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02:48 PM on 11/10/2010
Our excuses to remain in Afghanistan remain vacuous, having to do with stabilizing the country and making sure Pakistan doesn't destabilize. Obviously, objective analysis reveals this will not be possible, especially since we have so alienated Pakistan with what is obviously hegemonic economic and political aims. Like the monkey whose fist is trapped in the jar-trap, American elites cannot let go of the notion we need the trillions in Afghan minerals along with petro-control of the region's energy resources.
05:48 PM on 11/10/2010
Period. Fanned and faved.
Donald Fannin
02:46 PM on 11/10/2010
Obama gave up any control of the Afghan war when he made the pact with the devil and hired Petraus. Don't expect him to grow a set now.
05:37 PM on 11/10/2010
Petraeus is the devil? I imagine you did not attend the Rally to Restore Sanity. I saw the devil there, and the devil is the devil.
02:38 PM on 11/10/2010
he will fold he always does.

he will romove troops that is why he put more in to be able to remove them later and show americans a draw down to win his next election. politics 101 chicago style.

he will have to drawn down some troops he needs the soldiers for the invasion of iran.

we americans cannot wait to do to iran what we did to iraq and afghan.

I cannot say on here why this is so but the R word has something to do with it.

besides iran has more oil than iraq and our oil corps cannot wait to get their hands on that oil.

that place is a black gold mine of profits for decades to come if we can put in our puppet gov like we have in iraq and afghan.

just capitalism doing its thing the very best it can. profits over people.
02:38 PM on 11/10/2010
Welcome back to the stalemate machine.
02:29 PM on 11/10/2010
If we get all out troops out of Afghanistan tomorrow, in a few weeks, people will be talking about something else, I guarantee it, just like Haiti. So what are we waiting for?? Get our people out of there. No one can say we "cut and run' - as the jock Republicans are so fond of saying as a way to shame people - not after 10 years there! Ashamed of what? We should be proud of our dedication and willingness to stick it out that long. Let's stop this madness. come on Mr. President, stick up for something at some point and follow through! Biden would agree!
Blogger, Christian Humanist, internet radio host
02:27 PM on 11/10/2010
Keep up the good work. I don't know why Brave New Films didn't send me this video since it's been on YouTube since September. Glad to see it here, though. Though I supported Obama - and voted for him - he appears now to be just like all other politicians. I don't think it's an issue of "caving"; I think he's just another in a long line of politicians that say one thing and do another. He just isn't that "special" one we thought he was. As Malcolm X stated, "[We've} been had. [We've] been took. [We've] been hoodwinked, bamboozled, run amok, led astray!"
02:25 PM on 11/10/2010
President Obama, are you trying to be a one-termer, because that's the road you're carving out for yourself.

End this stupid war already.
02:09 PM on 11/10/2010
This is a campaign by the pentagon and Hillary Clinton and other neocons within the administration to take advantage of the weakened position of the president. They are the same people who insisted on the large number of troops the last time around. In any event intelligent observers understand that this mission is doomed to failure and only benefits corrupt contractors that make a fortune on the overseas empire.
. . . just saying it like it is.
02:08 PM on 11/10/2010
A hundred year war is not the change I voted for. Show me the jobs.
01:56 PM on 11/10/2010
Make a decision? Stick to it??
02:17 PM on 11/10/2010
That's exactly how wars are lost. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything to win in Afghanistan.
05:39 PM on 11/10/2010
If you keep the Taliban from taking over the reins of the Afghan government, you can call that a "win." For both security and human rights.
Paperless Tiger
01:50 PM on 11/10/2010
Do you see a pipeline from Kazakhstan to Pakistan through Kandahar? No. We lost. Bring them home.
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Eat Pray Smoke Dope
01:46 PM on 11/10/2010
I'm going to withhold until I hear his national address, but this is not looking good. I wish I could I say I was surprised.
01:40 PM on 11/10/2010
I will just keep posting this until some one explains why it is not relevant.

" The official quoted is misrepresenting the announced policy of the White House, and McClatchy is running with it. The only policy decision that seems to have actually been made is that the White House's timetable for the transition seems to end in 2014. "

Why the story?
02:52 PM on 11/10/2010
Because official policy all to often morphs into aspects previously denied. Watch this happen in Afghanistan.
01:36 PM on 11/10/2010
The United States has lost this war, history has demonstrated that any army that marches into Afghanistan with ideas of occupation is likely to fail. Afghanistan is not Europe, it is not Asia, Marshall plan doctrine does not apply. Additionally, we made choices early on that made it less likely we would succeed, opening second front, letting Osama escape from Tora Bora and establish operations in Pakistan, supporting a corrupt regime only concerned with personal wealth and by a “hearts and minds” strategy that the population would never accept as worthwhile and legitimate. There is such a remote chance of a reversal of fortune that we are now entering a delusional phase. It is “un-American” to admit that we have been defeated, that the trillion spent so far that we could have used domestically to retrain everyone out of work in this country was wasted. That the parents of those Americans that lost their children and those that continue to loose them did so at the hands of incompetent leadership. That untold numbers of Iraqis and Afghans died and are dying in the most brutal ways at the hands of their own countrymen with no end to the violence in sight. That not amount of building schools, or roads, or bribing officials and tribal leaders, or training police forces will alter the coming storm that awaits once our presence is gone. That the only winners in this conflict are China and Iran, who gain influence as ours wanes.
End the Drug War.
02:16 PM on 11/10/2010
Killed the USSR and will be our demise too if we don't get out now.
01:35 PM on 11/10/2010
" The official quoted is misrepresenting the announced policy of the White House, and McClatchy is running with it. The only policy decision that seems to have actually been made is that the White House's timetable for the transition seems to end in 2014."

Then why the story?