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02:25 PM on 12/29/2007
We live in a world of corruption.

It sucks, because it's so hard for humanity to reach it's collective potential when so many in charge are on the take.

Where on earth is the least corrupt state?
02:11 PM on 12/29/2007
I for one am very suspicious of the Bhutto family not allowing an autopsy to take place.

The Pakistani government has now offered to exhume the body so that an autopsy can take place.

If the Bhutto family does not agree so that the answer on what killed her can be determined - I would be quite suspicious of her family's and supporters claims - just as we are suspicious of the government's version.
02:08 PM on 12/29/2007
The government of Musharraf will definitely cover it up, for one thing they don't want Benazir Bhutto to be a martyr. She was assassinated, the government did not provide her enough security when she asked for it.

Benazir is more influential and powerful now than when she was alive.
02:06 PM on 12/29/2007
Funny how the US press doesn't cover US corrupt government and cover ups.
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01:55 PM on 12/29/2007
I see the republican loyalist New York Times is using their media power to help spread the currently approved story by saying Al Qaeda suddenly overnight have become a serious trouble in Pakistan, where in the past no one has really mentioned this. But like magic, Bhutto's death seems to have spawned an entire army of Al Qaeda that was never mentioned before.

"Qaeda Network Expands Base in Pakistan"
01:49 PM on 12/29/2007
Golf calling ...

I'm out!

Have a great day everyone ...

01:45 PM on 12/29/2007
This is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Thank God we had the footage of that guy wielding a gun and firing at Bhutto. I suppose those gun wounds to the neck and the chest had nothing to do with her death. Bhutto would have upset the status-quo in Pakistan. We can't have that because Bush's policy of total American hegemony in the Middle East would have been threatened. If you want an investigation, start it with Michael Hayden, George Bush, and Dick Cheney.
01:36 PM on 12/29/2007
"If you fight for a cause you believe in, you have to be ready to pay the price."-Benazir Bhutto

No matter how the trolls and the right wing media try to spin her this is who she was.
She willing to sacrifice her life for what she believed in.

She had more courage in her smallest toe than every Musharraf the dictator loving repukelietard combined and for that alone they along with their coward in chief and his Pakistani lapdog call her corrupt.
01:28 PM on 12/29/2007

With all due respect to the Pakistani peoples ... this story has become so boring it could lead to more violence.

I'm thinking of kicking my dog ...
01:26 PM on 12/29/2007

Meanwhile glow-in-the-dark cats are running rampant across the universe!!!

Ohhhhhhh the humanity!
01:12 PM on 12/29/2007
Was Bin Laden murdered? I wonder if Biden or any of the other candidates will press to find out the truth. Wait, there's an election. Local money and power come first before intl. money and power.
01:08 PM on 12/29/2007
I'm waiting for the first right wing commentator to label them 'Bhutto Truthers', another bunch of conspiracy theory nuts.
01:03 PM on 12/29/2007
Is it just me? I used to work with horses and I have seen many x-rays in my life. An xray is a film negative - black, with the bones appearing white.
What the heck is that blue and purple image the Pakistan government has released? It looks like an illustration. "This is where she would have bumped her head,.... etc."
I am not buying it.
In which case, why are they covering up?
12:50 PM on 12/29/2007
Of course Musharraf was involved. This is what these types of Muslim dictatorships do. There is one Islam, and sometimes you have to cut out a diseased part of it. We don't always immediately understand them because haven't lived there. Obama grew up under a horrible dictatorship that murdered 1/2 million liberals. Actually, his stepfather moved back to work for the military after the muslim military murderers started killing. Lived in the best part of the country, so probably had powerful connections to the muslim conservative military. I don't believe that he automatically blamed al qaida. He knows that musharraf probably was complicit.
12:30 PM on 12/29/2007
no worry's, mcflightsuits boys are taking over. listen to what they say then beleive the opposite.its easy to get the truth.