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07:23 PM on 01/25/2011
"I am excited about 2011 because it will be our biggest hiring year in company history. We're looking for top talent across the board and around the globe," blathered one of their senior vice presidents yesterday.

Oh yah, sure you are, Google. Talented people can work ANYWHERE, folks, and many of such are opting NOT to come to Google. Furthermore, Google is really looking for a horde of CHEAP young workers with adequate technical skills - if you're a senior software engineer with high reputation, forget it! But if you are smart fresh grad but still dumb enough to work for less than 50K, you're in!
large employer per obamacare
10:26 PM on 01/25/2011
so a fresh grad shouldnt accept a 50k starting salary?
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12:58 AM on 01/26/2011
I don't know that Google has any technical employees working for less than $50K, or even $60K for that matter. They may be looking for young and malleable, but they're not looking for cheap. I don't know exactly what my Google friends make, but I suspect they're in the vicinity of 85-95K.
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06:36 PM on 01/25/2011
I think its amusing this was posted right above the "Yahoo Announces Layoffs" article.
flexing the "golden pipes" on the day's issues
06:21 PM on 01/25/2011
I just recently retired from the IT industry. Over my 30+ years I must say that I had a lot of fun working. It looks to me that possibly the IT industry isn't as much fun now but more sweat shop like.
07:25 PM on 01/25/2011
That's why this also-30+-years guy avoids IT now like the plague and tries to stay only with software product development ...
Connie Markley Boppre
07:42 PM on 01/25/2011
the IT industry will never be as great as it once the U.S. anyways
05:48 PM on 01/25/2011
A million people looking for a position with the Google company is insane. No wonder they have to ask about things like "icosahedron". Out of curiosity I searched Wikipedia and it says "icosahedron is a regular polyhedron with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices" - whew. They lost me at "polyhedron".
07:24 PM on 01/25/2011
In other words, a 20-sided dice used in playing "Dungeons & Dragons".
Do not block the road of inquiry
10:32 PM on 01/25/2011
Yep. I wonder if the colorings have to be unique up to arbitrary rotations.
Heisendog, a golden lab
11:05 PM on 01/25/2011
Polly Who?
05:30 PM on 01/25/2011
Is it 8000? 20 to the power of 3. Can I have a job at Google?
Do not block the road of inquiry
10:35 PM on 01/25/2011
Uh ... I think that's backwards. Three choices for each face; each face independent of the others; that's 3^20, not 20^3. But that's just a start, I think. You also have to ask whether they want the number of unique colorings -- that is, are they excluding colorings that are identical after a simple rotation of the solid? For example, all faces but one are blue, one face is red. There are 20 ways to do that, but they are all identical (indistinguishable) if we are allowed to rotate the solid.
02:44 AM on 01/26/2011
Who gives a crap?
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12:34 PM on 01/26/2011
Depends on whether they are talking about combinations or permutations.