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12:18 PM on 02/22/2011
What I want to know; if my device has Amazon Unbox, will it also have the Amazon Instant. I would think about it if my TiVo which has Unbox would also work with this.
12:08 PM on 02/22/2011
Everything in that list of examples is also available on Netflix streaming. I would be tempted if I thought I'd get access to new things. Amazon's "unbox" service where you "buy" movies really bums me out, because you can ONLY watch movies you've theoretically taken ownership of on their system (i.e. not iTunes or any other file format). So, I'm a little sour on them already. Netflix/AppleTV FTW.

That, plus the fact that the library will let you borrow any book under the sun for FREE make this a bit of a yawn.
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11:14 AM on 02/22/2011
I have been a prime member for a long time, plus both my TV are hooked to computers and the internet, so this is a great step. Thanks Amazon.

Yes, I do assume most of the movies will be older.
11:03 AM on 02/22/2011
That's a genius membership strategy. I already am a member of Amazon Prime and probably wouldn't renew because despite how cool unlimited two-day shipping is, I didn't use it enough to probably equal $79. But this sweetens the pot.