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06:08 PM on 12/23/2007
Again that monolith thing. I cannot imagine why anyone would think that Jackson and Sharpton are the end all and be all. The MSM routinely ignores those people who are working at all levels on matters in various Black communities throughout the US.

I cannot imagine why whites concern themselves with these gentlemen anyway. They are not generally concerned with the matters that concern Black folk, so why should they be so concerned about "leaders"?

Tell white cops to stop the routine murders and harrassment of Blacks, tell the banks and insurance companies to stop redlining our communities if you want to be useful.

Other than that, you might want to concern yourself with all that you are about to lose, all those "rights" you insisted that made you so important or better than anyone else in the world. When they are gone, you may need an Al Sharpton to get you on track as to how to get them back.

An irony I can't wait for.
06:06 PM on 12/23/2007
Why isn't HuffPo writing a similar article about how poorly Pat Robertson and the other Evangelical leaders are getting no respect with Romney and Huckabee in the race? That way you can stick a few barbs in them too.

As a regular reader I see a distinct pattern of Obama bashing on this site, just as surely as MY DD bashes all non-Edwards candidates.
Post your "Vote for Any Other Democrat Besides Obama" sign in the top of your website and be done with it.

Oh, by the way, I'm a white woman. That doesn't mean all us white women stick together. Nor does it mean all us white women feel neglected because Hillary has the spotlight.
06:06 PM on 12/23/2007
Newsweek's ending lines: "Obama's refrain is that there is just one America. It may be what America wants to hear—but the three lions of the old school couldn't disagree more."

When you spout differentness and apartheid like the Likudists and Avigdor Lieberman in Israel against the Palestinians that's what you're going to get: two separate worlds in which nothing goes forward and there's pain all around.

Bill Clinton a black president? Not when he's pressed to the mat like he was on the Charlie Rose show. His bubba 'ole boy self came out. Disguised but there, and it wasn't dignified.

I am fed up with racism in this country. I can think of no more powerful symbol than a real black president in this country, at this moment, in this time, to drop 50% of it the day he takes the oath of office. Whites can have a dream too, Jesse.
05:53 PM on 12/23/2007
Maybe they should stop cranking and just join the movement. Jesse Jackson Sr. and Jr. both endorsed Barack... why haven't they been campaigning for him?
Rush Geek
05:50 PM on 12/23/2007
Jackson and Sharpton are only "black leaders" in their own minds. The rest of us view them as a punch line.
05:44 PM on 12/23/2007
Jackson is a hypocrite who lost worlds of respect when he cheated on his wife and had a daughter out of the extramarital affair. Al Sharpton has always been too radical for the mainstream. Stop crying about losing followers and do some actual leading. Clearly people see something in Obama that they didn't see in these two. It's time for them to fade gracefully and let others lead.
05:43 PM on 12/23/2007
Jesse my man, if you don't sell what the people want, they're gonna shop elsewhere!
05:33 PM on 12/23/2007
Let us get something straight. Black america never turned to these clowns (Andrew Young excepted), the media turned to them, shamelessly promoting them as the black voice. Sharpton and Jackson are nothing more than a poor self parody