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too much for so few words
09:37 AM on 12/03/2010
If the president supports the Simpson proposal - I will not vote for him under any conditions, EVER! That is a line he cannot cross and still hope to be relected. Right now I am an unhappy supporter of this president, his support for the Simpson proposal will turn me into the opposition. If the white house thinks the fire they got from republicans and tea party was bad just wait untill the base revolts. This issue alone will be enough for a primary challange - even if it makes sarah palin president.
09:48 AM on 12/03/2010
"Health Care Reform" was where I made that decision though I was leaning towards it since he named his cabinet.  That's when it became clear he was going to be AT LEAST as bad as Hillary would have been.

It's over for the Democratic party IMHO.
too much for so few words
10:19 AM on 12/03/2010
I think Hilary would have been better. On foreign policy she would have been the same - point for niether. On Domestic policy she would 1) fought agaisnt the TP and Rep, 2) in the clinton Administration she was a voice agaisnt triangulation and progressive. I believe she woudl have fought for progressive polices (she might have lost - but at least she would have fought). On the economy she is not as pro-free trade and more willing to use fiscal stimulus....but who knows mybe im just projecting my own expectations on her as we all did with Obama.

I believe there is still salvation for the party, we need to the what the tea party did to the republicans, purge the party - only we will purge the party of the blue dogs and corporatists. This election was a good starte (the progressive caucus lost less than 5 members, the blue dosgs were decimated). Its time to shrink the democratic tent and turn it into a progressive party. We are the base and we out number them....and to quote Rahm - where are they going to go the republicans...and if they are willing to vote for todays republicans...they dont belong in our party anyway.
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The gods themselves rage against stupidity
10:45 AM on 12/03/2010
I would not go as far as Sarah Palin but a Hillary would be fine!
too much for so few words
11:19 AM on 12/03/2010
I never said i would vote for the woman - but even if it is a close election (between him and her) i will not vote for him. I would vote for Hillary or even Obama if he starts being a democrat.
cruisin' duality
12:56 PM on 12/03/2010
Hilary and Barack .Two peas in one pod .
All their Cabinets picks would be identical , in fact a lot of them were Bill's

Besides the face name ONE THING where they would differ
Musician, Atheist
09:36 AM on 12/03/2010
The wealthier in this country should contribute more to the Social Security of the entire population. They themselves benefit from a high degree of security because of a more secure population and that makes their contribution worthwhile.

Unlike many other industrialized countries, the wealthy here do not need to live in fortress communities and hire armed security to travel with them. They do not need to fear kidnapping of themselves or their children. Outside of the affluent neighborhoods, the community is generally clean, well lit and cared for. It is only in certain rough areas that it is unsafe, but then it is unsafe for anyone in those places.

Imagine a country with no middle class. A country where the wealthy are targets of opportunity by a desperate population. A country where the affluent walled and guarded communities are surrounded by blight and constant danger. Trash and detritus are not just unsightly, they are dangerous obstacles because even an up-armored Escalade knows better than to stop on a city street.

The wealthy in this country enjoy a nice life of peace, security and freedom and since none of them are ever called to die to protect that, it is at least something they should help pay for.
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The gods themselves rage against stupidity
10:49 AM on 12/03/2010
RickO - You are right but - Unfortunately, logic is not a strong suit in theGOP. And it is becoming less in the Dems!
09:33 AM on 12/03/2010
Just think, none of these hijinks and histrionics would have been necessary if Bush and Obama hadn't decided to spend trillions on idiotic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
09:39 AM on 12/03/2010
Don't forget bailing out Wall Street when they went broke gambling and of course the "Bush Tax Cuts" that apparently we just can't live without.
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09:32 AM on 12/03/2010
The only way the President can pass any of the Democrats agenda is by getting GOP votes, The only way to get GOP votes is to turn the American voters against the GOP. the way to turn the American people against the GOP is by making them look like they only care about the rich and the Corporate Aristocrats. Its all about winning the election in 2012.
09:41 AM on 12/03/2010
The GOP has had "We only care about the Rich!" made into campaign buttons and bumper stickers for over 30 years now.  No one cares.
science matters
11:15 AM on 12/03/2010
Well, the President has another golden opportunity with the Bush tax cuts, the majority of the American people, 52%, want to see them expire, either for those earning over $250,000 or for everyone. In other words, the American people are behind him, if he's willing to fight the GOP. All he has to do is make an effort. The GOPers are on tv everyday sounding like fools, stating how the tax cuts don't need to be paid for, but the unemployment benefits do!
09:22 AM on 12/03/2010
The alternative is some well-considered compromise with the opposition may greatly help the President. See: Clinton, President; second term successes.
09:43 AM on 12/03/2010
Yes, from which we got the "Well considered successes" like NAFTA, revoking Glass Steagall, further financial deregulation for Wall street....
09:57 AM on 12/03/2010
Well, our definition of "well-considered" may not have been their let's hope they use ours this time...
09:22 AM on 12/03/2010
"Nuances about compromise or "saving Social Security for its own good" will be lost on voters"

Another sad commentary about the supposed ignorance of our electorate.
09:09 AM on 12/03/2010
More and more reason to believe the government that we elect are stand-in puppets for bigger interests.
01:41 PM on 12/03/2010
Contrarian advocate for truth and justice
09:03 AM on 12/03/2010
Don't try to save Obama.

He needs to go.

Let him go.

Then maybe the Democratic party can be reborn as a party that represents the interests of regular Americans.

Keep him and the Democratic party goes down as a redundant pawn of the corrupt elite.
09:45 AM on 12/03/2010
I think Obama was the last chance for the Democratic party to prove there was anything there left to save.  Obama has more than proven that there is not.

If you're to the left of Reagan then you need to find a third party and support it.  That or resign yourself to taxation without representation because right now NO ONE is listening to the Left in DC.
science matters
11:18 AM on 12/03/2010
I agree. That is the lesson that I have learned in the past two years, that there really is no difference between the current Democratic Party and the Republican Party in terms of policy. Yes, the GOP has cornered the market on racist, sexist, and homophobic public speeches and fear mongering during campaigns, but once in office, the policies they enact differ only slightly from the Democrats.
01:43 PM on 12/03/2010
The Democratic Party selected Obama and are a primary reason why he governs the way he does.
The Democratic has no interest in us.
Randolph Greer
I am a Poet .
09:02 AM on 12/03/2010
Durbin's comment on Social Security should be enough to convince every rank and file Democrat to switch to the Green Party . If Obama accepts any part of this commission's proposals then all Progressives in the Democratic Party will need to change their registrations . When a political party abandons its core principle that has defined it for 80 years , voters have no choice . Democrats may not want to join the Greens , but if they would just look at the basic principles of the Green Party , they will find a political home they haven't had in years .
09:11 AM on 12/03/2010
The Republican party has a similar problem.
01:50 PM on 12/03/2010
Neither Party serves the American people. Exit polls during this last election show that 80+% of Americans get that.
I don't think that is going to change anytime soon without a massive struggle.
These are dangerous times. The proto nazis in the tp are working day and night to capture the justifiable rage most of us feel. They would have us demanding to be enslaved.
09:46 AM on 12/03/2010
Agreed.  Or find and support another third party.  The bottom line is the Democrats have been pure corporatists for 20 years or more and it's been at least 50 years since they tolerated "Liberals" in their ranks.
08:25 AM on 12/03/2010
Obama has long since passed through the crossroads, and he took a right turn.

Also, this recommendation by the "cat food" commission doesn't fix the deficit, or even balance the budget! I am not hearing this on the MSM. My understanding is that it still leaves over a trillion in deficit spending, while lowering taxes on the wealthy, and cutting the corporate tax rate.

It is a new constitution, outlining corporate feudalism. RJ is correct that ALL Democrats will be irreparably tarnished by this commission's recommendations. That Democratic leadership isn't screaming its opposition dooms this current lot.

The crossroads was passed when this commission was chosen. Time for Change 2.0 - we need primary challengers to step forward NOW, and new Democratic leadership in the Senate.
Clinton/Warren 2016
11:31 AM on 12/03/2010
Amen. I, for one, can't believe we were so duped by Obama. I just can't believe it. It was brilliant, actually.
Rebelling against wilful ignorance is a duty
08:01 AM on 12/03/2010
Funny thing is the most capitalistic regime in the world today is Russia. In Russia you can buy anything you want including judges and govenment ministers. I guess the Republicans think that is the way that America should be run. Clearly they believe in allowing the rich to buy politician.

It is just such a sad time for this great country.
I Hope You'll Dance
07:25 AM on 12/03/2010
Durbin and Reid both need to be gone from leadership of the Dems.

We must rely on Shadkowsky and Stern, to get their plans adopted. Their's are better plans for the elderly and working class.

Defense spending needs to be sliced about 1/3 and leave Seniors alone. People lie about S/S/ It is solvent until 2037, pays for itself, is not part of the deficit, and many elderly are sick and need to retire early.

In fact, there is a very good arguement about lowering the age for S/S to 62, so those would retire and let younger people have the job openings.

With the cat food commission, they would start at 100, if given a chance.

This is a Reagan Republican dream, to do away with S/S and Medicare, both. Had we had Medicare for All, then we would have younger Americans paying smaller insurance payments into a tried and true government program that runs efficiently, not this BIG insurance nightmare.

People better wake up, to what the Republicans are up to. They holler "class warfare", when it is they, who would keep tax breaks for billionaires and cut off the unemployed, throw the S/S trust fund on their patrons of Wall St. casinos.

We need to write Durbin or call his office and any other Dem who would go along with this crazy scheme.

BTW... destroy FOX
R.W. Sanders
Numerous questions, too little expertise
07:06 AM on 12/03/2010
I fear that this administration is beyond help. When Durbin abandons us, we should be able to see the depth of the opposition. Money speaks louder than do citizens on Capitol Hill. It is time to challenge most incumbents in the primaries, including the president.
08:30 AM on 12/03/2010
And the primaries need to start NOW. If we can learn anything from the Republicans, it is that the campaign for 2012 started three weeks ago. We need the "Feingold/Greyson 2012" (I know, two election losers), or Whomever 2012 bumper stickers to appear on cars now. It would at the very least put pressure on Dem leadership to fight a little. Would it damage Obama's chances in 2012? Probably. But I don't think he has a chance anyway. His brand of "change" is too badly tarnished.

Change 2.0!
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06:55 AM on 12/03/2010
In 2008 I would have laughed at the possibility that Obama would support cuts in SS benefits in response to a deficit commission report stuffed with presents for the wealthy. Now, it wouldn't surprise me. I fear that Obama can no longer be trusted to fight for the average American. The "little guys" contributed, worked and voted for Obama. They gave him the chance to become a truly historic champion of the people and to move our wonderful country away from plutocracy and oligarchy to a more fair and just society.

Obama might have failed in this task anyway but at the very LEAST he should go down fighting for what he knows is right. Better that he should fail than go against his principles and betray the ideals that won him such early support. As it is, he has merely shown those who, often for the first time in their lives, got involved with politics and were inspired by a vision they wanted to share, a vision they believed in; he has shown them that, alas, you can trust no one; no one.

George Bush threw away his moment after 9/11, a moment when things could have been changed and mankind could have come together just a little more to make the world a better place. The arrogance was stunning.

Monumental foolishness, it seems, is a bipartisan affliction.
socialists & communists & marxists, oh my!
08:18 AM on 12/03/2010
F & F. It would seem both parties have now fallen completely under the thrall of corporate influence. I hope the middle class will *finally* see the handwriting on the wall and rise up in protest of these plutocratic policies.
You can't spell Canada without "eh."
08:44 AM on 12/03/2010
It's a political affliction. Here in Canada we vote in the %30-%40 range in federal elections. Why? Because we know that all politicians lie to get in, so what's the use of believing they're platforms and promises. Also, our left and right wings aren't too disimilar from each other.
11:01 AM on 12/03/2010
Here, we're miles apart...and neither side really wants to bridge the divide....
Tact is just not saying true stuff. I’ll pass.
05:16 AM on 12/03/2010
Slash SS and raise the retirement age way past hireability age, and somebody needs to be talking about death panels because an awful lot of people won't be able to live.