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07:19 AM on 11/10/2010
I like this video report on fast food chains. However, the authors of this story seem shocked that the fast food stores they visited did not PUSH healthy food choices on them. This is kind of silly. The restaurant is not going to work against themselves, they want to serve more and more food to more and more people, whether that food is healthy or not.

We should not be surprised by this. Healthy fast food options are present because there is a demand for them, pure and simple. It's not because they're committed to our health (obviously).

The bottom line?
We need to be responsible for our own choices, and don't assume that the food choices you have in front of you are healthy. This is particularly true for the foods we buy for our children.
10:07 PM on 11/09/2010
Fast food tastes awesome. Who can resist?
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04:04 PM on 11/10/2010
Well, most of the time, you should resist. All things in moderation.
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05:51 PM on 11/10/2010
No, no it doesn't. ;)
buy the ticket-take the ride
08:54 PM on 11/09/2010
fast food Amerika is trying to get wealthier through buzz words..
01:28 PM on 11/10/2010
Just say no?
Dustin Rudolph
Clinical Pharmacist & Certified Nutritionist
06:17 PM on 11/09/2010
Fast food joints are trying to increase their bottom dollar. They have no real concern for the health of children or adults.

I like how McDonalds says in the video above that they meet the standards for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in all their children's meals. Has anyone ever looked at the Dietary Guideline for Americans? They're downright awful! Those guidelines say we can have up to 35% of our daily caloric intake from fat. While they do have a minimal amount of decent information like the fiber and sodium intake advice most of it is not ideal.

How about skip the fast food chains all together and spend time with your children cooking at home and around the dinner table? This does more than just increase the nutritious content of what families eat. It brings back the love and compassion into our relationships with one another which is what we need for good physical and emotional health.

Dustin Rudolph
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One's only real life is the life one never leads.
06:06 PM on 11/09/2010