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04:00 PM on 11/16/2010
Wisdom enough to have faith in natural progression, knowledge that is delivered after much work, and love for that work results in the ability to capitalize upon what you have accomplished, just as faith is not easy, and sometimes is hard to obtain, Jazz in the form of music only comes through wisdom and the ability to have faith in being able to obtain the unknown, even if it is just for a fleeting moment...this is natures way of reassuring us.......There are more things in heaven and earth.......
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01:43 AM on 11/17/2010
Curiously, I was listening to KPFA this morning when an interview with Coltrane made
shortly before his death was run, and I was startled at the matter of fact humility of the man.
He complained at one point that he had tried to improve a mouthpiece the year before that
had been the vehicle of his lightning fast changes, screwed it up, had to adjust down on what
he was doing accordingly. Did he whine? No. He just accepted the bump and went on with
what he had. I found that very impressive. Then, this tonight.
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03:48 PM on 11/16/2010
Coltrane: My favorite things
03:47 PM on 11/16/2010
Got to bookmark this one, rabbi, absolutely fascinating!
04:02 PM on 11/16/2010
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01:45 AM on 11/17/2010
Yup, this is a thread. Where does it lead?
03:36 PM on 11/16/2010
Why do you have to insert a GOD mysticism into everything? All people have the natural ability to interact morally and very capably with one another without some ancient god precept........all the jazz players I know play by natural instinct........chant long enough and get to another level but I doubt that you play any better subjective
03:46 PM on 11/16/2010
"Why do you have to insert a GOD mysticism into everything?"

"Cause the writer is a RABBI. That's what they do. And he's a jazz musician so it influences his music.
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01:51 AM on 11/17/2010
Whether God is at the bottom or top of it doesn't really interest me. What interests
me is the ideas of levels from whence creativity is drawn. Are they many, and like
those turtles, are they stacked, progressive in their power? John Cage was fascinated
by the so called "thunderclap" words in Finnegan's Wake, told me once that there
were immense arcane sonic powers imbedded in these words, shamanistically transporting
as a matter of fact. All musicians, all who memorize and master for performance
anything know that the regions where they start to learn is not the regions where they
wind up. Artur Schnabel said, "mountains get larger as you get closer." I know there
is a point where the ascent turns inside out and one feels driven from a point of serene
esctacy from within where nothing is difficult. There is a lot of unknown territory in
the mind, everybody knows that. When we talk about it, sometimes we get hints.
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my micro-bio is under nsa review
01:43 AM on 11/17/2010
entirely subjective
03:29 PM on 11/16/2010
wow, you improvised on Mahler 9? 1) Respect 2) Where can I hear?
Advocate for the Concealed
04:29 PM on 11/16/2010
There's a link in the post :)
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03:26 PM on 11/16/2010
Of course.

And if Feynman had been a guitar player instead of a (somewhat different) drummer, then string theory would have been found and completed half a century ago.

And of course he would have instantly told you - being the safe-cracker that he was - that the number you're looking for isn't 22 but 26.

Well, but that's a story to be told in a different multiverse. In this one, we will just have to face the fact that he was a drummer.
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01:53 AM on 11/17/2010
So you're saying that bongos are quantum instruments?

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01:55 AM on 11/17/2010
I think I'd better start keeping track of some of the people posting on this thread, just for
my safety.
10:27 AM on 11/16/2010
nice, but nothing new here. Mystical schools far, far older than judaism have all known and accessed the vibrational nature of reality.

And while jazz performance, being predominantly improvisational, does require us to perform 'on the edge' I have to give a big shoutout to the much-maligned "jam band" scene in modern music. Rock with the jazz improvisational ethos, which via electronic amplification is also able to resonate within the audience and engage them as active participants and co-creators of the music of the moment. Far more percussion/drumming too, which as any good shaman knows is a traditional way to access alternate states of consciousness. And if you think you get the "vibes" and vibrations from a stringed instrument, you ain't felt nothing till you've done it with a hollowbody guitar resonating against your torso and a couple hundred watts of sound blasting from behind you! Peace and namaste!
12:24 PM on 11/16/2010
I see by the Steal Your Face, you are a Chossid of the great Master, Jerry. So am I. A question: Which mystical schools predated Kabbalah. The first book of Kabbalistic Torah was "Raziel HaMalach," written by Adam some 5700 years ago.

When I starting touring, it wasn't because I wanted Tour. I was a newbie. I just recently dropped out of Babylon and wanted to be with these amazing kids from Rainbow and Tour. My 1st fall '89. 3rd show at the Byrne, dancing to the music in the hallway and suddenly it came to me: "Till things we've never seen, seem familiar." I asked myself what's unique about Show? They have no set list. Everytime they play a song it's different and what happens is dependent upon the vibes with the people who come. Where have I seen this before?

There was a man who was a direct descendent of King David from 18 different branches. He was a Chassidic Rebbe who had the only Jewish commune in the Haight - The House of Love and Prayer." At times he closed Dead Shows at the Fillmore at the behest of Bill Graham. I connected with him in '59. He never had a set list. Didn't no what he would sing until he started a song. Everytime, it was different. And the whole was dependent upon the vibe association with the crowd.

That's when I knew I had to give serious attention to Jerry and Show.
02:13 PM on 11/16/2010
Are you talking about Reb Shlomo Carlebach? I played with him a concert my temple back in 1994, a month before he died. No rehearsal, just music. I played bass and keys, which means I could mess it up very easily, but he was a tzadik so it was a magical experience and went well, as if a kind and humorous spirit made my hands play all the right notes. When I opened my eyes I noticed there were musicians all over the stage, who had just shown up to play. One experience like that can change your life.
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Badges we don't need no stinking badges
03:20 AM on 11/17/2010
The first book of Kabbalistic Torah was "Raziel HaMalach," written by Adam some 5700 years ago.
And Hercules was God's son.
08:29 AM on 11/16/2010
Very nicely stated. Nothing short of brilliant.
06:44 AM on 11/16/2010
Fantastic and deeply engaging. Thank you.