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02:14 PM on 01/28/2008
Here is a hint. If every evening on MSNBC, pitchfork Pat Buchanan comes on and salutes the brilliance of your campaign strategy, you just might be race baiting.
02:09 PM on 01/28/2008
When I hear people say they are inspired by Obama my first reaction is to feel sad for them. What have they been doing their whole lives? I have never heard such empty rhetoric come out of a politicians mouth since the last Republican spoke. Obama wants to unite the country? Bush has a 70% disapproval rating, that sounds pretty united to me. Obama talks about hope. Hope for what? Universal health care? Getting out of Iraq? Education? Imrovig the economy? Change? Clinton and Edwards offer the same thing. No, when Obama talks about " the cynics said we could never do it" he is talking about one thing - himself. His whole campaign is about himself. This guy gets the best media coverage any politician has gotten in 100 years and he says "they said we couldnt do it.They said it would never happen". Who is they?

Any Democrat represents change.If he has one word to say about anything that doesnt have to do with himself Id lke to know what it is. The problem with the Clinton campagin is they havent called him out enough, afraid I suppose that the media will call them racist which is what racists do when are trying really really hard to prove they arent racists. And his statements like " I dont think its useful to litigate how we got into this war" when I think there is nothing more important to this democracy than to litigate how we got into this war and to hold people accountable makes Obama the last person I want to see as President.I dont want someone ready to run from a fight and someone ready to capitulate.Obama has succeeded in doing something I never thought possible. Making me a Hillary supporter.
01:55 PM on 01/28/2008
This "race" meme is a total scam invented by pundits and smear-merchants.

Only those in the media, including "liberal" bloggers on HuffPo and elsewhere, claim the Clintons are using race to attack Obama, but nowhere can you find any evidence of this.

It's the chicken little effect, carried out by those who want to see the complete destruction of the name Clinton, and they will project their false claims of "race baiting" onto anyone who dares to oppose their saviour, Barack Obama.

It's sad, it's obvious, and it's pathetic.
01:49 PM on 01/28/2008
Obama has plenty of white voters here in California.

Prepare for a Feb Five Surprise!!
01:25 PM on 01/28/2008
You're absolutely right, Dreier.

In fact, I find it hilarious that the Clintons are now resorting to an argument which implies, " Yes, Hillary is the wrong candidate for the job. But, at least she can win."
01:12 PM on 01/28/2008
"This ploy is as racist as George H. W. Bush's "Willie Horton" advertisement to stir white voters to oppose Michael Dukakis in 1988. Such appeals to racism worked 20 years ago."

more evidence that bill and hill are on the other team. conservatives using conservative schemes.
01:07 PM on 01/28/2008
You read some of this stuff and you wonder where people's brains are. Clinton was right, what happened in SC which has a 50% black population and which made up 55% of the Democatic voters in SC gave Obama 80% of their votes. Why do you think that is? Because African Americans (or any ethnic group or that matter) suddenly have a monopoly on wisdom? They voted for Obama in those numbers because voted their race and the fact that its happen twice before is fair political game.

Clinton pointed it out when idiots in the newsmedia were using the word "momentum" in describing Obmama's win when none really existed. It was fair politics. And lets not forget it was the Obama people who injected race into the campaign in the first place, not Clinton as the urban legend creators in the newsmedia would have us believe.They took a page out of Rove's playbook and tried to use Clintons very correct remarks about LBJ knowing how to use the powers of the Presidency to get the civil rights act passed, as a way to accuse Clinton (stupidly) of insulting MLK and tried to use race as a wedge issue in a state that Obama had to win or it would be over. The sleazy race baiting strategy worked and Obama won getting a percentage of the vote that will never replicate itself anywhere else. And as a matter of fact, the polls in Florida ( for whatever they are worth) show Clinton landsliding Obama in Tuesdays' primary. If that happens I wonder what the message is going to be from the news media this time.
01:00 PM on 01/28/2008
Your premise is based solely on the media spin and not on reality. The media created this circus not the Clintons. The SC vote is what it is and when 50% of the vote is African American it does make a difference for Obama. I think you are listening to Chris Matthews too much!!
12:55 PM on 01/28/2008
We all deserve more credit - white voters, Latino voters and black voters. The pundits have told us that white voters won't vote for a black man. That men won't vote for a woman. That Latinos won't vote for a black man. That blacks will only vote for a black man. The only conclusion I can draw from these assumed prejudices is that pundits are idiots. Call me crazy, but I think most voters, myself included, are trying their best to select a candidate based on who will make the best leader of the United States, regardless of race or gender.
12:46 PM on 01/28/2008
Of course the Clinton's have tried to take us back. Her whole campaign is based on the fact that during the '90s we were all better off than we are now, and the country seemed to be doing better than it had in the past. Due to this time of domestic tranquility and prosperity, many people were able to better themselves. Since neither Bill, nor Hill has done anything since then to better our lives (with the notable exception of Bill and Daddy Bush going to the aid of the tsunami victims) they have no other choice BUT to try to take us back. It won't work, just like it didn't work in '96 when Dole tried to get us to go backwards.
12:46 PM on 01/28/2008
I love Barack Obama. I am a 38 white woman and all of the MSM says I should be for Billary but, he inspires me. I live in CT which is a pretty blue state in nat'l politics. But, there are people who won't vote for him b/c he is black. The older males that probably wouldn't vote for Billary either so they'll either stay home or vote Republican, anyway. But, don't forget about what happened down south with Harold Ford and the hooker saying "call me, Harold". Yes, white voters, esp. older male ones ARE that stupid.