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09:37 PM on 03/11/2011
How does Charlie Rangel have any credibility left on financial matters? He failed to report as gross income over $75,000 in rent on a vacation home. He accepted the conversion of a $52,000 mortgage to an interest-free loan, which is an illegal gift to a Congressman and is also gross income he did not report. He used a rent-controlled apartment in Harlem as an office, in violation of local law. He claimed both his NYC apartment and his home in DC as his principal residence (you can only have one) to avoid property taxes.

And he talks about "getting our fiscal house in order." Unbelievable chutzpah!
10:47 AM on 03/12/2011
Peanuts compared to the shenanigans of the Koch Bros. Talk about chutzpah!
hell in a bucket
unable to dance I will crawl
12:24 PM on 03/12/2011
This fixation with the Koch brothers is becoming exhausting. Having said that, if they are guilty of tax evasion then they are just as despicable as Rangel. No more, no less.

Most of us who are in favor of spending cuts hold this opinion because we don't want to be taxed into poverty. We don't want to become wards of the state.
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05:16 PM on 03/12/2011
Clarence Thomas failed to report 680,000$ , yes thats 680,000$ of his wifes income for 5 years.
Will you start trying to get him impeached from the Supreme Court?
08:43 PM on 03/11/2011
Charlie just wants more handouts. Well Obama got his $800 billion stimulus, he got his TARP for mid sized banks, he got his multiple unemployment extensions, he got his foreclosure program.

And he has nothing to show for it.

More handout are not the answer
03:18 AM on 03/13/2011
Nothing to show for it other than a turnaround from job losses to job growth, banks not going under and taking people's savings with them (forcing the FDIC, ie YOUR tax dollars, to cover their losses,) families able to survive through job losses and over a hundred thousand homes kept out of foreclosure.
07:39 PM on 03/11/2011
What a crock. You folks just can't face the fact that WE ARE BROKE! Everything must be on the table including every departments budget and all entitlements.

Eliminated those duplicated department mandates that the GAO recently revealed amounts to at least $200,000,000,000.00 (200-hundred billion dollars) annually!
08:57 PM on 03/11/2011
And those things on the block should be in order....First, anything not mandated by the constitution before anything else.....entitlement programs, arts,social engineering should all go before defense
My 2 Cents
12:43 AM on 03/12/2011
Yes, it looks like you need a lot of defense to protect you from the Scary-Scary world.

Grow a pair !
05:31 PM on 03/12/2011
Then Defense should be the first thing cut. Providing for the common defense does not include invading other countries, It involves having a standing military ready to defend this one.
09:15 PM on 03/11/2011
Then why do other countries with gdp to debt ratios that are as much as five times higher than Americas do so well.There is no broke if there are assets.The meat is to find the folks that hold title to those assets.America has been allowing the likes of Goldman Sachs to describe US assets and sell them from under everyone.
09:42 PM on 03/11/2011
You don't understand "broke" or "insolvent". It means debts in excess of assets. Our $14 trillion of national debt is now 97% of our gross domestic product (everything we produce).
Winter is coming
06:51 PM on 03/11/2011
The 700,000 jobs to be lost that you decry are government jobs, many of them, some 200,000 plus, added during the "Great Recession," when government deemed it necessary to continue to enlarge itself on the backs of those who still have jobs.

The stampede of Democrats, who always accuse Republicans of "burdening our children and grandchildren, to pass TARP was repugnant. The push to ramrod health-care reform, damn the consequences and damn the taxpayer, was also repugnant, merely an effort to ensure Pres. Obama a legacy before the tide of the country turned against him.

How any member of Congress with your dubious history believes he stands in a position to lecture about "responsibility" is beyond me.

You should have taken your opportunity and resigned with some grace and dignity.
I stand for Planned Parenthood.
08:20 PM on 03/11/2011
I thought "burdening children" was a gop mantra? I mean - who held us hostage in Dec. for the tax cut - who?

TARP was necessary - many great books out there on that subject. Facts. Further, a great majority of the money was recovered and with interest - AIG needs to pay.

We have kicked the can down the road for decades. If we are serious about the deficit: yes listen to what the american people have said:

tax the rich
stop the wars - bring our troops home - close bases
cut the military budget
revise tax code - cut out loopholes
deal with the uninsured and entitlements

and finally,

why attack women's health services - wft?
08:44 PM on 03/11/2011
09:15 PM on 03/11/2011
tax the rich should be tax everyone, even those 40% that contribute almost nothing. If we pull out of these wars to early you will have a rogue nation setup that you will have to deal with for many years to come. The military budget could be cut, but dont forget cutting the military will cost alot of jobs. What was the attack on womens health?
05:30 PM on 03/11/2011
"Rather, the Great Recession our country faces was caused by the failed policies of the Bush era and the greed of Wall Street."

Excuse me Congressman, but were you not in Congress when Bush was President? Were not the last 2 years he was in office both the House and the Senate controlled by Democrats? Does not Congress control the purse strings? While I do not approve of a lot of things Bush did, I think it is time to quit blaming Bush for things you are equally culpable of.
09:07 PM on 03/11/2011
And was he not the Congressman who had a little tax payment problem.
12:10 PM on 03/12/2011
Being in congress does not make him part of the problem. Boehner and McConnell were in congress when HCR got passed. Are they taking credit for all the good it will do to the deficit?