moral leadership” shtick.
Maybe in that wet dream Karl Rove always has where everyone, minorities included, secretly long to vote for a Republican. On moral grounds, mind you.

Further, Obama hasn’t transmitted a message of moral leadership because, like the Repubs, he has none.
Did you know AOL belongs to A L E C
07:08 PM on 11/03/2010
Simple, Democratic Party lost because the conservatives/Republicans own all the news.
devoted father, community activist, musician, reti
09:46 PM on 11/03/2010
From time to time Obama should just commandeer all of the networks with a mandatory broadcast preempting all regular programming to communicate with the ordinary folks and it must be done in prime time as in 5 on the West coast and 8 on the East Coast.
08:07 PM on 11/03/2010
You know "they" aren't bi-conceptual how? Are you one of us blue collar workers, the actual majority in this country? What else would you call people who support traditions like hunting (2nd amendment rights) but are suspicious of the Wall Street fatcats?

We understand economic security is fading, but hear no alternatives to economic status quo. Our kids are the de facto conscripts of the economic draft. So we support them-- while suspicious that neither progressives who reflexively want to end war, nor conservatives who profit by it, care much about us at all.

Your actual feelings about us are made abundantly clear by the smugly superior "they're uninformed, reactionary, and easily manipulated." So we lessers are the enemy. How do you ever make allies with this kind of sentiment? How do you raise consciouness if you have no idea how to communicate effectively? Which is the point Lakoff tries to make.

The anger and fear-- a borderline hatred even--is palpable here. But hatred, fear, and anger used to promote divisiviness is a tactic the regressives do best. Surely progressives can do better. Please use those advanced educations to figure out how we can all work for the common good.

We must demonstrate alternatives to fear, anger, hatred. By remembering that underneath lies a moral question of deeply caring. About this country, its people, and the entire earth.

Say it loud: we are not afraid to LOVE!
10:15 PM on 11/03/2010
greetings ralphi.....all human relationships are based on is the trump card that tries to overcome it.....does it?.....
01:00 AM on 11/04/2010
Raphi: I really like your comments! Let me throw out an idea in response to there being no alternative to the economic status quo. How about a co-operative movement? Or even a co-operative party?

What would the American (or even world) economy look like if we replaced all corporations with member-owned co-operatives? The primary corporate mission (making money) would be replaced by the primary co-operative mission (providing quality products and services).

Human beings are hardwired for both fear and compassion. Fear begets greed which begets boom & bust cycles which begets fear. Compassion begets altruism which begets sustainable security which begets compassion. If we replaced corporations with co-operatives, we would see the easing of fear and the promotion of compassion.
06:30 PM on 11/03/2010
I agree Democratic messaging was off, but neurospychologists as the new political scientists... I don't think so.
07:41 PM on 11/03/2010
From Lakoff: "If you have not read Drew Westen's outstanding piece, "What Created the Populist Explosion and How Democrats Can Avoid the Shrapnel in November", on the Huffington Post, Alternet, and other venues, read it immediately."

The article really spells out the neuroscience aspect very well.
01:23 AM on 11/04/2010
"Over the last 30 years, Democrats have moved to the right and the right has moved into a mental hospital."

- Bill Maher

If ever there was a time for neuropsychologists or clinical therapists to get involved, it's now.

- Tom
No owning ideas. Limit only commercial use.
06:28 PM on 11/03/2010
"What are called "independents" are actually bi-conceptuals"

Both categories are real. People do have party identification. Like Will Rogers, I'm a Democrat. So are lots of other people. Lots of people are Republicans. A handful of people identify themselves as members of the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, or some other minor political party. But even more people don't self-identify as either. Those people are independents, in the context of electoral politics.

To make the case that what are called "independents" are actually bi-conceptuals, you need to show that either there's a group of people being called "independents" who in fact self-identify as supporters of one of the major parties, or there's a group of people are being excluded from the category of so-called "independents" despite their lack of any identification with either major party. (It would be most persuasive to demonstrate both, of course.)
Chip Sanders
06:24 PM on 11/03/2010
All you folks on the left AND right can go on theorizing and oversimplifying about us independents, and follow that up with being stunned that we didn't agree with you. It won't help you any ;).

As long as each side believes they are 100% right, and any disagreement with their position is due to bad communication - as if independents are somehow less intelligent than you, your agendas will take repeated knocks from the middle.
07:25 PM on 11/03/2010
Well, I don't consider independents in the middle, either. (You sound like you've defined independents, too.)

I think they're individuals who do not line themselves up with a particular political party. And they run the entire spectrum of thought, ability, intelligence, education, etc.
I say the things that have to be said.
09:48 PM on 11/03/2010
Most of the independents I know are not particularly into politics. They can't determine the truth or falsity of political claims, because they are mostly not paying attention. They tune into politics a month or so before an election, accept the conventional wisdom at the moment as reality, and vote accordingly. These people can't be persuaded of facts because they aren't listening. Politics is an occasional diversion for them. Unfortunately, they tend to be the deciding votes, even though the breadth of their knowledge of contemporary events is extremely limited. They cast their votes, oblivious of the real political situation, and complain about the political institutions, and then they go back to their usual interests, which don't include politics. The only thing they really have in common is their desire not to be held responsible for the doings of the major parties, even though they enable one or the other for reasons which don't bear scrutiny. They see themselves as blameless.
Heather Plaggemars
11:25 PM on 11/03/2010
I agree, therefore they are not really independent more they just vote for the team they think will win so they are on the winning side.
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06:21 PM on 11/03/2010
Democrats don't want to use the same propaganda machine for fear of being branded as Communists. They would win if they did. But they'd still be Communists,
07:26 PM on 11/03/2010
If they use the same level of communication machine as the Republicans, they would be branded as Communists? If that is true, why aren't the Republicans branded that way?
08:49 PM on 11/03/2010
I think this is an interesting question. The mania for single, top-down messaging, the Pravda-like mindset of Fox media, and the messing with common meanings of things and the punishment given for stepping out of line seems like an authoritarian model to me.
Extreme cat and dog lover
10:55 PM on 11/03/2010
Thank you for trying to make sense of Hekmaga.