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01:48 PM on 01/07/2008
Here is the poll that accounts for 70%+ - the internet:

"Google Trends- Ron Paul Winning the Race!"

Ron Paul will also be on The Tonight Show this evening. He promises to restore America and make the hard choices needed to do so. His interviews are almost always educational and interesting.
01:45 PM on 01/07/2008
So what's the big deal. Because Obama is up it is headline news. But when Hillary was leading it was a blip on the back page. The Hillary haters seem to be out in force. Just remember there are 49 more states and Obama sure as hell won't pick up enough electoral votes to matter.

Since you people are so called journalist, don't you know that since they started the primaries...remember not one candidate that won Iowa and New Hampshire went on to win the nomination....except bush and hell we all know what happened there.

So tell me. What does this mean...why is this so much different than any other campaign.

And who in the heck takes these polls. The people in this country who are over the hill, according to Obama the Mighty, you know the over 50 crowd are the ones who own the land line phones. Now we all know the over 50 crowd don't support Obama he is the young guy and he wants to get rid of seniors, his supporters have cell phones, which they don't call. Do you think the poll numbers are juggled to say jobs. Hell yes.
Age quod agis
01:41 PM on 01/07/2008
Here are the people who will be guiding Obama's "change" agenda:

("C" indicates former Clintonites, "D" former Daschle-ites, "G" former Gephardites - ALL entrenched in party politics):

Julianne Smoot (D), Cassandra Butts (G), David Ploufee (G), David Cutler (C), Steve Richetti (C), Steve Hildebrandt (D), Bill Burton (G), Dan Pfeiffer (D), Susan Rice (C), David Tarullo (C), Joseph Paolino (C).

Zbigniew Brzezinski (Carter) is his top foreign affairs advisor.

Yes, indeed, change is in the air with Obama! LOL.
01:33 PM on 01/07/2008
This mania for Obama is really disturbing. My Republicans friends are wetting their pants over the prospect of an Obama nomination. He will not be elected president. Plain & simple. Picture yourself waking up the day after the general election and realizing that we Democtrats blew our chance. Obama 2008 = Nader 2000.
01:32 PM on 01/07/2008
Factor in the New Hampshire Independents and the Obama lead will be considerably greater...
01:32 PM on 01/07/2008
The poll numbers prove that most voters are total morons incapable of thinking for themselves.

Is anybody surprised after two terms of DickNBush and Dumbya "approval" still at 30%?
01:31 PM on 01/07/2008
She will be cursing Sean Hannity. This man is behind her like MONGOOSE BEHIND SNAKE
01:29 PM on 01/07/2008
Obama is such a gift to the GOP. Looks like another 8 years of GOP in the White House...
Been there, done that, lived to tell
01:28 PM on 01/07/2008
How perverse is this?

If I could vote in NH, I would vote Clinton just to spite Bill Kristol!

(Actually, when it comes time for me to vote, I won't be voting for either Obama or Clinton... if ABC says I've got to, I'm not going to.)
01:27 PM on 01/07/2008
Obama 39 percent
Clinton 29 percent

Our long national nightmare is over.
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01:26 PM on 01/07/2008
I love it when the corporate MSM messages the message and the empty headed masses gobble it all up and regurgitate it. Polls are not a gauge at all. They are a calculated specific means to a desired outcome. Do you wonder to what end? And how we got 8 years of W?
No, of course not.

Go Obama!
01:25 PM on 01/07/2008
I hope we can be rid of both Billary and Obama.

What a sweet victory that would be for the USA.

Neither of them offer real solutions and have been part of the problem.
give peas a chance
01:23 PM on 01/07/2008
Less than 24 hrs from blast-off, I begin to pray...

"God, if it is your will for America, let Barack Hussein Obama win the New Hampshire Primary and go on to become the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2008, and then win the election for President of the United States of America in November later that same year, and then bring our great nation back to a state of grace."

(kind of long winded, but it worked last time, I figure... we'll actaully, I'm not "figureing" am I.) I guess I'm using the...

Audacity of hope.

Aren't I? (oops, there's the gloat.)

New Hampshire is set to become part of history. We can only hope they have the courage and the vision to be part of it. Like Blanche DuBosise in "A Streetcar Named Desire" we cast ourselves at their mercy (some without straight-jackets) mumbling:

"I don't know who you are, but I've always depended on the kindness of strangers."

FIRE IT UP, N.H. !!! (we're ready)

Obama in '08
01:20 PM on 01/07/2008
This is the end of the Bush/Clinton dynasty. Don't let the door hit any of you in the butt on the way out. You all will not be missed.
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A free man creates himself.
01:17 PM on 01/07/2008
I just read a story about Clinton appearing before a group of undecideds in a NH cafe, and she was pulling the tears and playing the victim role. (I wish Arianna would put it up.) This will not work. That sort of behavior does not work for someone wanting to become commander-in-chief. She is making a laughing stock out of 'the woman as politician' and setting the woman's movement back years. And they say she is taking "unprecedented command of her campaign"! Gawd, what will we have to go through in the next few weeks?