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07:57 PM on 11/22/2010
Thanks for a very poignant description of the one-sided reform 'debate'. And still, you hit a hopeful note for future discussion. From your keyboard to God's ear.
think's not alright
07:09 PM on 11/22/2010
These problems did not start w/Obama/ started back in the 70's. And there were not standardized tests was called "let those students be individuals" & learn how they want to....experiment with all kinds of curriculum. But do agree w/merit pay analysis and charter will wreck public education
06:54 PM on 11/22/2010
No, the reason teachers weren't part of the decision making process is because Obama/Duncan don't believe in democracy. Look at all their solutions:
More standardized testing. That's corporate and doesn't recognize differentiation. Not only that it disrespects the professionalism of the classroom teacher.
More top down control. One example: mayorl take overs. They want more of these. They're undemocratic.
More charter schools. Charter schools are, on balance, inferior to the public schools they replace, but that's okay with these guys because most charter schools are anti union. Another undemocratic feature.
Merit pay. Merit pay is inherently undemocratic because you are tying a teacher to a behavioristic model based on those discredited standardized test scores using a scientifically unsound value added model.

It's not surprising that these two support these four anti democratic ideas. They're pro free market guys and the market is undemocratic.
06:51 PM on 11/22/2010
You'll never fix the educational system until you fix the family and liberalism will never permit you to do this.
07:20 PM on 11/22/2010
Richard, don't talk about what you don't know about. I teach. And it makes ABSOLUTELY no difference whether my kids have 1 parent or 4. In fact, the WORST behaving children are the ones who come from very wealthy families and they spend half the week with Mom and half with Dad. But, you're right, OH, those LIBERALS! How they destroy education!!! GRRRRR!
Vegan Girl
Compassion for all
06:21 AM on 11/23/2010
I have an idea how to "fix" the family: make wages so that one job can support a family...
think's not alright
06:48 PM on 11/22/2010
Well said, as a former SPED teacher....sorry, but i just quit for the very reasons you stated, no input from rank & file and sheer frustration. And for the following reasons: Curriculum for 1-3 even in Gen Ed is a disaster.... too many subjects, too little instruction time, absolutely no parental involvement & the main discipline in classrooms. School administrators have completely abrogated their responsibility for discipline....."you are the teacher, handle it". As for NCLB it just needs to go or otherwise, teachers can just teach to the test and then where is all that problem-solving & critical skills, foundation in basics .......gone. Sorry to rant but some of those talking heads need to hear teachers.
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06:39 PM on 11/22/2010
Former President Reagan's Top Senior Advisor on Education [Charlotte Iserbyt] wrote a book called 'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America', which one can Google. Like her, and many others have said, "If you ask the think-tanks if schools were for education, they would laugh in your face". It has been said, "In the end, millennium, most all will be deceived". Like religion, if people read what happened at the 'Council of Laodicea', people will realize that thisalso was hijacked by the nefarious ones. The teacher's are at the root of changing the system, just as are nun's in the religious world. However, they are the ones that are blamed as the one's that have no understanding. What good is it to tell people the fact's, when they live in the prophecy of, "In the end, most all will be deceived"?
Facts have a liberal bias.
05:59 PM on 11/22/2010
Nothing will make much difference until education, and being educated, become fashionable. Right now, it is the jocks and the jerks who get the girls, and the empty-headed beauty queens who get the jocks and jerks.
How about a brainy jock? Or a smart beauty? Huh?
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01:24 AM on 11/23/2010

I tend to think there are two natures, one physical and one spiritual, and that one will win the struggle to control the "will" of the human body, one dominate and one servant. That may not be the rule, just an observation.

The physical side likes pride, vanity and fame, while the spiritual detests them. A happy medium between the two means they would not excel on either end.
05:58 PM on 11/22/2010
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