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10:23 AM on 11/06/2010
Liberals do deserve their version of FOX news....MSNBC with more lawyer-anchors, more attractive blondes, more lip gloss, more dental bleach, more breast implants, more skirts so short they resemble underwear, more rhinestone jewelry, more hair gel and makeup on the guys......and they'll be well on their way!!
10:20 AM on 11/06/2010
A vote is a private act and I don't think ANYONE working ANYWHERE should be forced to reveal such a thing!! This is soo "1984".
11:11 AM on 11/06/2010
Voting and donations are different things. I support Keith and will not watch Countdown until he's back, but we should make this a clear point.
11:20 AM on 11/06/2010
it is only private if the individual chooses to keep it private. You are legally allowed to TELL people what your vote was if you so chose. I don't think journalists should be REQUIRED to tell how they vote, but ENCOURAGED to do so, that readers may know their biases.
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09:49 AM on 11/06/2010
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Erin Go Bragh.
09:20 AM on 11/06/2010
Anyone witnessing the nightly volcanic eruptions by Keith Olberman against anything "on that side" knows that his arrogance would eventually trip Olberman up. For some time now he has become more shrill, snarly, self-positioned on the mountain top as his rants came down from above. Olberman knew the rules but his star status inflated an already massive ego, seemingly making him too "mighty" for rules. "Turnabout may be fair play," but so is "come-uppence." Nothing hard about that.

Now, about that Schultz guy...............
10:26 AM on 11/06/2010
Given his politically moderate ways, I can't imagine him EVER contributing financiallyto a politician, can you?
10:56 AM on 11/06/2010
I guess you are one of those do as I say not as I do guys? Fox news very openly gives opinions, solicits fro candidates, makes up lies about officials and dispenses hate of the worst kind. Olbermann just gives an opposing view from the other side. Personally I don't agree with a rule that says you have to get permission to give political contributions before you do as a condition of employment. Too big brotherish. As for his rants, have you taken a look at Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the biggest windbag Rush Limbaugh? They almost foam at the mouth during their rants. Even though I disagreed with George Bush, he was still my President and I respected him. Because he was the Presdident. Sometimes I wonder if Republicans, conservatives and right wing extremist don't want to scrap the Constitution and bring back what Ronald Reagan helped bring down, a totalitarian state.
12:23 PM on 11/06/2010
If Fox's contract says they can do that then that is what their Corporation wants. MSNBC on the other hand has different rules for their employees that are clearly stated when you sign a contract.

Pointing to Fox and saying "Well they do it over there" is NOT an argument because MSNBC does not own Fox. MSNBC has their own set of rules if Keith wanted to go work at Fox he should have but instead he took MSNBC's money and agreed to obey their rules.

Do you think he would be working at MSNBC if he said "I will take your 11 million dollar a year salary BUT I will only obey Fox's rules not yours" How silly of an argument is that.
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Erin Go Bragh.
02:36 PM on 11/06/2010
Ummm, you're right on script. (Case ya did not notice, those you cited were not the issue I was writing about.)
09:12 AM on 11/06/2010
I think a good bit of this is Mr. Griffith trying to show who's boss.
10:20 AM on 11/06/2010
I agree! This is a "pissing contest".
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09:06 AM on 11/06/2010
Olbermann didn't follow the rules, and he has been penalized appropriately. This was probably the latest in a long string of skirmishes between him and his employer, and they finally had to make a public stand.

So it's done. Let's get back to talking about the issues, instead of talking about the people who talk about the issues.
11:27 AM on 11/06/2010
He didn't follow a rule of questionable legal validity - would YOU accept an employer limiting via requiring "prior approval" of your off-time protected free speech activities? Welcome to the Corporatist States of America. It's not like he on-air advertised that he'd made the contributions and encouraged others to do the same - a line that other personalities on other "news" outlets toe if not totally trample ALL THE TIME, with not just impunity but ENCOURAGEMENT from their bosses.

This IS an issue - an issue of what information we, the people, will have access to. If someone can be fired for quietly doing what they're legally entitled to do in their off time, what next? Can your weather forecaster be fired for being one of a few thousand people at a political rally? For signing a petition? For voting in a way their bosses don't like?
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I don't have to believe your
08:36 AM on 11/06/2010
You can't hide campaign contributions unless you are a corporation. When you (a real human being) go make a contribution your name and address are documented by the FEC. It is all on record. But corporate "persons" can hide behind cutouts (PACs), like the Chamber of Commerce.
09:47 AM on 11/06/2010
Or like a union, right. Or ACORN, right? Or is it just the evil republicans that do it? See this is the issue here. The Chamber stuff was all made up. The President exploited the lie, like he exploits everyone. When asked for proof it was happening Axelrod balked. They are lying to you as much as you think the Republicans are lying to there folks.
10:14 AM on 11/06/2010
Anyone who mentions ACORN automatically loses credibility.
11:08 AM on 11/06/2010
I'm justamazed ... Do you think the millions spent by Republicans on attack ads aimed at defeating Democrats in 2010 came from $5-$10 donations sent in by little guys? You believe the Chamber stuff was "made up?" You are not a serious person. Why do you post here?
09:54 AM on 11/06/2010
But Olbermann knew the rules, or should have, given what he does for a living and who he works for. Anyone employed anywhere who knowingly does something strictly forbidden by that orginazation is putting their place there at risk. Clearly, Olbermann took a chance and now he's paying for it..
08:27 AM on 11/06/2010
have you seen the contract MSNBC and KO? CNBC, NBC all are different and hiding may not be the issue at hand, let it play out and we will all see-
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07:55 AM on 11/06/2010

If you ever had any doubt that the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) controls our country through the Republican Party, the incident of Keith Olbermann being suspended indefinitely for making three contributions to Democratic candidates while dozens of Fox hosts have made contributions to Republican candidates without any punishment at all, it is blatantly clear who is in charge of the media, and controls the airwaves that feed the public selected programs to dull the brains of our children and 18 million illiterate potato couches.

The QUESTION is, " Why the Federal Reserve Bank just doesn't come right out and declare Marshall Law, and take full charge all at once instead moving slowly, cautiously, a depression and a inflation at a time robbing the wealth of our citizens?

We Americans are taught in Public Schools that Depressions and Inflation are periodic events of nature like the four seasons.

Inflations are caused by TRILLIONS of fiat Fed dollars being poured into domestic and international Banks without transparency.

Depressions are created by the Fed through financial rumors of Bank insolvencies, and manipulating Home Loan Rates to create false bubbles, and by withholding loans to depress the economy.

"If Americans were aware of the Federal Reserve Bank's goal, there would be riots in the streets the next day", John D. Rockefeller. 1930's a. d.

The Republican Party is only one blood sucking tentacle of the Fed Octopus.

Pamela Grundy
Freelance writer & blogger.
07:33 AM on 11/06/2010
I'm so tired of MSNBC being touted as the 'liberal' cable news network. Rilly? Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinksi are liberal? Chuck Todd is liberal? Their daytime news coverage is liberal? (I think Hailey Barbour has his own office there now.)

NPR is not that liberal either. Listen to where they get their funding, then tell me that again.

What would Google do? Who cares! Try Googling "Amy Goodman."
Watch what people do, not what they say
09:35 AM on 11/06/2010
Yes, Pamela. Rather than touting them as liberal media outlets, I think it is more accurate to state that MSNBC and NPR are places where liberal points of view are permitted to be expressed for more than a milisecond before being shouted over by a right-wing host (Although that's not always the case on "Morning Joe.".
10:26 AM on 11/06/2010
NPR will probably lose some of their funding soon......
AquaBuddha Jones
A PBS mind in a Fox News world.
07:23 AM on 11/06/2010
The single most important thing that an individual can give to a campaign is a vote. Word of mouth comes in second, time is third, and finally - money.

Of the things that Keith could have given to any candidates, he gave what he could without unduly influencing anyone. The races weren't local to him. His contributions weren't general knowledge to his audience.

There are a few questions I'd like to have answered here.

1) If approval must come from further up the chain, who does the Chairman/CEO seek approval from? God?
2) If approval must be given prior to making any sort of contribution to a campaign, does that include the only real thing of value; a vote? Do the employees of MSNBC have to seek out management approval before casting a vote for a particular candidate?

Oh I don't know. I'm rambling off the top of my head here. I have these questions. I expect no answers.
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Just another opinionated nobody.
06:07 AM on 11/06/2010
Wait a minute...Keith Olbermann was a LIBERAL? I've been watching the show for over two years and I had no idea. He hid his opinions so well...
05:53 AM on 11/06/2010
Time to stop hiding what? You are a journalism professor?
05:32 AM on 11/06/2010
Who else was bought to come onto these shows for "Hardball" questions and honest reporting? Only people that arouse Chris, think Maddow is talented or won't file complaints against Keith for his anti-female remarks off camera? CNN and Fox will carry on, no worries! Go back to Lockdown, I believe it's the highest rated show in the lineup..which say a great deal since you only have 4 shows set to shuffle.
03:58 AM on 11/06/2010
Keith Olbermann suspended! The Tea Party/Repugs. win again!