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I don't play nice.
07:28 AM on 01/20/2011
Human rights is a costless carrot that Obama is dangling out for progressives while he screws them in REAL economic terms with republican policies.
02:47 AM on 01/21/2011
Right on. Of coure China ses through it and dance along.
made in USA
07:13 AM on 01/20/2011
Ally Meme
07:12 AM on 01/20/2011
Human Rights?

The Nobel peace Prize winning President Obama is sitting on the cases of thousands of detainees in Gitmo and in other secret prisons in Europe, ME and Asia and has tens of thousands of soldiers killing hundreds of thousands in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and is the current President of a nation that wiped out its own native population, enslaved millions of Africans, killed millions in Indochina......

Jeez - what human rights?
07:49 AM on 01/20/2011
During war, human rights go out of the window.
07:12 AM on 01/20/2011
It will prove to have been an expensive waste of time, once gain. China does not give a damn what we think they should do or not do. They are burying us on all fronts.
07:12 AM on 01/20/2011
Why is no one asking how a REPRESSIVE COMMUNIST regime of a country where over 100,000,000 million people live in ABJECT POVERTY is KICKING OUR ASS economically?

Probably because the answer is to PAINFUL. WE ARE LETTING THEM!
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08:23 AM on 01/20/2011
Because for now the cost of labor is less in China and really, the Chinese government are no longer communist, they are instead fascist nationalists.

America will buy lesser priced Chinese goods because so many in the US are taught and inspired to hate their fellow American. Imagine a Limbaugh listener going to the store and having to choose between a US made product made by unionized labor, or a Chinese product made with slave labor conditions so bad that suicide is the leading cause of death. Its a no-brainer for dittoheads, reward Chinese elitsts for making their workers lives a living hell while at the same time making it so all the union people lose their jobs, an El Rushbo definition of win/win.

The other problem is greed and selfishness. Many Americans could care less if their fellow Americans lose their job over 5 cents of savings on a $50 product. The US is a nation divided, and divided we will fall, all according to Murdoch's the Right Wing's plan. Conservatives in the US think that in order to change the US to their liking, they have to destroy the US and start over with a social safety netless society devoid of human rights for the middle class and poor, in exchange for plenty of Orwellian oppression with public funded pampering and entitlement for elitists.
09:04 AM on 01/20/2011
You cold-war freak.
08:25 AM on 01/20/2011
It's very simple really. The people in China work for almost nothing. Eventually the people will revolt, start unions and begin there slow decline as we have.
07:10 AM on 01/20/2011
The US is usually behind the rest of the western world in most things except war, military adventures, and prison building, but one thing that the US is unquestionably at the very tip top of ratings is the total ignorance of China, its people, and the attitude of the Chinese people towards their government.
Politics: whining and compromises
06:49 AM on 01/20/2011
Here's a funny German joke:

The United Nations initiated a poll with the request, "Please tell us your honest opinion about the lack of food in the rest of the world." The poll was a total failure. The Russians did not understand "Please". The Italians did not know the word "honest". The Chinese did not know what an "opinion" was. The Europeans did not know "lack", while the Africans did not know "food". Finally, the Americans didn't know anything about the "rest of the world".
M Jeffrey
06:47 AM on 01/20/2011
There may have been a time when America could press China on Human Rights but with Gitmo, redition, indefinite detention and Iraq just to name a few I imagine the chinese have a good laugh back the hotel.
Now with 20% More Fiber!
06:37 AM on 01/20/2011
The next ten to twenty years may very well decide the fate of the 21st century. Predictably, there will be the hardliners in China and the U.S. who will be content with confrontation and building a new cold war between the two countries. But there will also be the pragmatists in China and the U.S. who will accurately see that nothing good can come from such confrontation, that the best future for both countries is to establish stronger relationships. Granted, the pragmatic approach wont always be easy, but it's far better than the alternative.
an old liberal Democrat, a 'New Deal'-Democrat
06:33 AM on 01/20/2011
Obama's Conspicuous Silence On Guns.
06:29 AM on 01/20/2011
If China is smart they attack us now, we reek of weakness.
06:23 AM on 01/20/2011
NO, Obama clearly did not do anything of the sort
06:20 AM on 01/20/2011
We ask China to improve human rights while ours are dwindling, fascinating. We are the most regulated country in the world, and can now be held in prison without any charges for as long as our government, and judicial system deem necessary. Actually, that is what our government is recommending we do with Assange, even though he has committed no crime, if we get the chance, sort of like Gitmo, and the people sit back, and observe with nothing but a shrug of the shoulders.
06:33 AM on 01/20/2011
I'm sure thousands of imprisoned Chinese dissidents appreciate your unshakeable ethics.
M Jeffrey
06:48 AM on 01/20/2011
As do all the people that have died in Iraq under America's immoral invasion.
07:21 AM on 01/20/2011
I think it's helpful to look at US history in order to understand where China is coming from.
When the US rose to greatness it still had slavery followed by civil war , segregation,and poor civil rights,womans rights weren't present. We should try and treat China fairly and tell them we believe this is better for you, but unless you are Chinese it's not really something you should do very often or with zeal as it's not effective. You live in the US so you are in a far better position to improve and critique the US government and it's policies start with yourself before looking at others.
As someone else wrote, the fact China is bringing food and shelter to it's people is quite an extraordinary feat. Back in the 60's the Chinese were still suffering mass starvation.
There is a middle class developing in China but most of the 1.3 billion people are still impoverished peasants who's priorities are somewhat different to ours.
Maybe it's also worthwhile to look back at the last time the US economy wasn't doing well back in the 80's. Then it was the Japanese that were taking over America.In fact the Chinese have been demonized before in the 19th century when many of them migrated to the US to build it's railroads.Then they were scheming to take over the US with all their laundromats and what not.
06:18 AM on 01/20/2011
does the obama regime really believe its own propaganda? obama spent all his time kowtowing to hu.
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06:16 AM on 01/20/2011
I am no fan of Chinese human rights, however if you consider economics as part of the equation over the last decade or so. The Chinese gov't has moved more people out of poverty while our government has moved more people in to poverty. I believe it is a direct reflection of perspective. There leaders have had the over all benefit of the people in mind, our government has had the over all benefit of corporations in mine. DC foolishly assumes that what is good for corporations is good for the people, nothing has proved further from the truth.
Yet Obama has moved further in that direction, insanity to me.
06:20 AM on 01/20/2011
I wish progressives would use that type of relativism with regards to their own Country. they always seem to be able to rationalize the totalitarian regimes actions while condemning America.