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07:02 PM on 01/18/2011

How the conversation has changed. Now, Palistine is getting dignitaries from important first world states...and those statesmen are not visiting the Israelis.

This is the first time I can remember where a 'western' article about Israel or the Palistinians didnt try by ancidote to justify the continued occupation by Israel.

I want to remind the world that the apartied regime of South Africa didnt fall because leaders spoke against it, or nations worked to end it in any honest way. It was the regular citizens of many nations who came together and protested, boycotted, and kept bringing the oppression to the forfront that ended it.

Once the truth came out...humanity took over.
07:13 PM on 01/18/2011
russia is not a first world state, and russia also currently occupies many nations with a much better claim to statehood than the palestinians.
And so it begins
07:34 PM on 01/18/2011
Russia has a nuclear arsenal that can destroy the world 20 times over. Exactly what definition of first world state are you using.
07:15 PM on 01/18/2011
there is a workers strike in Israel,

It was NOT that Russia didn't want to go

Russia COULDN'T because Israel's staff who would have set up the logistics of the meetings were on strike
07:26 PM on 01/18/2011

If 'Russia couldnt go' to Israel because of the only means that Medvedev never intended to go to Israel, otherwise, he would have waited to make his trip at a time he could have gone.
UGH!....people taste like crap!
06:57 PM on 01/18/2011
Medvedev: Israel Settlement Freeze Needed For Peace...

He's right they should stop building in Palestine.... how would we like it if Mexico started and wouldn't stop building in the old Mexican Session... the land was theirs once.
07:12 PM on 01/18/2011
Why don't they?
They lost the land
Except in Israel's case, Israel was attacked and fought and won
And Israel is not leaving
Abdulaziz Himidan
08:26 PM on 01/18/2011
in other words you are saying that brute force is the only logic Israel believes in.. why am i not surprised??
Permaculture and Sustainability
08:53 PM on 01/18/2011
Israel was the attacker in the 1967 war, they were not attacked. They occupied the land and are now illegally stealing it from the Palestinians who are entitled to a state of their own.
Permaculture and Sustainability
06:29 PM on 01/18/2011
At least Medvedev is not under the thumb of the pro-Israeli Zionist lobby that exists in this country. He of course is right and the U.S. should adopt the same position.
06:48 PM on 01/18/2011
adopt what?

Palistinians are attempting to circumnavigate peace talks
that will achieve nothing as Israel is the one who ultimately decides if there will even be a palistinia state
07:30 PM on 01/18/2011
What peace talks? The bogus ones that the U.S. keeps trying to stage are dead and over for good this time. Get over it. The only talks that will happen are after the republic of Palestine is declared later this summer and the Quartet meets to acknowledge it and ensure its territorial integrity. Israel gets to dictate nothing through proxies anymore, and certainly doesn't have the means to do so on its own. Lose.
no longer 'chosen'
07:45 PM on 01/18/2011
"Israel is the one who ultimately decides if there will even be a palistinia(sic) state"

That mindset is so 20th-century and dated - so absolutely the exact problem greasing the skids such that Israel finds itself in the strategic disaster that all the best and brightest of Israeli politicians and generals have been so stridently warning Israel about for years. How can you still believe?

It's far beyond tonedeaf
06:12 PM on 01/18/2011
Free Palestine!
06:49 PM on 01/18/2011
Free Gilad Shalit!
07:14 PM on 01/18/2011
Free Mordechai Vanunu!
Tobias Riepe
06:29 AM on 01/19/2011
Why? He's far more useful as a prisoner. He can be pulled out of the hat whenever Israel wants some moral leverage against Hamas. Why do you think Netanyahu sabotaged the already-arranged prisoner exchange deals that would have freed Shalit?
05:58 PM on 01/18/2011
Infighting backfire leaves Israel left off key Medvedev visit agenda
Michael II
Neither the one, nor the only
04:58 PM on 01/18/2011
It's probably worth remembering that Russia is one of the 5 countries with the power of veto in the UN security council.

Just saying.
05:01 PM on 01/18/2011
Russia has never used its veto on Israel's behalf anyway.
politeness rules, but with sharpened edges
05:04 PM on 01/18/2011
Somehow, it seems unlikely that the Palestinians can get anything put forth to the UNSC.
04:47 PM on 01/18/2011
Flying a flag over their own offices is a far cry from yet another Arab Muslim state on Israel's border!
04:56 PM on 01/18/2011
You said you didn't care...


This is YOUR POST (sirhanrap 24 minutes ago (4:28 PM))

"So what? Who cares? No big deal! Off topic! It's at the PLO­t at any American diplomatic­ain..big deal! The Cuban flag flies somewhere in D.C. ,too!"
11:26 AM on 01/19/2011
yes, and Obama is considering revamping our stupid boycott of Cuba.
06:10 PM on 01/18/2011
sirhanrap - - How would Israel be surrounded by anything other than "Arab Muslim" countries? However, it should be noted that many Palestinians do not see themselves as "Arabs".
If facts have a liberal bias, I'll use facts
04:44 PM on 01/18/2011
It won't mean anything until Putin says so. Medvedev is Russia's Ahmahdinajad, spineless until he's backed by the "real" leader.
אני כלום בלעדיהם
04:51 PM on 01/18/2011
In Russia his nickname is Marionette :)
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09:16 PM on 01/18/2011
But his title is president.
05:50 PM on 01/18/2011
So, you think that Medvedev boarded his plane and flew all that way, and then made his statement, which is an important statement even if you don't like it, without having first had a couple of minutes chat with Putin about it?
04:37 PM on 01/18/2011
Medvedev Visits West Bank, Lifting Palestinian Spirits

JERUSALEM — President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia met on Tuesday with the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, in the West Bank oasis town of Jericho and reaffirmed his country’s support for a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem.

Palestinian leaders hailed the visit as historic, noting that this was the first time such a high-profile international figure had gone to Palestinian territory independently of a visit to Israel.

04:40 PM on 01/18/2011
Uh..funny he offered NO $$$$ for his new-found friends to help them build an infrastructure! Great photo op for the Liberation theologist leftists,though!
05:18 PM on 01/18/2011
There has been aide for years and simple search would brought that information.
06:12 PM on 01/18/2011
sirhanrap - - What is "leftist" about seeking justice for the Palestinians? Not so long ago, Israel was essentially a socialist country.
04:32 PM on 01/18/2011



with Avigdor Lieberman

BIBI: Avigdor, would you be so kind as to bring us some pitchers of water? You're making me nervous.

AVIGDOR: Okay, boss! [Exits]

PRES. MEDVEDEV: [Through an interpreter] Mr. Prime Minister, as a precursor to serious peace talks, a settlement phrase would not only be beneficial, but is a sine qua non of their recommencement.

BIBI: But you've seen my problem, Mr. President- I just sent him out of here. Those darn extremists are so insistent, and, well, they won't take "no" for an answer! And can you expect all those settlers in East Jerusalem just to let those Palestinian squatters sit on that prime real es- [Quickly corrects self] on that land which has meant so much to our people since time immemorial! Why, our people's memory chafes at having that prime real es- [Again corrects self]
having their sacred and hallowed ground being set upon by indigenous intruders and terrorists!

HILLARY: Mr. President, the Prime Minister has a point. I cannot go back with a recommendation of a settlement freeze to President Obama without first consulting with AIP- [corrects self] with Congress on the matter. After all, there are many members of both the House and Senate, in our own party concerned that such a policy would not bode well for their fundrai-[again corrects self] the efforts to continue negotiations.

AVIGDOR: [re-enters] Water and cookies, everyone!

04:37 PM on 01/18/2011
You're no Woody Allen! More like the guy who wrote Ishtar!
04:39 PM on 01/18/2011
Who would want to be Woody Allen? I prefer the company of women over 18.
אני כלום בלעדיהם
04:52 PM on 01/18/2011
Epic fail.
04:25 PM on 01/18/2011
Palestinian Flag Raised at PLO Office in D.C.
Palestinian flag flies for first time officially at U.S. diplomatic offices.

04:28 PM on 01/18/2011
So what? Who cares? No big deal! Off topic! It's at the PLO office..not at any American diplomatic office..again..big deal! The Cuban flag flies somewhere in D.C. ,too!
Shalom, compa!
04:30 PM on 01/18/2011
Apparently you care or you wouldn't bother responding.
04:34 PM on 01/18/2011
Relax and watch it...

no longer 'chosen'
04:22 PM on 01/18/2011
Haaretz is reporting the Israels quote unquote 'fearful' that Medvedev's declaration for Palestine will start a domino effect - perhaps with China next and possibly the EU as well as a lot of Asia and Africa within this year.

This is news - the bloc of countries coming out for full Palestinian rights is so vast that when Apartheid sanctions kick in thru this decade Israel is going to find itself under enormous and increasing pressure - something it has largely managed to avoid for decades now

Soon the Neocons and Israeli hardright will have to print their own newspapers and give them away for free ... oh wait .... The Weekly Standard already does that
04:36 PM on 01/18/2011
Haaretz is the Mother Jones of Israel! Keep wishing..but Israel will survive gets nothing from China and Russia,anyway, !
04:57 PM on 01/18/2011
That will be news to the Israeli Trade Mmission to China

"Israel and China's trade relations are experiencing a tremendous recovery in 2010 as trade levels reached US$2.5 billion between January and My alone - a 53% growth yoy. Israel's Trade deficit to China for this period stands on US$1.05 billion."

and to someone called Netanyahu,

"Mr. Netanyahu confirmed Israel’s intention to deepen ties with Russia. Mutual trade turnover between Russia and Israel increased from $12 million in 1991 to $2.8 billion in 2008."
06:17 PM on 01/18/2011
Isn't Haaretz owned by The New York Times? Hardly Mother Jones.
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04:21 PM on 01/18/2011
What shall Medvedev do about his administration's oppression of the Chechens?
04:51 PM on 01/18/2011
Nothing! Hypocrites like him say much..but do nothing!
אני כלום בלעדיהם
04:56 PM on 01/18/2011
Until the string holder says something... with the string holder being Putin. Putin is no dummy :)
06:19 PM on 01/18/2011
sirhanrap - - Do you support an independent Chechnya?
05:22 PM on 01/18/2011
Chechnya got it's Independence in 1992 which resulted in government being taken over by foreign Wahabist which started to murder of all the native Sufi Chechen then invade neighboring Dagestan. Maybe do some research before speak as none Chechen support those foreign Muslims and same rebels are now fighting against them.
07:24 PM on 01/18/2011
Eh not really but i don't think anybody argues that the chechens are more deserving of a state on historical grounds than the palestinians.
04:13 PM on 01/18/2011
What curse has befallen Zion that it is blind and deaf to the currents of history. A pariah as Christ killers for 500 years, will the inheritors of Judean sovereignty now become a pariah as the occupier of Palestinian land. If the timing now is bad, the timing will get worse. A negotiated settlement will yield more than international coercion. is there not a leader who can raise Zion from its slumber, and turn if from fear to courage. The courage to make peace, and embrace the Palestinians as neighbors.
politeness rules, but with sharpened edges
04:14 PM on 01/18/2011
"...and embrace the Palestinia­ns as neighbors."

Ah, but will the Palestinians reciprocate? After all these years of bitter conflict, it'd be naive to expect everyone to go, "oh hey, all is forgiven".
04:16 PM on 01/18/2011
Every journey begins.....

There's a cliche for every occassion. :)
06:20 PM on 01/18/2011
Everyone, maybe not. Most, or even almost all Palestinians, probably yes.