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-adults don't wear party hats
12:02 PM on 01/15/2008
I wonder if they know how awful this is making them all look?
11:44 AM on 01/15/2008
Is good to see African Americans speaking out clearly.

It WAS stupid, as is Michele Obama's recent political fear speech.
11:23 AM on 01/15/2008
Rangel is typical of the old line black supporters of Clinton. He represents the past and corrupt power politics.
10:55 AM on 01/15/2008
Obama has never gotten off message. The Clintons had a back and forth with only themselves and the media perpetrated a pseudo-war. Obama never joined in but if enough pro-Billary networks and reports say that and imply otherwise, then the masses will fall prey to the lies. It is exactly how Bush convinced the public that SH had WMD. He lied over and over again until the public said it must be true. Clinton and campaign are doing the same thing here---lying over and over again and hoping the public will prove as stupid as always and accept the lies as fact.
10:52 AM on 01/15/2008
I feel sorry for the Clintons. This blantant race baiting by the Clintons themselves as well as their campaign, advisors, and supporters---such as the infamous media whore Bob Johnson---is beyond offensive and pathetic. I hope that the black community brings about a reckoning if she is successful in her electronic vote tampering and injection of racial division to steal the democratic nomination.

I say it here and I will say it everywhere there is a black pair of ears to hear me. If she gets the nomination in such an unscrupulous and Bushian manner, blacks should vote with all the might and power of their constituency for either Huckabee or Bloomberg. If they can't hold their noses long enough to vote republican, then stay at home on election day in November and don't vote for Hillary at all. MLK and supporters eventually took a stand and stopped riding the bus when forced to sit in the back and black people should not stay on the racist, electronic vote tampering Hillary train in the general election. The Clintons are expecting that no matter what racist, divisive tactics they use against Obama, blacks will have no other choice but to vote democrat; however, there is another choice and it is to not vote for Hillary or at all in a general election. Now is the current generation's time to make a stand against this kind of racism and oppression that the Clintons are harkening us back to. Make a stand against supporting her ilk in November if she steals her way to the nomination with the most deplorable racial tactics.
10:43 AM on 01/15/2008
Uhh... I thought Hillary called for a truce also. Or was that just for yesterday?
10:37 AM on 01/15/2008
BLACK AND WHITE....thanks Mr. Rangel for putting this matter in such precise perspective.
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10:03 AM on 01/15/2008
For those who haven't kept up, Charlie Rangel supported the Bush war ala Hillary.
09:50 AM on 01/15/2008
ward healer pol.....gone to seed.
the check was cashed before the event.
09:42 AM on 01/15/2008

Neither Obama nor Clnton said anything racist.

Some people here are being stupid.

Let's move on
09:34 AM on 01/15/2008
What's stupid about this comment Chuck?

"Senator Clinton made an unfortunate remark, an ill-advised remark, about King and Lyndon Johnson. I didn’t make the statement. I haven’t remarked on it and she, I think, offended some folks who felt that somehow diminished King’s role in bringing about the Civil Rights Act. She is free to explain that, but the notion that somehow this is our doing is ludicrous. I have to point out that instead of telling the American people about her positive vision for America, Senator Clinton spent an hour talking about me and my record in a way that was flat out wrong."
09:31 AM on 01/15/2008
Right and this is the establishment that is talking. Remember how this is a vote for change. Rangle you are done.
Author of Getting Back in the Game!
09:30 AM on 01/15/2008
No. You're the stupid one for misquoting Barack. Another blatant case of using surrogates--especially a black one to remove any perception of racism--to attack the opposition.
09:18 AM on 01/15/2008
Obama made a BIG miscalculation.
09:18 AM on 01/15/2008
The one who is 'stupid' is Rangel. For one, what grown man - in the political public eye - calls another human being stupid? stupid...and ignorant! Secondly, we all are fully aware MLK could not sign the Civil Rights Act. What we do know, it took the work of MLK, which included gassing, beatings, verbal abuse, etc., to make it happen. The stroke of LBJ's pen was very important, but without MLK and the movement, where would we be?