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03:00 PM on 11/24/2010
I'll wait a decent amount of time before expressing my questions.

Condolences to her family and friends.
02:51 PM on 11/24/2010
even taking care of God's right hand man does not protect you? Go figure...

of course, it will be said that god wanted her and it was her time; if she had been saved, a miracle...

either way, the house always wins...
04:41 PM on 11/24/2010
How about. "I hope her family is getting through the loss?" Just a thought
05:13 PM on 11/24/2010
That's nice of you!
I needs proof read more!
05:45 PM on 11/24/2010
When the Pope and his empire of doom shows the same respect to others.
I think... ...therefore I am a liberal.
02:46 PM on 11/24/2010
It was an act of God.
living free without the 1st and 2nd amendment
03:09 PM on 11/24/2010
Yep, he was probably saying "and that was for your stance on condoms..."
04:40 PM on 11/24/2010
Everything is.
02:45 PM on 11/24/2010
So let me get this straight. This woman was a devoted servant to the Pope who supposedly has a divine connection to the holy trinity. Yet for some reason devoting her life to "His Holiness" didn't save her from a tragic, untimely death. Seems to me the reality of the situation is the whole Vatican schtick is a wonderful, profitable myth that has no bases in reality but merely in unfounded "faith". I know the mourners will create further fantasies of this woman now deliriously happy in heaven with her lord. But she will never be heard of again from anyone in this life - not even a postcard or email to her boss - His Holiness. Probably 'cause she is dead. Doesn't exist anywhere, but the followers of her faith cannot accept that so they have conjured a hallmark card of this woman now spending eternity serving her lord. Personally, I would rather not exist than to spend forever serving some deity and somehow feeling good about that.
04:40 PM on 11/24/2010
That is your choice. She had another. Why not just say that you hope her family is geting through the loss? Is that too generous a sentiment?
I needs proof read more!
05:46 PM on 11/24/2010
You sir (or Madam) are fanned!
02:41 PM on 11/24/2010
I read this guy want to help the pope who was so quiet during the holocaust become a saint.

Once a Hitler youth...
04:39 PM on 11/24/2010
Because you know the subject so well.
05:22 PM on 11/24/2010
in order to be on the lookout for your type.
08:57 PM on 11/24/2010
Sorry if I misjudged you Good Sir Light.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)
as if
Guard against impostures of pretended patriotism
02:39 PM on 11/24/2010
So much for the protective value of the pope's blessing...
04:39 PM on 11/24/2010
None more or less than knowing what is the will of God.
I needs proof read more!
03:55 AM on 11/25/2010
What IS the will of this God entity you ramble on about?
02:33 PM on 11/24/2010
See what happens when you let folks use condoms!