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01:21 PM on 01/14/2011
Tunisia president forced out due to unemployment and inflation

Coming to US?
02:08 PM on 01/14/2011
The Obstructionist Party of NO may have to rethink their moves - they are a complete roadblock to progress.
01:20 PM on 01/14/2011
Wow they are real troopers, real gems, true blue Americans, wonderful courageous human beings, gift, intelligent, loving, caring people. Frankly they are just better to us. Thank you media for allowing us to see that. Your up with them too. Not quite as high but above us. True blue, great, like those princesses in the black swan, super humans. We are so so so so lucky to have you people. Thank you thank you thank you sooooo much!
01:18 PM on 01/14/2011
Why wouldn't they, this attack was an isolated incident by an insane loner, not a conspiracy.
01:17 PM on 01/14/2011
What is so "defiant"?
I thought it was already determined that the attack was non-partisan?
What are they defiant against? Random crazy armed people?
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Ella Megalast Burls Forever
01:15 PM on 01/14/2011
well, of course the Republican reps can meet & greet with confidence in their safety---they're not the ones being targeted
01:27 PM on 01/14/2011
Now..Now..Aren't We S'posed to Be "Toning Down The Rhetoric"?
01:54 PM on 01/14/2011
Republican offices were targeted with anthrax mailings last year.
01:58 AM on 01/15/2011
Republicans are targeted from abroad, Democrats are targeted from within. I'm pretty sure one side is safer than the other. And those from within don't have funny sounding Arab names to tip people off.
01:13 PM on 01/14/2011
To Congress: if you got to work and did the job sincerely that you were elected to do instead of wasting time with political divisions and theater thereby creating the soap opera we now have that we call a government, it would be time better served. Do your job and keep your focus on why you are there and who elected you to be there and why. We don't need career politicians. We need politicians that represent the wishes of the people, not politicians who put obstacles in the way of progress but members of congress that can vote their conscious not what will get them relected.
Left on Red
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01:13 PM on 01/14/2011
Aren't "meet and greet" sessions usually held with campaign contributors? If this is the case, I see no evidence of Congress Members "pushing ahead defiantly" Sounds like more access to the lobbyists and less to the public.
You can't fix stupid, but you can sedate it...
01:09 PM on 01/14/2011
maybe if they weren't just pandering for money and actually doing the Government's work again, I might be impressed.....but this, no. Why should I be impressed that they all just went back to their pander-fest for the corporations/and or zillionares who bought them their House/Senate seats?
Twenty Row Kid
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01:09 PM on 01/14/2011
Okay, photo op is over now how about going back to work and doing something for a change.
02:06 AM on 01/15/2011
You mean because no matter what, the Republicans are one unified hive-mind who will vote NO or filibuster every single piece of legislation that the president or the opposing party tries to pass? If it was a bill that would assuredly cure cancer, the Republicans would still vote NO, all together, and even write a letter proclaiming they will vote NO in unison, because they don't want a legislative victory for the Dems, as petty as they are, and will find something stupid to say, like "this legislation strips people's freedom to die from cancer" or "we need to cut pork from the budget but its a-okay to keep fighting that endless war against the middle-east".

Maybe if you actually followed politics, the world wouldn't be so simple as lumping all politicians into one big basket of incompetence so you can find someone to blame when nothing gets done and not be culpable for failure to understand the situation or exercise civic duties.
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01:08 PM on 01/14/2011
Most of the time you have to pay a hefty entrance fee if you want to meet your representative, how courageous is it to attend a fundraiser?
I think congresswoman Gifford is a rare exception, now we can only hope that she will recover and rethink her attitude about guns.
02:12 AM on 01/15/2011
It is hilarious and truly disturbing that some politicians are at this moment trying to pass legislation forbidding the carrying of guns within 500 feet of a politician. Maybe they can fly a squadron of military helicopters in a ring around each politician, shooting down lasers to mark the boundaries, and have hundreds of policeman running around with metal detectors checking any and everything that moves. That would be a sight to see!
01:06 PM on 01/14/2011
Oh yes, what bravery.  What gumption.  What chutzpah.  Give me a break.  This was an isolated incident, and everybody knows it.  Frankly, I find it disgusting that it's being used as a political stage prop.
Now With MORE Micro Bio!
01:25 PM on 01/14/2011
...said the anonymous guy tucked safely behind a keyboard.
01:46 PM on 01/14/2011
I go out and "meet" the public every day of my life.  And statistically, doing that is a bigger risk for me than it is for these politicians.  

I don't expect a news story about it, or to be applauded for it, or to receive recognition. 

This is nothing but political grandstanding and trying to capitalize off a tragic event in order to gain free PR points.  It's sickening.
Rodger leMonde
I call them as I see them.
01:04 PM on 01/14/2011
It would be wise to provide a publication on tactical staging of events to all public officials.
Security forces know what makes a secure environment as opposed to an insecure environment.
This doesn't have to be oppressive just suggestions to improve safety in different environments and how to evaluate an event for security.
"The dogs bark, but the Caravan moves on."
01:03 PM on 01/14/2011
'But one public figure has been uncharacteristically silent about one of the worst episodes of violence ever to befall his home state. Sen. John McCain (R) was on a congressional trip to Latin America at the time of the shooting and did not return to Arizona until Wednesday. He has granted no interviews and has not spoken about what happened in Tucson..
"This is a time for grieving," Buchanan said. "Senator McCain obviously is a leader and a statesman and will be joining this conversation very soon."'

Pathetic. He's "obviously" a leader...but can't take the time to return to HIS OWN STATE? Some leader.
God hates facts!
01:12 PM on 01/14/2011
F&F sir!
was wondering why we haven't heard anything from the old man...
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01:18 PM on 01/14/2011
He could be suffering "SP buyer's remorse."
Dead Che
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01:03 PM on 01/14/2011
Being a politician does't make any list of even the 50 most dangerous jobs, Give us all a break with the sensational headlines.
01:32 PM on 01/14/2011
01:02 PM on 01/14/2011
Definition: Defiant - marked by resistance or bold opposition, as to authority; challenging

I do not believe the word "defiant" properly describes this Congress. I think meant "compliant".