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If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally
05:41 PM on 01/14/2011
I'm sure she's fine with them - just so long as they're in the Middle East hastening the rapture.
05:24 PM on 01/14/2011
the ideas in this article I agree with, except one:

there is no such thing as an anti-semite who is against only Jews. Jews are not the only semites.

Stop using the word anti-semite with relation to Jews only.

Include in that term 'semite' the Palestinians and the Jordanians and the host of other semitic peoples of the middle east. This is NOT about Jews.
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08:13 PM on 01/14/2011
Sorry, but you are mistaken, knowing a little history helps...

From Wikipedia on "Antisemitism"

"While the term's etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic peoples, the term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany as a more scientific-sounding term for Judenhass ("Jew-hatred")"

The term has been used specifically against Jews ever since.
Wordsmith, liberal, skeptical idealist, 99%er.
11:08 AM on 01/15/2011

'Antisemitism' has *always* been used to denote antipathy (to put it mildly) toward the Jewish People. Can you point to even a single credible instance (for example, not your own postings) where it was used the way you describe?
05:17 PM on 01/14/2011
Wow it is amazing how you Sarah haters are becoming more and more delusional and vitriol over time. First the puritan Left tried in vain to connect her, the Tea Party, and any other convenient conservative to that nutbag and murderer Loughner. No such luck. Next up is Blood Libel. The Left’s hope here is the average American, who have no understanding of Jewish history, would associate this negative sounding statement as hate speech. No such luck. Read the Shmuley Boteach article in the WSJ (amongst many) which is excellent at informing greater America on Blood Libel. Currently on deck - Jewish hater. Maybe she is channeling Hitler? In the end the real vitriol, lucid dreaming, and delusional thinking are those of you on the Left who cannot get past the moose hunting, oil drilling, Alaska loving Sarah. Sarah knows this and exploits this at every opportunity.
04:50 PM on 01/14/2011
As Bishop Muthee would say (and did, at the Wasilla Bible Church):

We come against that python spirit. We come against that spirit of
witchcraft as the body of Christ. Right now in the name of Jesus!
Ooooh-raba-saka-ta-la. Come on, pray, pray! Raba-sandalalala-
bebebebekalabebe. Shanda-la-bebebeka-lelebebe. . . . That’s why
we come against all forms of witchcraft. All the python spirits that
are released against the body of Christ . . . and bring this nation into
the Kingdom.

-Inside Sarah's Church
Solidarity. Courage. Humor.
04:39 PM on 01/14/2011
Strange bedfellows, eh?
04:33 PM on 01/14/2011
As I read this article, my jaw kept dropping lower and lower. How is this any different from what Hitler preached? It may be ever-so-slightly more subtle than Kristallnacht, but it still comes down to eliminating the Jewish people from America, so as to further this belief that once that happens the rapture comes? I'm grateful that I am old enough to remember a more innocent time (before the 24/7 news cycle and the internet) when this kind of craziness was limited to snail mail and couldn't spread like a wildfire in a prairie. The genie is out of the bottle, but boy do I wish we could go back.
04:22 PM on 01/14/2011
The Assemblies of God is a separate entity from the Apostolics. It appears that Palin is a member of the AOG but she dabbles in the New Apostolic Reformation which technically is not affiliated in any way with the AOG. However there are perhaps thousands of AOG ministers who have a separate affiliation on their own with NAR. It would be unfair to blame the AOG for the prophecies etc., but not unfair to state that they do nothing to discourage the affiliated churches from dabbling so to speak with such nonsense.

Palin is into some really scary stuff with the NAR and cannot not be trusted in my opinion as she is not a free thinker.
03:58 PM on 01/14/2011
Wow... looks like the author went to a lot of trouble to come up with a way to say that Sarah Palin doesn't like Jews... the way this conclusion was reached seems a little convoluted to me. Kind of like saying Obama does not like Jews becuase he is friends with Jesse Jackson who called them 'Hymies'....
first, check your satire-o-meter.
03:17 PM on 01/14/2011
"More and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead."

"The days and weeks and months ahead" - damn, these folks are sure the Rapture is coming any day. It is their greatest prayer. Twelve times twelve thousand (144,000) would be taken up. And the rest (6 Billion +) would get Armageddon. "Please please please let it be true" they pray.

Palin isn't alone or unusual in this. They're freakin scary.
03:12 PM on 01/14/2011
Ain't religion great? Without it, overpopulation would be rampant.
I got my Nobel Peace Prize. Let's fight!
03:04 PM on 01/14/2011
Up to this point more than 800 of you have attempted to post regarding this subject.

Quick question, how many of you have voted for a Republican for President in the last 4-5 national elections or even in congressional or senatorial elections?

My point is that, if it weren't Palin that "makes you sick" or is "full of hate" it would be someone else. No dissection of the issues. Probably no exploration of ideas other than your own.

I hope you all remember that the next elections will be held the second WEDNESDAY of November - I wouldn't want you to be late...
''it's a map''
03:04 PM on 01/14/2011
I don't want someone who thinks the end times are coming to have control over the nuclear codes. Unfortunately, this rules out most tea party candidates.
I got my Nobel Peace Prize. Let's fight!
02:53 PM on 01/14/2011
Where to start...

1. - It was reported in 1986 that in national elections Jews supported Demoratic Candidates with 86% of their collective votes.

2. Read John Hagee in context. He has written many books supporting Israel, and supporting the God's Chosen People. Not as a blight on society.

3. What is wrong with allowing Israel, a predominately Jewish state to develop neighborhoods as they choose?

4. Obama is consistently favoring positions which are NOT in Israel's soveriegn interest (and therefore not protecting Jewish interests), yet he is supported in this country by an overwhelming majority.

5. No matter what Palin does, she will not garner signficant Jewish support. So what is "Palin's Jewish Problem" any more than "Palin's Black Problem" (Oh yeah, even before Obama African American's supported Democrats with 92% of their votes...)
02:52 PM on 01/14/2011
HP Moderators -- Why was the post below removed as in conflict with HP Guidelines?
Every statement which I've paraphrased and each question posed are taken from the
very article above me which I'm now viewing with my two eyes wide-open? Why even
print an article if I'm not allowed to abstract information and pose questions from it?


What I want to hear from Sarah Palin--and soon, before there's any more talk
of blood libel--is how in the world she's strategica­lly going to accomplish this
mission of sending all American Jews back to Israel?

Who will be first to relocate?  Who will be last?  How long a time period does she
estimate that all of this is going to take?  How will this Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders
of the Assembly of God Church interface with the American and Israeli government­s
respective­ly?  And no excuses about how they must wait for "God" to instruct them.  If this
is their plan--as the article states--how will be it accomplished?
04:05 PM on 01/14/2011
Not even Christ dare spoke or new the hr, only my Father knows. and Told disciples it is NOT your business to know. No witness right of God talking to them. Only 12 tribes that can bare witness to hearing God's voice was in Moses time, MILLIONS heard the voice of God,t all heard the voice of God, and trembled, and bare witness to the generations that followed. Going against all that has been taught. Oh God is talking to me to, telling me to run run run far away from $arah and tell all. Such craziness, only lose weak in their own faith would believe this and $arah knows many many are weak.   
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05:20 PM on 01/14/2011
Good question. I have wondered how much latitude the individual moderators are allowed.
Tim Ostrander
skeptic, humanist, father
02:42 PM on 01/14/2011
I could barely get through the first third of this article. It concentrates on so much ridiculous BS that I can't even remember how to think reasonably anymore. Jews go home. The bible says this. Spiritual warfare. All nonsense.
12:01 AM on 01/15/2011
Will you think it is "ridiculious" if they end up controlling the US?
06:52 AM on 01/15/2011
ah thank you a voice of sanity...