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Born in the USA 1947
09:25 AM on 01/19/2011
Yes, this is the kind of constructive dialogue we need to solve our problems. Our problems are global, they are bigger than any one nation, so it only makes sense to team up and work on it together. We will all benefit from it.
I am encouraged to hear words about increasing jobs and trade, however the playing field is not level, and it must be equalized in order to have fair trade.
09:17 AM on 01/19/2011
To include the US' "well-developed financial and legal infrastructure" highlights a key roadblock to competetion with China's "experience and expertise with rapid, large-scale deployment of technologies". A system beholding to wall street and populated with lawyers doesn't promote economic progress like one that gives real emphasis to science and engineering. Technical expertise in our system seems to be held in reserve, only called upon to explain away disasters.
01:13 PM on 01/23/2011
Yes, China can actually get things done when it decides to (and fast!) - we can't even do this, in the rare instances where we decide to.
right to tell what they don't want to hear
09:07 AM on 01/19/2011
I am all for collaboration on technology but there has to be larger framework in which this happens. We have been good at financing innovation but we have no real structures to convert new technologies into well paying American jobs.

American corporations essentially take our technology developed with the public investment and then export our jobs or increasingly don't even create jobs here. I am afraid this collaboration will only accelerate this process. In ten years from now, most of the jobs created by this collaboration will be in China. Now, how much sense does that make?
09:55 AM on 01/19/2011
China is still using Sun Tsu to plan years ahead toward the defeat of the US. They will probably give Obama lip service in regards to clean energy, with no intention of doing what we are. They have a vibrant economy, low regulations, and are using every possible source of energy to fuel their economic boom. Meanwhile, the President is regulating everything, making it impossible to utilize our offshore oil and gas resources, has claimed he wants to pretty much ban the use of coal (America is coal rich), and has made it clear that he thinks America needs to be diminished.

All this plays into the hands of countries like China, who see America as a source of money to build an empire. Either Obama is stupid or he wants America to become a useless player on the world stage.
right to tell what they don't want to hear
10:14 AM on 01/19/2011
Yes, China has a long term strategy and we are guided by quarterly "profits" on Wall Street. There is no question who will ultimately win.

I disagree with you this is an Obama problem. We must stop thinking in terms of personalities and what they are doing or not doing. Instead, think of the power structures which own our presidents. They are the ones making all relevant decisions.

We are not losing because of we are overly regulated. This is just another lie they wish us to believe. I am not saying there aren't any overly onerous regulations one could always point out but that is not the cause of our problems.
02:22 PM on 01/19/2011
How many "Made in China" goods have you purchased in the past decade?

"We have met the enemy and they are us."
01:16 PM on 01/23/2011
Over 200,000 patents are issued every year in the U.S., but less than 1/2 of one percent of these go on to successful commercialization - we should be able to do a lot better than this with government help (and subsidies if necessary). Right now, the only ones getting rich from our patent system are the IP lawyers(who typically make $400/hr). A single patent dispute can now cost over $1M in legal fees (each side).
right to tell what they don't want to hear
02:53 PM on 01/23/2011
The Big Money will never invest sufficiently in our country to make a difference regardless what the government does to make it more attractive to them. They will continue investing in China instead.

The root cause of that is the nature of our money. Our money is created by private banking interests by debt. That is our key problem.
09:02 AM on 01/19/2011
good article
08:21 AM on 01/19/2011
The American political climate where the disease of "American Exceptionalism" shuts our minds to foreign ideas bodes ill for the lofty, well-intentioned notion that "we have much to gain by cooperating with China. Together, we can develop and test new technologies, accelerate their deployment, and bring down their costs. We can boost exports and create new jobs. We can enhance energy security and cut pollution. And we can build a sustainable energy future for the U.S., for China and for the world. ". Our new GOP/TP leadership will use the visit to lecture the Chinese on revaluing their currency, becoming more open, reducing the scope of government in their economy, becoming more tolerant of Western religion, yada, yada, yada. All the things that have made America the model society for others to copy. This poor guy's party with the Chinese delagation is DOA.
09:57 AM on 01/19/2011
China is laughing when people talk like you do. They have no intention of sharing technologies, but do intend to take the best of American Technology. This is the way to accumulate power. The Liberal fuzzy 'We are the World" philosophy is not one China plays by, nor was it one that America used to.
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06:14 AM on 01/19/2011
“work together to accelerate clean energy research and development”.
How exactly do energy corporations that maintain their control of government by covert payments, rationalize those activities? Surely, by delaying advancement of alternative energy streams, they endanger and compromise the security of the nation. Because of what will happen, when the finite resources are inevitably exhausted. Are they perhaps laboring under the spell of a “unitary lifetime” mentality.

“Cooperation with China on clean energy is good for Americans and good for the world”.
Err… Then why not include and involve the rest of the world?

“the energy and climate challenge cannot be solved without the United States and China”
The continuity of the human species cannot be secured, in the absence of cooperation throughout the world.

“Both the United States and China recognize that we can make more progress by working together than by working alone”.
Then by what flaw in the process of extrapolation do we not realize. That we can make even more progress by working together as one world, than as groups that work against each other?
05:57 AM on 01/19/2011
Is this why China is buying up every drop of oil they can lay their hands on around the world? While they are doing this we are stoped drilling in the gulf and east coast. Who do you think will be better off for their actions, China or the USA? It is time for everyone to get real!
09:59 AM on 01/19/2011
Agreed, China is playing us, and Obama is allowing us to be played. While China works mightily to become the most powerful nation on Earth, America is trying to be the economic equivalent to a starving vegetarian.
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05:16 AM on 01/19/2011
Imagine what could happen if the world's two largest economies worked cooperatively instead of trying to compete.
10:01 AM on 01/19/2011
Imagine wolves and deer living in harmony. Imagine criminals throwing down their guns, and helping the poor. Imagine money becoming worthless as we all work in fields to grow potatoes for a collective Utopia....

Imagination is nice, but reality is reality.
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04:51 AM on 01/19/2011
By their work together, do you mean America's rush to sell off our silver supply to China, so they can have clean energy? Because that is what's happening.
04:33 AM on 01/19/2011
So how does this mean jobs RIGHT NOW?
10:02 AM on 01/19/2011
It doesn't. If you have to subsidize every green job because they consume more than they produce, how is this not madness? China is laughing, Obama bowing.
I intend to live forever. So far so good
02:40 AM on 01/19/2011
America NEEDS to embrace clean energy ASAP and even if its only the threat of China leaving us behind that gets America to start getting serious about it, then so be it!
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04:52 AM on 01/19/2011
We can't. Because you need massive amounts of silver for clean energy. And we have already sold ours to the Chinese.
10:03 AM on 01/19/2011
They are buying up Silver and Gold because our Govt is devaluing the dollar and destroying the economy in the process.
02:24 AM on 01/19/2011
01:18 AM on 01/19/2011
Evergreen Solar corporation just offshored their entire operation to China...with US taxpayer financing. We are paying for the research and development to private corporations. But we are getting nothing out of it. As soon as they can they offshore to slave labor China. This isn't free enterprise. This isn't free market capitalism. This is corporation communism on behalf of China.

We are funding private corporations who then offshore the intellectual property to communist China. We are funding research that is then corporations who then sell the technology to other nations.

The US taxpayer is paying for debt and no jobs. We are paying to create a strong China which will dictate our wages to us.

This is very scary folks. We seem obsessed with failure.
An exmilitary, excorporate Aussie
04:44 AM on 01/19/2011
I have to take issue with ""Slave labor China". It's simply not true. The middle class is growing at an incredible rate, the union movement is gaining strength and wages are rising in the cities. (Outside the cities its mostly small holding farming, about two thirds of the population).
Last year there were successful strikes in Guangdong province for improved working conditions.
The domestic car and appliance markets in China is the fastest growing markets in the world.
As long as Americans have these completely false images of the rest of the world then many of you will have a false image of your own country and justification for some crazy domestic policies.
You're on the internet, so use it. Find out what it's really like in other countries.
I was in China last year, and in the Nineties I ran a company in Shanghai. I assure you, the Chinese people do not think of themselves as slaves, Underpaid yes, but we all think that at one time or another.
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05:18 AM on 01/19/2011
Aren't unions outlawed by the communist government?
01:06 AM on 01/19/2011
Just recently Evergreen Solar a US company announced it will be shutting down it's US operations and moving to China. The result is the loss of 800 jobs in Massachusetts. This technology was developed in the US and this company was started with substantial seed money from the DOE. Now we just give it up to the Chinese. These are the kinds of high tech jobs Obama keeps saying he wants for the country. So what is the administration going to do to keep the technologies here after tax payers have foot the bill to start new high tech industries?
04:37 AM on 01/19/2011
I don't know what the administration can do. Maybe offer another grant? Entice them to stay?
10:06 AM on 01/19/2011
And let me guess, we are still subsidizing them with US taxpayer money...

If a business is such a great deal, why do we have to give them our money to be viable?
12:53 AM on 01/19/2011
What a joke, any 'partnership' with China has resulted in bleeding away technology from the USA .. getting China up to speed, investing in China, then eventually China taking over production of an item = jobs for China, none for the USA.

Solar Panels are the latest example. Obama and all the Enviro's talk about "Green Jobs" well the bulk of these "Green Jobs" are already manufacturing jobs in China. Loral Corp helped China launch space rockets, GE is helping China build Jumbo Jets, IBM was bought out by China ... now Lenovo ... all our movies and software are pirated without recourse in China. Chinese students used to flood our Universities, now they've taken our Academic system back to China.

I suppose this Capitalization of China is a better option than risking War. Thus far it's been a one way street where we've invested in, built up, and given free technology to China. Who knows what the future holds, but I'd say we're at a huge disadvantage and its about time our government stood up for American Jobs, Energy and Trade.