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11:35 PM on 01/30/2011
That's why all these animals are dying!
05:46 PM on 01/30/2011
Twin suns, climate change, bigfoot, 2012. Keep up the science fiction. It's very entertaining.
12:56 PM on 01/28/2011
I would recommend they publish an accurate article. I certainly wouldn't leave this one up.
Occupy Your Brain
11:16 PM on 01/27/2011
gotta love the 'updates' at the end of the article. Basically this might happen tomorrow or in 100,000 years. LOL. Also, there's absolutely nothing positive about an event like that because the gamma rays released would likely wipe out all life on Earth. And gamma rays travel at the speed of light so as soon as you see the second sun in the sky - poof we're dead.
08:18 PM on 01/27/2011
Just to feed the doomsday scenarios: isn't it possible that if this star's core is massive enough, we could get a Gamma Ray Burst when it goes supernova?

The chances of the GRB beaming at Earth would still be small, but I've read a GRB at a distance of 3,000 light years could destroy half of Earth's ozone layer, and Betelgeuse is about 500 light years away.

Do what we know of the core's likely mass discount this possibility? Or am I just wrong a bout the connectivity of GRB's and the collapse of massive stars?
01:01 PM on 01/31/2011
OMG no maybe we need to build shelters now!
06:26 PM on 01/27/2011
awww, i wish there was 2 moons... :(
12:59 AM on 01/27/2011
..This may be the second DOUBLE FANTASY in my lifetime...
06:37 PM on 01/26/2011
Might want to fact check before you put out an idiotic article like this. Absolutely ridiculous.
04:17 AM on 01/26/2011
I wonder what Michael Keaton has to say about this, he probably thinks he's just got a bit of sun burn
Tom Joad
"While there is a lower class, I am in it "
06:51 PM on 01/26/2011
...he says "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"...duh
05:45 AM on 01/27/2011
it's not him wot says that! it's the folk wot want to summon him that say "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!"...duh
07:28 PM on 01/25/2011
Naaaaa i wont be able to......... Party and Party and Party....!!!!!
07:04 PM on 01/25/2011
Read Crossing the cusp Edgar cayces Pole shift by Marshall masters...Stop the disinformation.
06:52 PM on 01/25/2011
This ridiculous post is just a co-morbidity of not having a proper science editor.
I dream of things that never were and ask Why not
07:12 PM on 01/25/2011
Fanned and Faved.
Unfortunately HP doesn't even have a science section.
It is badly needed.
Occupy Your Brain
11:18 PM on 01/27/2011
but they do have a bazillion articles on religion so that makes up for it right? :-)
06:38 PM on 01/25/2011
Here - see this pretty photoshopped picture of 2 suns? Ya, well, it won't look ANYTHING like that at all. It'll look like a STAR (a VERY VERY bright star), not another SUN... Yeesh!

The quality of Science reporting in mass media these days makes me shake my head and cringe.

How about EXPLAINING what a supernovae IS?
How about explaining what the minimum safe distance from a supernovae would be? (50-100 light years)
And... Uh... *ahem* "neutrino showers" do NOT create heavy elements - those are created within supernovae by a process called "Stellar nucleosynthesis."

Your Science editor needs a head-slap.
I dream of things that never were and ask Why not
07:11 PM on 01/25/2011
Excellent points balrogg, Fanned and Faved.
I found this
computer generated image of what Betelgeuse would look like when it goes supernova (and while it is unlikely I will be around when this occurs (or more accurately when the light from this arrives) I would like to see it.
12:45 PM on 01/25/2011
This is pretty awesome.
11:40 AM on 01/25/2011
It seems pretty irresponsible to put "2012" in the headline when the event is more likely then than any of then next million years.