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03:00 PM on 02/26/2011
Delancey in Seattle should have been on here! Far better than Pizzeria Delfina!
11:55 AM on 02/26/2011
Who's been to Home Run Inn. Chicago's best.
The only cure is more cowbell!
01:00 AM on 02/27/2011
Faved. Home Run Inn is the Best!
11:38 AM on 02/26/2011
call me crazy, but i don't want my pizza burnt to black
Eric Mann
Do you want to be on the opposite side of Progress
11:15 AM on 02/26/2011
No Topmatos Apizza in Detroit?!? What, do you think we ALL like that "raft with cheese" thing they call pizza at Buddy's?
06:58 AM on 02/26/2011
And no Pi in St. Louis? Certainly a pizza so demanded by the President himself should be one of the best in the country?
03:29 AM on 02/26/2011
Would like to put in a vote for The Mooses' Tooth in Anchorage, Alaska, best pizza in the Last Frontier.
01:11 AM on 02/26/2011
The Cheeseboard in Berkeley! Pizzazza in Bellingham, WA (in the corner of a gas station!!).
10:01 PM on 02/25/2011
What about Domino's with their brand new recipe?

But, seriously, Zachary's in Oakland, California is by far the best pizza I've ever had. I'm shocked it's not here.
Mom, Wife, Art Historian, Kabbalist, Writer
04:31 PM on 02/26/2011
Zachary's is ok. I liked the pizza there, but certainly not the best!
08:15 PM on 02/25/2011
2Amys Neapolitan Pizzeria in Washington, DC is amazing. We were fortunate enough to live a block away for a number of years and ate there almost every week or so. Always worth the wait to get a table, and we sometimes planned our Saturdays around going there at off-hours when it was quieter.
Mom, Wife, Art Historian, Kabbalist, Writer
04:32 PM on 02/26/2011
I agree 100%. My hubby and I used to live in DC and lived in Cleveland Park. What a treasured DC staple! Yummy! Also loved their fizzy red wine that they served! Now that we are in NYC, we can't find that wine anywhere here...have to make a special trip down to pick up a bottle in van Ness!
04:19 PM on 02/28/2011
Ah yes... the fizzy wine! There are so many things we liked about that place. It would be worth a special trip just for the pizza, but there are so many other good things on the menu and at the bar... including the excellent wine and beer selection. Someday when we return to DC (we live on the West Coast now), several meals at 2Amy's will be at the top of our list.
The Mad Monk
08:08 PM on 02/25/2011
sorry, i can't agree with any list that leaves Gino's East off of it.
11:53 AM on 02/26/2011
Enough said. Wish I had one now.
The Mad Monk
06:23 PM on 02/27/2011
i live 9ish hours from chi, so occasionally i get one shipped to me.
07:07 PM on 02/25/2011
I'm sorry. Buddy's may have a storied history but today it's a chain that churns out greasy, non-descript slabs. There are much better pizzas to be found in the Detroit area (eg Crust).
07:07 PM on 02/25/2011
ya know...there are quite a few good pizza place in ....OMG...Atlanta. I know the south is NOT the IQ belt, trust me, I travel it. But there are quite a few fresh ingredient serious pizza places. Vinnie Van Go Go's in Savannah is quite good.
06:42 PM on 02/25/2011
ok i get it. there's no good pizza in Texas.
Alice Radley
Post hoc ergo propter hoc
08:29 PM on 02/26/2011
No. Firesides Pies is a great pizza place. They're in an around Dallas.
06:14 PM on 02/25/2011
Sounds good
05:49 PM on 02/25/2011
De Luca's in San on a crust.

Sadly, I can't stand Chicago style pizza -- it's just too much crust and cheese to swallow. I've had much better on both coasts, and especially love classic NY style. Less likely to make you obese, too.