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What was wrong with federalism?
12:54 PM on 02/11/2011
Um, is anybody going to mention that there's a huge body of economic research that contends that increasing the minimum wage actually hurts these people?

One of the reasons more restaurant jobs were created was because of the reasonably low cost of labor. Would the country (and those workers) be better off if, instead of creating 68,000 jobs paying $20k/yr, it had created 20,000 jobs paying $25k/yr? How would that help those who are now on unemployment instead of working?

Also, note that many waiters are students or young. Just because you start out working as a waiter or waitress doesn't doom you to a lifetime of fiscal decrepitude. Many go on to be quite financial successful, and even those who do not go to college can be promoted to management. Very, very few people are waiters for decades. You shouldn't twist the law to help those people at the expense of everyone else (temporary waiters/waitresses and their customers).