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01:43 PM on 03/07/2011
Karzai: You know I have to publicly condemn this act, but, do keep bankrolling our mujahadeen because I want to transfer my commission to a Swiss account. O yeah! Thank you, US taxpayers!
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Beliefs are the seeds of evil.
12:37 PM on 03/07/2011
Since life in your country is apparently worth about .45 we'll take $4.05 off your bill. Please send the remaining $383,878,796,542.00 to us immediately. Actually that number goes up with every breath. And it seems most of it's going into your pockets.

Anyone want to gasp at the numbers and get dizzy watching them spin? Forget union busting, want to fix our budget? Let's start here. Stop the GD wars immediately and bring our boys home.
01:46 PM on 03/07/2011
Who's bill? Are you suggesting that somehow Afganastan owes us for destroying their country?

That would be like China invading our country, as a result of a few canadian spent a few months training in montana to become terrorists and bomb china, propping up a president that supports china's interests, then turning around and trying to charge us for it.

Completely irrational.
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Beliefs are the seeds of evil.
01:57 PM on 03/07/2011
1 - we can't destroy something that was already destroyed when we arrived
2- in case you had your head in nasty smelly places while the rest of us watched the bush administration destroy our own country, we went in there first to fight OBL and after screwing that up KARZAI ASKED US TO STAY SO WE COULD HELP HIM CLEAN UP HIS COUNTRY AND PUMP BILLIONS INTO HIS BANK ACCOUNT.
3 - that bill

the war is irrational as are its many defenders
sorry you missed the clear and simple point in order to get your snark on
02:23 PM on 03/07/2011
People say it's the US government that is bad.

You are living proof that the American people are dirt.
02:53 PM on 03/07/2011
Do you think we care about your opinion?
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Beliefs are the seeds of evil.
03:13 PM on 03/07/2011
nope, won't do that because we're not the bad guys
you are living proof that we're the good guys
12:15 PM on 03/07/2011
Good Lordy, the US military is now in the business of killing little kids fetching for firewood in the wilderness and pregnant women attending bazaars and wedding ceremonies?

Sounds like Nam, stinks like Nam, it definitely is another Nam.
02:24 PM on 03/07/2011
and yet you the American people will allow another Nam to happen. Libya.
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Beliefs are the seeds of evil.
03:15 PM on 03/07/2011
let? you are ignorant
scat, shoo
go away
11:54 AM on 03/07/2011
We need to admit that Afghanistan is a terminal situation that we are never going to improve. How many years does it take for reality to set in? We should pack it up and leave asap. How long after we leave before Karzai is assassinated? I give him less than 30 days.
11:50 AM on 03/07/2011
Which is it?

This article says that Karzai has rejected a US apology for the killing of the nine Afghan boys.

Another article in HuffPost today (Gates: U.S. Afghanistan Involvement Should Continue) says:
"Gates also apologized for the accidental deaths of Afghan children in an air strike last week, and Karzai accepted the apology."

Accepted or rejected: which is it?
05:08 PM on 03/08/2011
The AI is a little funny here...
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11:41 AM on 03/07/2011
My question is: "Who done it?"

All the articles I've seen use the "NATO" or "ISAF" in reference to the air attack. Why not "USAF" or "US Army" or "RAF" or whatever? Is this the US covering its own hindquarters by hiding behind the coalition? Or is the US covering for an ally's mistake/incompetence? Or does Gen. Petreus really have no idea whodunnit?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just want to know: what gives?
11:54 AM on 03/07/2011
Someone, in a funny hat wants a handout
Someone, in a funny hat wants a handout.
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12:07 PM on 03/07/2011
I am shocked - shocked - that you would have the temerity to level such baseless and slanderizing allegations of venality on the head of Afghanistan's foremost public servant.

P.S. Do not look behind the curtain.
02:34 PM on 03/07/2011
You are why I hate Americans.
mike morales
11:41 AM on 03/07/2011
Sad for the families of the boys. Sad for the pilots that have to live with this tragedy.
11:34 AM on 03/07/2011
who cares...
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12:12 PM on 03/07/2011
we care if you don`t care why are you commenting?
02:35 PM on 03/07/2011
You are why I believe Americans are lower then the low.
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Beliefs are the seeds of evil.
03:20 PM on 03/07/2011
we hate you too and yet we still have to feed you and send your government money because you can't survive on your own
UGH!....people taste like crap!
11:20 AM on 03/07/2011
Karzai Rejects U.S. Apology For Killing Of Nine Afghan Boys.....

This is Afghan code for send more money.
11:13 AM on 03/07/2011
The Lt. Is just doing what he is told. Obama broke his promis to pull out, he should apologize.
End All Empire
11:00 AM on 03/07/2011
Since Karzai has been taking a stand against this US occupation its atrocities, they have been systematically delegitimizing him. We saw this with Wikileaks releases that wanted to attack his psychological state. So, the puppet is not allowign the puppet master total control.

When will our Empire stop its WAR CRIMES? When it stops being an empire. We are a sick nation to allow our gov't to do all that it has done.
10:56 AM on 03/07/2011
ok, so let's leave Afghanistan 100% and see how long it takes him to accept our apology which we shouldn't be giving anyway!
11:14 AM on 03/07/2011
You are RIGHT! We shouldn't apologize for killing young boys who were barely even born on 9/11. They should apologize to us for getting in the way of our bombs.
11:56 AM on 03/07/2011
And that is the attitude of far too many Americans. And that is why so many people in this part of the world hate us
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Look to my left & to my right, I'm in the Center!
11:30 AM on 03/07/2011
American arrogance and ignorance at it very best, never apologize for anything. Let's all sing, "Proud to be an American...."
Some days I'm crazier than others.
10:52 AM on 03/07/2011
If only he rejected US money, US troops and corruption in government!

Actually, I kind of agree with him.  We're paying good money for contractors in Afghanistan.  Why aren't they better at killing the right targets?
Sharmine Narwani
11:28 AM on 03/07/2011
Because they can't find them. Because they have no idea who they are really fighting - or why. Because they are testosterone-fueled apes who don't speak the local language, know nothing about the culture and respect nothing but the gun.

Contractors? Is that the new polite word for hired guns and mercenaries?
02:38 PM on 03/07/2011
Americans disgust me.
yes i said yes i will yes
10:50 AM on 03/07/2011
what a bunch of grandstanding from such a corrupt bunch of hosers. afghans have no respect for karzai because he is stealing the money that is meant for afghanistans reconstruction. he should be the one apologizing.
10:38 AM on 03/07/2011
What about his theft of US tax payers money! This is OK so our citizens can die from a lack of healthcare because it is unaffordable !!!!!! What a joke on us! Just another reason to be against the mismanaged war in Afghanistan!