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11:22 PM on 03/16/2011
the Libyan government should show the world what the rebels are doing....many innocent people have been killed by these rebels..

i have a friend whose brother was _killed in Benghazi...they _kill innocent people and when asked why these was gunfire they say it is for celebration.

some one get the news out.
02:29 AM on 03/17/2011
Oh, please. Nice try, but no cigar.
02:44 AM on 03/17/2011
the rebels are armed ..they are killing other Libyans...this is NOT a game. my heart is being torn as i see my country's future being destroyed by extreme elements and opportunistic people who dont care about democracy or anything else.

the one sided reporting has been done on purpose to justify military intervention my the west...they are just trying to give it a face lift by adding support of Arab regimes..regimes that are in complete loyalty to the US.

no democracy in except...NO democracy in Tunisia NO democracy in Bahrain...the stability of these countries has been preserved ..but in lib ya ..people want to turn it into a failed state like iraq and Afghanistan.

where are the so called mercenary's? all i see is Libyan people who do not want their country to get divided. and they are being _killed by these rebels.
Parthiban Yahambaram
05:56 AM on 03/17/2011
And I believe in Santa Claus too.
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11:16 PM on 03/16/2011
the US has no right to interfere in Libya...the government is fighting armed rebels who want to take over parts of the country which is leading to instability and could divide the country.


the rebels are hiding among civilians and praying for more casualty's that they can get out side help..meanwhile the government has been slowed down because it DOES NOT want any more deaths.
11:31 PM on 03/16/2011
Gee..just like Hamas and Hezbollah!
11:37 PM on 03/16/2011
you know what? i am starting to see the legitimacy of some of Israels concerns.
11:31 PM on 03/16/2011
Yes sure ... right .... NOT TRUE !!
11:35 PM on 03/16/2011
it is 100% true... people told me by phone and they are scared to _death.
11:14 PM on 03/16/2011
Amazing how some Arab leaders treat their countrymen and women!
11:19 PM on 03/16/2011
it is not what it seems to be...this is an armed rebellion..the rebels have innocent _blood on their hands
11:21 PM on 03/16/2011
Amazing how some Arabs treat other Arabs. Imagine how they'd treat those of other religions! Like Christians and Jews,for example!
01:31 AM on 03/17/2011
They are not chosen by Arabs, these dictators have chosen by our CORUPT CORPORATIONS that support our POLITICIAN inside beltway.
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11:11 PM on 03/16/2011
The Corporate Western Media has been lying to us that Gaddafi is losing supprot from his people! See the smoking gun below, even in Benghazi, where we were told was the birth of Revolution.

Two Benghazi tribes support Gaddafi-Libyan TV:

Two major tribes in the rebel-held city of Benghazi told Libyan state television they supported Muammar Gaddafi, the television said on Wednesday.
01:34 AM on 03/17/2011
The uprising in Libya was done by OIL Companies (BP, ARAMCO,....).

First democratic government in in Middle East was in Iran during Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh (1951-53).

He nationalized Angle Oil Company (BP), and he was very popular in Iran, and all over the world. The Time magazine named Dr. Mosaddegh Person of the Year 1951.

Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on August 1953, organized and carried out by the United States CIA at the request of the British MI6 which chose Iranian Shah and General Fazlollah Zahedi to succeed Mosaddegh. The CIA called the coup Operation Ajax after its CIA cryptonym. Mosaddegh was imprisoned for three years, then put under house arrest until his death.
After 1953, we do not have any DEMOCRATIC regime in the Middle East and North Africa. Since last 60 years US supported all DICTATORSHIPS in ME and NA.
10:57 PM on 03/16/2011
The catastrophe in Japan was an act of nature -- nothing anyone could do could stop it. The catastrophe in Libya is a political one -- something that could have been stopped. Are our "National Interests" involved? Yes, as our interests are expressed in the sustaining of human rights, of all the things that Obama spoke about in Cairo a year ago. His refusal to act have forever compromised the boast that our nation is "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". This declaration is becoming more of an embarrassing joke than a statement of fact.
11:48 PM on 03/16/2011
We should act, however our government currently has US more broke then they want to let on, even though we all know it.
02:38 AM on 03/17/2011
Very well said, and accurate.
10:44 PM on 03/16/2011
Thank god we have Obama as President.

McCain would have us knee deep in another war in the middle east. Apparently Cameron didn't learn anything from his predacessor and is rushing off to start another war in the middle east.

And that is what this will be, a war.

The same people who claim a no fly zone will be easy, yadayadayada, are the same one who said Iraq would be easy. "They will greet us as liberators with flowers" and "Just a couple well placed missiles and this will all be over before it started" and "It may be 6 days, it may be 6 weeks, I doubt it will take 6 months" was all we heard in the leadup to the war in Iraq and we know how that worked out.

If Britian, France, and the Arab League want a no-fly zone, they can implement it. Oh wait they can't, because they would be using US troops and lives and resources because we are the world's military...
01:37 AM on 03/17/2011
Why we have to interfere in those countries, because our CORUPT system listen to OIL COMPANIES and DEFENSE CONTRACTORS.
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02:14 AM on 03/17/2011
Ike warned us about that more than 50 years ago.
02:06 AM on 03/17/2011
EXACTLY CraigInPhoenix!!!

I was just reading that just MAYBE the UN will approve a no-fly zone AND permission to respond by air, land and sea to protect the the rebels from slaughter. France and Britain along with 5 Arab countries are pushing for a quick approval.

Now - I think Obama was putting the pressure on Europe and the Arab countries to step up to bat for once and spend some of their "Blood and Treasure". After all they ALL are going to pay the price later if Gaddafi stays in power!

Yes We Can
We Have Met the Enemy and he is Us: Pogo
10:22 PM on 03/16/2011
And the liberal media said it would be a cake walk removing Gaddafi? Just in 2009 President Obama said it was time to welcome back to the UN Security Council. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed Gaddafi's son to the US in July of the same year. What has happened now that we are against the men who after 9/11 vowed to help fight terrorism and even gave our state department leads on terrorist in his country. Now all at once we want to topple his government. Why are we always in bed with the enemy?
"and we are not saved..."
Onward through the fog!
10:59 PM on 03/16/2011
First of all, there is no "liberal Media" unless you're talking about Common Dreams, the Village Voice or Second, I never heard anyone in the MSM ever say it would be a cake walk, unless by "liberal media" you are referring to Fox. Rob, have you been listening to Qaddafi's friend Luis Farrakhan?
01:39 AM on 03/17/2011
Simple: OIL COMPANIES want CHEAP oil.
09:51 PM on 03/16/2011
This conflict is not a threat to the US, and so not a matter for the US national government.

I encourage all individuals who want to support the Libyan revolution, to hop on a plane to the mideast. I'm sure you can find a gun on the battlefield, and good luck.
10^300 bosons could care less.
09:20 PM on 03/16/2011
The rebels are doomed. It's only a matter of time before Gaddafi and his African commanders surround Benghazi.
12:44 AM on 03/17/2011
We should not doom them with indifference to their cause. It could have very easily gone the other way during the height of Moammar Gadhafi's personal crisis. Perhaps it should have.

If anyone doubts this, perhaps it should be demonstrated that he is not the man whom Hugo Chavez has praised as a brother revolutionary. Perhaps he is only an old scoundrel. The real question is whether or not he had foreknowledge of the bombing of Lockerbie flight 103.

If what former justice minister Mustafa Abud Al-Jeleil said is the truth, it should be noted that the huge sum of 'blood money' paid from the oil revenue of Libya by Moammar Gadhafi did not bring those 270 passengers back to life.

I have condemned the purchase of 'indulgences' and absolution by those who've killed civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, and everywhere else it has been done, and I've always opposed this.

Payment to the families of those whose death has been caused by negligence can be sufficient, in some cases. But payment for the deliberate slaughter of civilians is vile, and international diplomatic standards must reject it, as the basis for conflict resolution.

We only live once, and there really is no applicable "exchange rate" for innocent lives taken with malice. This is why I have not agreed that the killings of civilians in Nisoor Square and in Afghanistan can be considered "water under the bridge". Blood is not water.
Atif Ahmed Choudhury
J.D. Candidate, William and Mary College of Law
09:01 PM on 03/16/2011
The Libyans are more than happy to fight for their own one of their leaders recently said, they would view it as an honor. They just need a no fly zone and naval blockade to even the playing field.
09:15 PM on 03/16/2011
You said it! Where the hell are we?
09:55 PM on 03/16/2011
In your case, you're posting on huffpuff, apparently outraged that the sons and daughters of other people aren't being sent into harms way to support a cause you believe in.
10:23 PM on 03/16/2011
I've never seen such a weak, unengaged president in my lifetime, and I'm no spring chicken.
i always ask myself "what would nat turner do ?"
09:25 PM on 03/16/2011
they're laying off teachers in my town & dont even waste your time calling in a hit&run, not enough cops left for that. but sure, lets splurge on another war. dont raise taxes, let the kids pay for it.
Atif Ahmed Choudhury
J.D. Candidate, William and Mary College of Law
07:46 PM on 03/17/2011
First of all, I would never brashy advocate sending our brave men and women to fight and die. The great news, however, is that through our UAV and missile capacity alone, we have the ability to eradicate Gaddafi's military capabiliti┬Čes without losing a single American life. If we further combined our efforts with NATO, the Arab League, and the UN, then tens of thousands of LIbyans can be saved (and if we had done so earlier, thousands of LIbyans would be alive today).

We have spent trillions of dollars on defense already i.e. we already have the TOOLS to help the Libyan people in an immediate and direct capacity. Why are we so willing to blow up innocent tribesmen in Afghanistan and Pakistan en masse but so reluctant to help millions of people begging for international assistance for their plight?
08:55 PM on 03/16/2011
From what I see happening in the middle east the more I realize that most of the Arab people are gutless and cowards,how can they take orders from a dictator to kill their on people and the rest of the neighboring countries just watch.
11:33 PM on 03/16/2011
Gutless and cowards..that about sums it up!
08:30 PM on 03/16/2011
Someone has to take responsibility for this. Hugo Chavez should appeal to his 'friend' Moammar Gadhafi to grant amnesty to these men who rose up against him.

If Moammar Gadhafi is incapable or unwilling to be graceful and diplomatic in victory, it does not bode well for Libya's future. He was nothing but an colonel in the military. His "self-esteem" is greatly exaggerated.

He really should listen to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and agree to a cease-fire. All it would take would be just one man who has a theological disagreement with Moammar Gadhafi on the topic of the name of God he invokes in his rhetoric against the opposition fighters.
10:51 PM on 03/16/2011
But the question remains. Gadhafi alone cannot make a ceasefire happen. Who is the other man whom Ban Ki Moon would appeal to ceasefire talks? That man must be named! I've been saying this for many days now.

Who is that man? Ban Ki Moon's appeal was actually just an empty gesture since he didn't name the other man whom Moammar Gadhafi must negotiate a cease-fire. Am I wrong? Is there a consensus on who this opposition leader is?
11:07 PM on 03/16/2011
Again, and again, I've raised the question. WHAT MAN SPEAKS FOR THE LIBYAN OPPOSITION? Since there has been man recognized as such, maybe we're waiting for a woman to be the voice of this opposition. That individual should be talking to Al-Jazeera every single day.

If Al-Jazeera does not have one individual representative, it is an international shame that the opposition leadership has not had their voice recognized. It is necessary no matter what the outcome of the conflict. Who is it? France recognized the opposition leadership. President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron both spoke up. Now the Secretary General of the UN.

So who is the opposition commander? Why not the diplomat who resigned live on television? How about one of those Libyan Air Force pilots who landed in Malta? Someone has to have the courage of his convictions to represent the opposition in Benghazi every day.

If the pilots who defected to Malta are not going to vocally represent their faction, they should reclaim their jets, refuel, fly back from Malta to Libya, engage Gadhafi's jets in a dog-fight and then eject and bail out, and parachute into Benghazi to suffer the consequences with their own people.

Somebody has to represent the opposition fighters in Benghazi on Al Jazeera every day. Or else, we're witnessing a bizarre mockery of the very idea of arbitrating a cease-fire. Who is the opposition leader whom Gadhafi must talk?
02:49 AM on 03/17/2011
Hillary Clinton met with the opposition leaders. The name, or names are not important because Qaddafi would just have them assassinated. That is not rocket science.
Freedom is not free
08:26 PM on 03/16/2011
The consequence of the "free world' not helping the Libyan opposition will be felt for a long time in Libya and other countries with despotic regimes. I believe that what is going on in Bahrain and to some extent in yemen are the result of the regimes there seeing that one can get away with killing and crushing ones opposition. I strongly believe that all the dictators in the region headed by Saudi Arabia are wishing defeat of the opposition in Libya and I believe that they are somehow are helping Gaddhafi regime. There were reports that Algeria's regime was helping Gaddhafi militarily. SA would wilingly spend 100 billion dollars to defeat the uprisings in the region. Huge forces against the people in these dictatorships. I'm certain that Gaddhafi will not be in power a year from now on. Bahrain will be in chaos for some times because SA will not allow the Bahrainy regime to give in to the demands of the opposition for fear ob emboldening its opposition specially Shia's. I'm waiting and wishing for a day that the SA's illegitimate and corrupt regime which is the roots of most evils in the region will be overthorwn one day.
02:52 AM on 03/17/2011
The actions of the despotic rulers in the Middle East, reminds me of something out of a Joseph Stalin handbook on how to crush people.