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06:38 AM on 01/17/2008
First of all. There aren't very many other examples that Obama could have given. But if you look at the times, the peoples longing for CHANGE, and how they have responded to Obama, its not hard to make the leap. He wasn't speaking about ideology. He mixed in many other factors that showed similarities. But I'm sure many of you know that.
06:27 AM on 01/17/2008
Who of you really think that Obama was aligning himself with Reagan on policy and ideology? If you really think that, your comprehension is so bad, it reminds me of my 2 year old. Or, you are just so much of an Obama hater, you are made blind by the hate. Its sad really. You are the very person you claim him to be. Or worst.
05:44 AM on 01/17/2008
People have their own recollection of Reagan dependent on their situation. If you were white and wealthy, you probably have good memories. If you wanted social programs cut, you have found memories. If you were (or still are) a racist, he was a good man. Conversely, if you were poor, you felt neglected. If you were a person of color, you were angry or in jail (or probably still in jail). If you, or a love one, had AIDS, you are probably dead.

I was a teenager at the time, and I remember how things were. Reagan would not invest in AIDS research; he believed it was a disease that affected gays and the poor only. When told about the millions of children in America that went to bed hungry, he joked that they were on a diet. When told that school lunches needed to be more nutritional, he said ketchup was a vegetable: he wanted to serve them ketchup, because he did not want to spend good money on poor children. He viewed public school as a social program adding to big government. He made up the story about the "Welfare Queen." nearly 30 years later, not one reporter has been able to validate this story. But white America did not need facts: Ronnie told them, so it must be true. He also gave us trickle down economics. How is that working out? Give more to the wealthy, and you will benefit by getting the crumbs. The result, the middle class pays more in taxes than the wealthy or corporations do.

I am not shocked that Obama would look up to Reagan; his mentor is Joe Lieberman. But Obama supporters have to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. What Obama calls progressive is actually a return to Reaganism.
04:04 AM on 01/17/2008
You mean Obama did NOT tell the truth to the American public regarding John Edwards' question on special interest lobbyists ???

From :

"...Edwards called out Obama about contributions he received from drug and insurance companies, asking: “Do you think these people expect something for this money? Why do they give it?”

...Barack Obama boasted at Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate that, thanks to his work in the Senate, the public can find out which special interest lobbyists are raising money for candidates.

In fact, the public cannot — also as a result of Obama's [OWN] work in the Senate.

He led a partisan confirmation battle that crippled the agency charged with implementing the new law requiring candidates to disclose lobbyists who collect big checks for candidates — a process known as “bundling.”"

*** Anybody know what a seven letter word for 'empty suit' is? ***

Source: Politico (Obama blocked own 'top Senate achievement', Kenneth P. Vogel, Jan 16, 2008)
03:38 AM on 01/17/2008
This is for all of you who are bashing Obama. Maybe you should spend less time reading the Huffington Post and more time reading political history. He obviously is not saying he emmulates or aspires to be like Reagan. He is saying that this election is similar to '60 and '80. Every few decades there is a
techtonic shift in the electorate. Kennedy began to awaken the need for social equality and the beginning of a new era in America. Reagan tapped into the frustrations of Americans who thought the country was going in the wrong direction and was elected during a realignment of the electrate. They were both change elections. Obama says the political climate is the same in '08. To say Obama means otherwise is both historically and politically ignorant.
03:33 AM on 01/17/2008
Love the photo! I wondered how long it would take for The Huffington Post to put a halo around St. Obama's head.
03:14 AM on 01/17/2008
Yes, yes, I understand that he's not comparing himself to Reagan ideologically; he's merely suggesting that Reagan was able to build a working majority and take the country in a different direction.

BUT, Reagan's working majority was forged based on the demonization of Others - blacks, welfare recipients, to name a few. And that is why I resent that Obama used Reagan in this example.

Also, if you read the last part of his statement, it almost sounds like something any Republican candidate would say. In fact, Mitt Romney could probably say these remarks and one wouldn't bat an eye.

To me, this reveals another dangerous Obama trend: his tendency to attack Dems from the right.

And, finally, it may just be that's he already started to look towards the general election.
03:07 AM on 01/17/2008
Sound like this post is implying Obama has multiple personalities not to mention delusions of grandeur.

Which one of his personalities is running for President? The Ronald Reagon personality or the JFK personality?

Seems if Obama runs on someone else's records and persona he doesn't have to run on his own record and his own personality - both of which are undeveloped.
02:54 AM on 01/17/2008
are you kidding me< he aligns himself with a closet racist? one that deliberately marginalized blacks whenever could, he compares his abilities with the single worst prevaricator OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, THE TEFLON DON?.

The Iran Contra puppet of George Bush SR?

and just who is gonna be Obamas Marylin Monroe? Britney Spears,

Thanks MOFO been there and did this act when I was a youngster.

I recall people being put out in the streets from Reygun Ronnies excesses, Mental Health Became a whipping post for these bastards, thats why there are so many of them destitute and on the street with no help, yeah Oblapa you emulate the fu----- morons policies however you want, just not in the Oval office.

Anyone defending this quacker of a democrat remove your names from the list of eligible democrats. BECAUSE YOU SURE IN THE F--- AIN'T ONE.
02:39 AM on 01/17/2008
Glad to hear this jerk wants to be more like
Reagan, he was a terrible President and all he did was unite whites against blacks. Helped the corporations become more anti-union by firing the Air controllers when they went on strike. Just think some Unions actually gave Obama an endorsement, he is anti-union, wanting to be like Reagan is proof. Reagan was
a conservative and against affirmative action or anything that had to do with helping poor people. That is why the dumb republican candidates are always praising him. Reagan once said he wanted to take the country back the fifties. No civil rights laws and things were great for European Americans. Obama better think again, I've said he wasn't bright, Harvard degree or not, he has no common sense.

As for JFK, just forget it, he'll never be a JFK, he wishes. Why doesn't Obama compare himself to himself, he got in enough hot water
comparing himself MLK. Obama and staff are trouble makers.
01:28 AM on 01/17/2008
Did anyone actually watch this video????He didnt compare himself to anyone, he stated what he wanted to do which was similar to Reagan and Kennedy terms of moving the country foward...A working majority sounds good to me...Title is misleading
01:09 AM on 01/17/2008
So, Obama thinks his campaign is transitional, like Ronald Reagan's, bringing Americans together.

With all the recent hullbaloo about race, why does Obama admire Reagan who opposed creating a national holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Well, Obama does have great communication skills as did Reagan, and is likewise growing adept at seducing voters with empty promises. Perhaps the bond he feels with the Great Prevaricator is understandable.
01:01 AM on 01/17/2008
Obama compares himself to Reagan and thinks Reagan was a better president than Clinton? God help us.
give peas a chance
12:49 AM on 01/17/2008
I think you meant to type "where" not "were" in the last sentence of the second Obama quote:

".... I think we are in one of those fundamentally different times right now w[h]ere people think that things, the way they are going, just aren't working."

And as long as I'm here... boy is Obama right about the comparison to Reagan. I remember the way the country felt when Carter just kept bungling one thing after another. It was embarrassing. I didn't vote for Reagan, but I knew plenty of Democrats who did.

America is starved for air after nearly a quarter century of the same faces and the same stagnant policies. It feels like we've all been held under the water and finally we've gotten free just long enough to the see the surface. Can we finally break with the paralysis of partisan politics and breath again? Yes, we can. (Si, se puede,) Yes WE can.

Bill and Hillary Clinton aren't offering us anything new. Just the same old partisan politics and centrist policy. The only thing different this time around is the smell of mothballs.

Obama in '08
A radical leftist with a JS Woodsworth avatar.
12:15 AM on 01/17/2008
"Obama compares himself to Reagan."

He really is an Oreo, isn't he?