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11:23 PM on 01/31/2011
Everyone knows that when you 'reflect' nature's energy, whether it's the sun or the wind, you lose intensity, or flux-density.

No matter how slick you make those ball-bearings in those wind turbines, the amount of energy you reflect is the amount of wind blowing at the time.

Therefore, it's imperative that nuclear power be used to replace fossil fuels. PERIOD.

The human creativity and scientific/technological abilities made nuclear fission possible and China is developing fusion technology to make it possible for extinguishing toxic waste.

Instead of giving Native Americans the backwards-end of the stick, like always, with casinos etc., let's finally give Indian reservations the latest and the greatest in technology to develop manufacturing.
07:24 AM on 02/02/2011
Uranium is also mined on the reservations, and there are many Indians who have suffered adverse health impacts from that. Part of that is due to lack of precautions in older mines and reactors, of course.
Could you work if farmers didn't
10:44 PM on 01/31/2011
Pleasees "Republicans hate federal bureaucracy and love entrepreneurship" - Republicans love their big oil overloards more than they had "bureaucracy" if this was proposed tomorrow they would block it.
Can you hear me now!
08:33 PM on 01/31/2011
Sadly, not much chance of the GOP working with President Obama on anything...unless of course it's their idea.
Love, Tolerance, Enlightenment
08:56 PM on 01/31/2011
yup. Hard to believe people pretend otherwise....
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09:57 PM on 01/31/2011
Working WITH the President?? HUH?? It is him and his party whom have erected most of the regulatory and licensing hurdles that stymie Tribal ambitions in the first place.
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the love of possessions is a disease in them. Thes
11:18 PM on 01/31/2011
02:34 PM on 02/02/2011
You are apparently misinformed. This president has done more work on improving BIA and reservation regulations than any. The last President who treated First Americans with respect was Clinton, who signed the bill giving us religious freedom. There is a reason that most First Americans who vote are Democrats. I think you are blowing some hot air with no basis.
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08:04 PM on 01/31/2011
Native tribes want to use their lands for green energy? They actually want to use entrepreneurial means to help reduce poverty on their lands? How dare they! That would mean the oil industry would actually have competition! That would cut into their profits and force them to lay off workers!

Repeal the Job-Killing Native American Clean Energy Act!
01:23 PM on 02/01/2011
haha F&F :)
Ignorance is no excuse for the law.
07:00 PM on 01/31/2011
Here's a prime example to support Van Jones' points. I worked for a tribe in NM for 6 years and we spent 4 years trying to get a 3.5 MW solar project built. Starting with a $50K grant from the state, we hired a consultant, crunched the numbers using RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) and other government subsidies, worked with two banks, the BIA, the local electric coop, wrote more grants, got the run around, and after 4 solid years of effort, the coop said, "Your power would be too expensive so we can't buy it." That was true but it is also true that NO large utilities or small coops are interested in renewable energy in Indian Country (or anywhere else) because the economics don't work out, even with state and federal subsidies. Period. And numerous studies have shown that up to 20% of the renewable energy resources (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal) are on Indian land. The federal government should 1) streamline the normal permitting process for energy projects and 2) offer stronger tax credits and other subsidies for renewable energy projects.
Could you work if farmers didn't
10:47 PM on 01/31/2011
After several years in NM I still hadn't figured out - how are native lands sovereign? They appear to be free to take money from gambling but in no other way are they - their own country - oh except the non-US type crime and poverty.
Dem belly full but we hungry
02:27 PM on 02/01/2011
Good example, but I'm not sure this wouldn't have happened if the permitting process were streamlined. You could have gotten an answer before 4 years, but you still could have gotten that answer.
04:34 PM on 01/31/2011
Everyone should read Dr Noor van Andel's presentation on why he believes the oscillations of the oceans, clouds and cosmic rays are driving our climate - NOT CO2.

We need to abandon the silly idea that a minor greenhouse gas taking a WHOPPING .000385 of our atmosphere is responsible for droughts, floods, heat waves, snow storms, polar bear extinction, coral death, retreating glaciers, malaria, Egyptian riots, flat feet and warts - the sooner we can move forward with things that actually matter such as actually protecting forests and wildlife from urban sprawl or insuring that our clean water stays that way.

Dr. van Andel is saying basically what I've been screaming for years - IT'S THE WATER YOU IDIOTS! 70 percent of our planet is covered with water and 60 percent of our sky is covered over by water, (clouds). Water is what drives our climate. Variation of those is what affects our climate - deep ocean currents, (PDO, etc.), convective transport of latent heat (tropical thunderstorms), cloud formation, (sulfur, cosmic rays etc.) - all correlating well to climate change while CO2 shows hardly any correlation all.

The climate is what it is and the preponderance of evidence is that we aren't doing anything to it in any measurable way so why can we not at least agree that we need to be prepared for what it can do to us?
05:31 PM on 01/31/2011
Actually the preponderance of evidence is pointing more and more to manmade CO2.
He that knows & knows he knows is wise.
06:05 PM on 01/31/2011
WATER, WATER,WATER! We are (our bodies) are 70% water. Now do you think it matters? You are what you drink! (something John Boehner might consider). But when you start thinking about birth control pills, anti-depressant, anti-hypertensive, nauseum-laced urine recycled unfiltered in city water treatment plants....UGHHHHHHH! And then I shudder when I consider the harm done to our earth's oceans from the Gulf oil spill last year. Everyone should read a copy of "Hidden Messages In Water".

CO2 may be a factor, but water, I think could be our undoing.
Lance Manling
04:08 PM on 01/31/2011
Doesn't Van Jones look like Charlie Murphy?
Through the Cracks Journalism
03:59 PM on 01/31/2011
Here again we see a deliberate effort to prevent Native Americans from being successful and enterprising in their use of their land. A few years ago tribes were denied the right to grow and sell male hemp products. As a results some turned to producing much more dangerous and additive methadone drugs. Now the are once again held up in an attempt to go legal and go green and help us solve a huge energy problem. What is wrong with this picture?
03:33 PM on 01/31/2011
Can HP do an article on CFL bulbs- the HAZMAT procedure needed if they break-
and what it does (mercury in the bulbs) and will do to our soil/water when they go in the landfills?
No one I know knows how to dispose of them and the energy saving bulbs will cost us more
in lives and healthcare when the mercury seep into our soil/water.
I am serious. Who is the one with the Harvard degree that thought we need to ban regular nonmecury bulbs soon-so we will be shipping mercury bulbs here (from China), boosting their economy), At least they tell you that.
03:57 PM on 01/31/2011
I hear you.

I couldn't believe when I read the ten steps for cleaning up a broken bulb.

Why they were ever approved is beyond me.
It's my country too--you can't take it back
03:58 PM on 01/31/2011
The "Hazmat procedure" for a broken bulb is an urban legend debunked by SNOPES some time ago. Here is an EPA site with instructions on how to deal with a broken CFL bulb:

You can recycle your bulbs at Lowes, Home Depot and Ace Hardware if your local county doesn't have a recycling program. I have personally been using these bulbs for over 15 years and haven't broken one yet. They last a long time, use lots less energy and don't produce the heat like with the old type bulbs.

You should look around your home and garage and realize that there are LOTS of toxic and dangerous substances that you use every day....and the next time you go to any store in the USA try to buy something made here...light bulbs aren't the only culprits!
04:45 PM on 01/31/2011
Try buying a cfl light bulb made in America? good-luck on that one.
06:28 PM on 01/31/2011
I have tried using CFLs in the flood light on my porch (75-100 watt rated). It works on a motion sensor. The CFls have a very short life, they are slow to light up, and they provide poor illumination..
03:07 PM on 01/31/2011
Still stunned by the lack of civility in comments. Can anyone just say something politely and clearly?
03:00 PM on 01/31/2011
Thank you Van! Unfortunately our government wants Native American tribes to be dependent and weak. After all they are the only ones who are no immigrants! The government won't let the Native Americans do anything that will make them independent. Look at what they did when they grew Hemp as a crop for making products for the market out of it. The bad Karma of what the people in our country will come back to haunt us.
02:56 PM on 01/31/2011
Native lands are some of the only land not destroyed out west by mining, fracking and development. Although wind is "green" the infrastructure requires habitat destruction. Why do this on the only pristine land left in our country?

Come up a solution to put windmills on top of buildings where the land is already destroyed by development! Same goes for wind mills in the ocean, that will destroy the ocean landscape. Don't make green choices which promote habitat destruction of any kind.
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02:28 PM on 01/31/2011
Allowing Big Energy to colonize reservations just adds insult to injury. These projects will destroy all the cultural values of these lands, will permanently destroy any pristine ecosystems existing out there, and will not provide any reasonable economic development to tribes because of their inherent inefficiencies and high costs.

If we cared about tribes, we would empower them to empower themselves through non-destructive power projects like rooftop solar compensated with a generous feed in tariff. Not only will that create 3 times as many LOCAL jobs as Big Wind, and improve their property values but it won't destroy their ecosystems and viewsheds. Shady carports covered in PV could be constructed over some of the less-sturdy structures (trailers, etc.) and the income stream from the PV fed into the grid could be used for weatherization improvements, solar hot water and other money-and-planet-savers.

it is tempting to keep the centralized Big Energy and the consumptive colonization mindset rolling through yet another century, but it is just as short-sighted as it has always been, and we have a chance to make REAL changes now, to the entire grid, not just substitute BP Wind for BP Oil and kill off a plains ecosystem instead of a gulf ecosystem.
Love, Tolerance, Enlightenment
09:00 PM on 01/31/2011
Thanks as usual, Sheila. I think our argument for appropriate solar and wind is too subtle for most folks.
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01:44 AM on 02/01/2011
thanks for the kind words. i've already fanned ya, but appreciate your dogged insistence on the high ground!
Ars longa, vita brevis
02:28 PM on 01/31/2011
I say why not? The USA peaked in oil production back in the 60s-70s. We import roughly 60% of our oil, a nonrenewable finite source of energy. What are we wanting for? Let's get moving.

Breakthrough In Small Wind Technology

Wind Turbine Output Boosted 30% by Breakthrough Design
02:25 PM on 01/31/2011
"Obama and GOP Should Cut Red Tape Blocking Tribe's Green Energy"

So in other words:

- Overall you want more Government
- You want Government to fund all of these green projects

But you want Government out of the way . . .
Ph.D., Immunology; Solar power @ home; Green Party
04:11 PM on 01/31/2011
Sigh. Even when a liberal agrees with a fundamentally conservative idea -- the conservative would rather pick a fight than acknowledge the point of agreement.