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Unable to find reality.sys Universe halted
02:36 AM on 11/06/2010
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the Republicans aren't talking about much. Mitch's number one priority is to get rid of Obama. Boehner's biggest priority is the Health Care reform bill, which is nothing more than what they gutted it to with all their cuts and then still voted NO.

Thanks America. Thanks for voting back in the people that got us where we are today. This is disgusting. I am close to retirement age, I think it's time to look for a sane country to retire to.
"conventionality is not morality"-Bronte
02:10 AM on 11/06/2010
Eh most dems didn't vote.
02:08 AM on 11/06/2010
I really liked Boehner when he was in A Clockwork Orange...or was it Soldier of Orange? No I was right the first time...
01:00 AM on 11/06/2010
After reading a page full of comments here, it's obvious that Obama isn't the only one in denial.
03:10 AM on 11/06/2010
that's what happens when the roberts five roll back all laws that don't fit their agenda, unlimited secret spending is what our forefathers warned against. see they wanted to protect democracy, corporations and repubs are desperately trying to stop democrats from protecting the citizens of this country. other laws they hate are not allowing votes to be counted when their side is behind, challenging voters in democratic districts, destroying organizations that register people to vote , even lying to do it. not doing anything about education because educated voters vote mostly democratic. repubs and fake news are a corporate anti democratic mob whose agenda is to squeeze the middle class and destroy our environment and our lives. they are soulless greedy crooks.
James Fisher
09:32 AM on 11/06/2010
after reading the comments on this page I can see that you are the one in denial here. what are you going to do when they come for you? edumacate yourself son before its too late.the pittance they pay you to create divide, hate and discontent will go away when they need you no more.

"with every mistake, we must surely be learning. "
12:21 AM on 11/06/2010
Boehner is the one not understanding reality. We the people want a government of consensus. If Mr. B is not able to lead his fellow house members in this endeavor he and his coharts will be gone in 2012. this election does not mean that he is now superior to the President of the United States nor does it mean that he gives marching orders. The size of his ego is incredible.
Kara Kramer
11:47 PM on 11/05/2010
Still drinking on the job I see!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but before he gets the votes for his health care plan, doesn't he actually have to have one?
And furthermore...Where are the Jobs, Johnnie boy!!!!!!
I like trees and bunnies.
09:49 AM on 11/06/2010
His healthcare plaan involves all Americans receiving a lifetime supply of deeply discounted self-tanner, so that all Americans will demonstrate a healthy orange glow.
11:30 PM on 11/05/2010
John, you are using phrases from AA meetings.
Jim Pasterczyk
11:18 PM on 11/05/2010
Actually, John, the ones in denial are you and all those who voted for yours who still seem to believe the Reagan fairy tale that you can cut taxes without cutting spending too. Daddy Bush was right about that the first time; it's not really supply side economics, it's voodoo economics. It's just taken awhile to see how so factually wrong it was from the start.
Laughing in a Daydream
11:09 PM on 11/05/2010
Boehner seems delusional. Every President in modern times have lost some seats in Congress come midterm. Plus, voters tend to blame the President in power when the Economy is bad, whether deserved or not. Why would this be the most historic election in 60-70 years. Republicans didn't even win in both Houses, as they did in the 90s.

He was right about one thing. The place is broken; broken by Republicans who would rather destroy the Country than work with Democratic leadership.
11:13 PM on 11/05/2010
Yes exactly; broken by Republicans who would rather destroy the country than meet Obama half way and compromise. Faved!!!
Unable to find reality.sys Universe halted
02:41 AM on 11/06/2010
Exactly, but Obama needs to stop looking for the compromise and start slamming legislation down the throats of Republicans.

Kind of like what Bush and the Republicans did to the Democrats during the 2000 - 2008 years
I'm Outta Here! Goodbye to all my Friends & Fans
10:58 PM on 11/05/2010
I want a microphone in Boehner's face every day from Day One from the Media asking :
1. what has he done about job creation?
2. is he going to extend unemployment benefits?
3. is he going to give seniors an increase in their Soc Sec ? ( some journalist claimed that the reason seniors didn't vote for the Dems was because Obama didn't give seniors an increase!).
4. how exactly is he going to IMPROVE Healthcare (not Obamacare, as people like Gulianni and Co. refer to it in a disparaging fashion)?
5. Is he going to extend the Bush tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires?

6. The list goes on - the Media know the questions that need to be asked - so ask them to the party of NO. The American people want answers now!
Unable to find reality.sys Universe halted
02:42 AM on 11/06/2010
They haven't asked them for the past 10 years, what makes you think they will start now?
I'm Outta Here! Goodbye to all my Friends & Fans
04:25 AM on 11/06/2010
That's a bit snarky! Maybe if you contributed something constructive to the point being made would be a start!
There is no sin but ignorance.
10:53 PM on 11/05/2010
Boehner is the one in denial. When he becomes House Speaker, he won't have the time to spend on the golf course, in bars and in tanning salons. He will actually have to WORK, something he is not used to doing. He thinks he can repeal Obama's legislative victories, but he's going to need the help of the Senate. And there are still more Democrats than Republicans in the upper house.
11:17 PM on 11/05/2010
from his record so far I'm quite sure he does not know what "work" is either that or I figure to him it is one of those dirty four letter words not to be repeated in polite company.
There is no sin but ignorance.
10:31 AM on 11/06/2010
LOL! Good one, Dizzybell!
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10:32 PM on 11/05/2010
obama may be in the nile but you are in the tank with big bizz.
12-pack of genius
09:07 PM on 11/05/2010
Let's see how spite works for the next couple of years... Disappointing.
08:26 PM on 11/05/2010
Go to he//, bo ner!
Mark Andre
Question Everything
08:58 PM on 11/05/2010
won't work, the Demo's have it booked, for years to come!
10:26 PM on 11/05/2010
Rebutal received. Status, lame.

Concentrate and try again.
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William L Melotte
Systemically retro-avant-garde
08:05 PM on 11/05/2010
Broken Record Boehner: Democrats, Democrats, Democrats, blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine, Democrats.

When does he start talking about the Republicans and what positive things they are going to be doing?

Any time soon? Any time now....
10:38 PM on 11/05/2010
He is too busy right now basking in the glory of their great moment or two of defeat on the dems. He will get around to doing something in the next two years I'm sure, even if it is just to stay drunk, can you imagine him drunk on duty with that gavel? wonder who he will wind up hittin over the head first with it.