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03:29 PM on 02/23/2011
New grads - get ready to start saving millions of bucks as a walmart greeter! Good for you, congrats on all that debt to get an "education" that will really put you up there in income, eh?
Living in a 'Pro-ignorant culture'
03:09 PM on 02/23/2011
10-year high? What a warm and fuzzy feeling. What about the prior 10 yeays of my 401k? It's a shell game with no oversight....
Conservative, NRA and Proud of It
03:42 PM on 02/23/2011
Perhaps if you had educated yourself more you would have kept more instead of just letting it go down. It's your own fault!
cassie reinara
02:33 PM on 02/23/2011
Too bad it's all based on another driven by helium based on rampant commodity speculation and the FED printing money 24x7. Retirement savers are being set up for another precipitous fall and the refrain from Wall Street will be as predicted "No one could have predicted this would happen!!! Don't look at us, we didn't do it!!!"
04:23 PM on 02/23/2011
Speculation bubbles are so pretty that Congress in the last two years has made us another one. Ooh see the pretty colors, everything is fixed now, stand by for the recovery, of course we have to strip the People of every benefit of government, but the rich must be preserved.
Go and dare before you die
09:40 AM on 02/24/2011
...yeah, it's amazing to see the stock market revived and heading back up, while middle-class American workers are queuing up to be stripped of their security.
02:29 PM on 02/23/2011
As a distant observer, I'm curious to know if people in the U.S. fully understand the massive fraud and corrupt collaborat­ion between U.S. politician­s and Wall St. that has wreaked havoc upon the world?

It is simply astounding and beyond belief! Many innocent people who understand little about the complexity of the world monetary system which is controlled by the U.S., Fed, and its Wall St. cronies, tragically end up suffering the most.

Those who fully understand this complexity also benefit the most. Neverthele­ss, the global money system is manipulate­d by a few at the expense of the many. And yet, while brave Egyptians and Tunisians desperatel­y try to restore some sanity to political and economic life in their countries, the U.S. continues to export inflation throughout the world by its monetary policy of QE2. This form of financial socialism only benefits the rich and powerful, while war and domestic upheaval only distracts people from economic problems!

After the collapse of the financial markets, the taxpayers were left to pick up the losses. The Federal Reserve bank and U.S. government spent unprecedented amounts of taxpayer money to bail out Wall St. bankers who were motivated by greed to rape and pillage the global financial system by becoming over leveraged and taking astonishing risks!

The con game by the U.S. and Wall Street is over, and perhaps Europe, China, and the U.S. can learn something from these brave Egyptians and Tunisians!
03:23 PM on 02/23/2011
I know you mean well but you've got to be kidding. "Those who fully understand this complexity also benifit the most." Actually you can be like me and many others here and fully understand the complexity of the fraud and decit and not be able to do anything to benefit from it. Those in power benefit. Even the simpleton's among them.
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05:41 PM on 02/23/2011
over? What am missing?
It looks, as if it is in full splendor to me...this administration has done all it can to continue the plundering.