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04:49 AM on 01/16/2011
It's all done for the sake of being in reality TV. It's all good.

Offending the right people is its own virtue.
04:23 AM on 01/16/2011
Mommy's home. (Shaking , blinding fear set in)
Leave a mark, not a stain.
12:24 AM on 01/16/2011
11:41 PM on 01/15/2011
That's pretty bad...
11:30 PM on 01/15/2011
Parenting at it's best
I don't comment much, but when I do...
11:28 PM on 01/15/2011
I can only hope these girls grow up not to be self-absorbed, narcissistic catty women.

Most of these mothers are living vicariously through their daughters.
God forbid these girls end up wanting to be an auto mechanic, heavy construction, or even realize they feel that are really men and surgically change their gender someday. The moms would go into a catatonic state I am sure.
All great truths begin as blasphemies-
02:43 AM on 01/16/2011
What kind of mother doesn't stop an unnecessary, frivolous beauty regimen when her daughter is in serious pain? Absolutely sick-
01:09 AM on 01/17/2011
She will most likely grow up feeling powerless in the world with major emotional problems.
11:16 PM on 01/15/2011
Food for thought if the LE who did the waxing is checking out the comments: Unnecessarily removing or shaving an eyebrow on a child can be considered malpractice for an EM physician.

Why? Because removing the hair shaft by any means can alter the shape and consistency of the hair follicle from which the hair grows. This can cause the hair to grow at an incorrect angle or to enter a permanent dormant phase (no re-growth).

Obviously, adults who choose to wax brows can make this choice for themselves. It is sad to see brows altered after necessary sutures, but how justifiable is possibly irreversible damage to a child's brows for a mom's whim?

One last note: Yes it has happened, hubby has known colleague's who have been sued for removing more brow than necessary during wound closure.
10:55 PM on 01/15/2011
This ghastly mother is abusing her lovely daughter and teaching her that beauty is more important than the child. I do not think child abuse should be featured on this news agglomerator, and I will not watch this disgusting video. First we are "treated" to the authoritarian Chinese mother who wants most of all to sell books and become famous. Then we are shown a five-year old being tortured and demeaned by an awful stage mother. Humor at the expense of children is disgusting.
10:11 AM on 01/16/2011
She was beautiful before the waxing.
10:35 PM on 01/15/2011
These beauty pageants are not just wrong, but creepy. For moms to dress their children up like the women of the street, and teach them that they must dance and behave sexy, is so wrong.
10:28 PM on 01/15/2011
Why hasn't that cosmetologist list her license yet? She should know better than to alter a Childs face in what could be a permanent way. I hope she has liability insurance because I would sue the crap out of her.
Mik McAllister
08:22 AM on 01/16/2011
They are required to get permission from the legal guardian and follow that guardian's instructions (within reason).

Refusing to do it could have resulted in losing her job.
09:43 PM on 01/15/2011
I've not watched this video, nor do I intend to. I do not believe the actions that have been outlined in the text summary and viewer comments were necessary by the mother nor do I believe they'd do well if examined by CPS. That's a layman gut feeling, take it for what you will.

My thought about the network airing this is: a potentially bad move. I hope they (the network and the runners of this program) are acting strictly in shining a spotlight on some very nasty business cause otherwise this might be setting themselves up for legal trouble or bad publicity.

I thought child pageants were pretty bad from the getgo but this looks like torturing an unwilling child to achieve some idea of beauty so that this kid is 13 years too young for.

Sad business.
09:20 PM on 01/15/2011
If I worked in a salon I would refuse to do this and kick that woman out.
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08:32 PM on 01/15/2011
From the sheer number of comments on this list, there are many people here who care about children. Great!

We may not be able to do anything specific to assist this particular child, but let us not forget all the opportunities we have each day to support the young people around us.

If you see a parent doing a great job with their kids, tell them!

If you see something to compliment a young girl about, other than their appearance, tell them!

Give up bus seats and open doors for a parent struggling with bags and children. Smile at, and show some sympathy to, a parent who is trying his or her best to soothe a crying baby or calm a tired toddler.

Donate toys, school supplies, warm coats, nutritious food, etc., to children's charities.

Consider voting for school bonds, supporting health care for children, volunteering at schools, attend fund raisers, supporting parks, swimming pools, bike lanes, etc., etc., etc.

There are so many ways we adults can make a moment lighter or a future brighter for children anad families. Let's do it!
Mik McAllister
08:23 AM on 01/16/2011
Right on. You deserve much more than just one "fave".
Leslee Long
09:12 AM on 01/16/2011
Faved but we have a problem. People prefer to point fingers rather than do something useful and actually helpful. It's so much more dramatic to place a call to "rescue" an "abused" child than it is to help make a difference in many lives of parents and children.

Too bad the mom in this piece isn't putting some money away for the kid to have something useful for her future, at least starting a lifetime eyebrow waxing fund for the days when she will really care how they look.
07:54 PM on 01/15/2011
my sister and i watched this episode and could not believe how incredibly backwards these mothers were. there was also a 15 mth old that was tanned. we decided that these fools are like the fools on jersey shore, they dont realize that people are watching them like a bad train wreck and not because anyone thinks they are cool. they flat out dont have the iq to know any better.
Retired teacher, writer
07:54 PM on 01/15/2011
This show is horrible in too many ways. Children cry about having their hair pulled, false eyelashes applied, cold spray tans. The parents just keep pushing. Over the past year many, MANY mothers have pronounced before the camera how much their children LOVE pageants while the children cry and beg to go home in the background. The toddler who was given Coke as "special juice" to make her perform and the other that was given 9 Pixie Stixs (what the moms call "pageant crack") to provide a sugar rush so she would no longer be sleepy need a court's advocate. And the Coke baby had her off shoulder dress duct taped to her body. Sickening!
05:38 PM on 01/25/2011
Yes, it is sickening!