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09:10 PM on 11/20/2010
Yo, A big THANK YOU Senator Feinstein and a big "UP YER NOSE WID A RUBBER HOSE" you freakin' Chemical lobbyists.
07:03 PM on 11/20/2010
Thank you Senator Feinstein for being a tireless advocate in this fight. It is fortunate that there is a market based campaign against BPA. Those with the knowledge and means can find wonderful alternatives. Unfortunately, that doesn't always help the most needy among us. They need a strong government advocate for safety of all products. Please keep up this fight.
05:49 PM on 11/20/2010
There are alot of issues in this Food Safety Bill not just the issue of BPAs in childrens bottles. California has not even passed the regulation in it's own state. We do need to contact our senators on this issue and make sure it passes somewhere.
Ozark Homesteader
04:01 PM on 11/20/2010
1. Introduce a Constitutional amendment in Congress to remove the citizenship status with which the Supreme Court endowed corporations and by which the Court has gutted every attempt at campaign and lobbying reform that Congress has passed in the last forty years. Do it before this Congress ends. PLEASE.

2. Try again to get the BPA ban passed by itself. It's time to get up or down votes on record on issues like these. Tell Reid to quit giving in to Blue Dogs and Republicans when it comes to bringing things to vote. Let 'em filibuster!
Jim Pasterczyk
10:12 PM on 11/20/2010
You start the petition, I'll sign it.
Ozark Homesteader
02:53 PM on 11/21/2010
There's already one started, but some folks tacked on some states' rights stuff that I'm not so big on.
Shaun Hensley
The American Experiment has failed
11:35 PM on 11/20/2010
A constitutional amendment requires a 2/3rds majority to pass in congress, then 3/4ths of the States have to ratify it. The CONS made bigger gains in the state houses than they did in Congress.
Ozark Homesteader
02:55 PM on 11/21/2010
I understand the political situation come January. That's why I'd like to see the process started now.

Eighty-seven percent of Americans opposed the Citizens United decision back in January. In my off-homestead life, I've studied the history of Constitutional amendments. If you wait for the perfect moment, the amendment will never come. You have to start now if you want it passed. I wish our legislators had brought an amendment to a vote this spring and then made opposition a campaign issue.
03:47 PM on 11/20/2010
My Response to: Chemical Industry Lobbyists Block Measure to Protect Infants and Toddlers by Senator Dianne Feinstein
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09:24 AM on 11/21/2010
Wow! It's amazing what individuals will do when they get caught up in a mob mentality. Hang in there Chris, you've done a good thing and don't deserve the harassment.
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03:41 PM on 11/20/2010
When a handful of companies seem to be more powerful than "We the people" you might consider to find a way back to real democracy. By the way, are YOUR politicians representing you? or, the companies?
Wake up, 300.000.000 people overruled by a handful of companies. They ruin your environment and that of your children, they ruin your civil rights and jail your children, they took your money and ruined your finance, they ruin your property. Wake up and make your representatives represent YOU i the interests of your children.
J David Auner
The 3rd Amendment Rules - timeless.
02:13 PM on 11/21/2010
Or we can delay until the epidemics have laid waste to the biosphere. The remaining folks with their pitchforks and AK 47's can attack the fortresses of the last remaining "frankensteins" and take a meaningless revenge.
03:33 PM on 11/20/2010
The chemical company lobbyists do not block the protection it is the polliticans in the pockets of the chemical and oil companies who do. Repubs are the most corrupt of the two parties but some Democrats are definitely on the take too. A strick campaign financing law would go a long way to fix this problwem with our government. We point fingers at the govermnets of other countries being corrupt and this is like the pot calling the kettle black. We are worse.....
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03:09 PM on 11/20/2010
I call BS Alert.

Lobbyists cannot block anything unless someone is paid off. Do Lobbyists now have a vote on the floor of the Senate ?

You know, some of us actually watch you all milling around doing nothing much but forming little clicks and chitchatting for hours.
neutrino alert, just passing through
03:03 PM on 11/20/2010
"I was convinced i 1927 that humanity's most fundamental survival problems could never be solved by politics." ( RBF,1983)

"We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims."

"Don't oppose forces, use them." (Also used in classic Aikido)

And I paraphrase: Don't wait to convince the opposition or turn it to your point of view for changes in the system. Create the new paradigm, and the old one simply becomes obsolete.
--R. Buckminster Fuller

"We can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking that was used to create them." (A. Einstein)

"Be the change you want to see." (MK Gandhi)
neutrino alert, just passing through
02:27 PM on 11/20/2010
And reports are now linking ADHD with exposure to pesticides...
Thank you Dianne for speaking out for the children; they have no vote or say in what is foisted on them. Most of us are also in the same metaphorical boat when it comes to what Industry does.
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01:52 PM on 11/20/2010
""Here is a sample from a speech the California senator made at the "Power of Women" Luncheon in Century City last March:

"We are going to be in a war of terror for a considerable period of time. You can reposition men in Kuwait; we need more in Afghanistan where the Taliban has a resurgence. We know there are problems in the horn of Africa, and we know that Southeast Asia remains a place for terrorists and a place for insurgents. . . . There are terror cells operating in this country and in some 60 countries, so we are going to be fighting this war for some time to come."

Feinstein is chanting the mantra of endless terrorism and war without end in tandem with the neoconservative Heritage Foundation, which calls for increasing military spending until domestic programs for the poor are deader than an Iraqi baby run over by a Humvee filled with Halliburton engineers. ""
01:29 PM on 11/20/2010
Lobbyists tell all of you what to do? Nothing new here.
12:23 PM on 11/20/2010
And haven't you been responsible for allowing these companies to write their own laws?
Concern for citizens Senator? Since when.
Cut on the bias
11:11 AM on 11/20/2010
Thank you to Senator Feinstein for all the work on protecting public health. Thanks for the list of manufacturers that are willing to protect public health. We can chose not to purchase unsafe products. I have stopped eating canned food. BPA is banned in food products in many countries and we should protect ourselves as well. There are reports of drastic early irregular sexual development and other hormone disruption reported from high levels of BPA. It is present in the water supplies as well. It makes no sense to poison ourselves.
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11:11 AM on 11/20/2010
Why is it okay to contaminate adults? Breast cancer and sterility are okay?
05:47 PM on 11/21/2010
How else are health insurance companies going to reap record profits?