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09:44 AM on 01/29/2008
I praise the Lord for 9/11
Made this country a Paranoids' Heaven
Gave the Rednecks a real good scara
They bought my bogus 'WarrenTerra'.

I don't care bout no reputation
I'm braggin bout my Adminstration.
09:44 AM on 01/29/2008
Won't this long national nightmare ever end?????? But, every year we are privy to the same set of delusions presented by George W Bush in the form of the State of the Union address. It's amazing he can stand up in front of anyone with a straight face and spew the same garbage he does year after year after year!!!!! And especially take Congress to task for spending a paltry amount in this country when he has robbed the treasury blind to pay for his petty useless wars. Only makes me wonder how things could get any worse in this country?????
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09:42 AM on 01/29/2008
Read this part of Paul Rieckhoff's article and then the rest on the lower left of the Huffington main page:

"This year, President Bush should call on Congress to pass a modern GI Bill. A new GI Bill would reenergize the U.S. economy and go a long way toward helping our newest generation of heroes build a better life. Instead, President Bush is only expected to briefly reference it with a proposal allowing service members to transfer unused education benefits to their spouses or children."
09:34 AM on 01/29/2008
Attn: Femi - yer right about Gov. Sebelius - that's the first time I've seen her. Impressive.
09:34 AM on 01/29/2008
The tax rebate is a Band-Aid on a gushing arterial wound.
09:32 AM on 01/29/2008
Superbus (See profile | I'm a fan of Superbus)
Krugman writes fairy tales for the economically challenged liberals. It's so easy to hoodwink liberals who have no understanding of supply and demand.

Clue us in Superbutt - why did investment fall after Kemp-Roth???
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09:27 AM on 01/29/2008
This is sickening. What country do we live in?:

"Protesters who re-enacted one of Blackwater's worst civilian massacres in Iraq got jail time, while the real killers remain free."
09:25 AM on 01/29/2008
Thank God, we are finally nearing the end the the primate presidency.

I bet you ass holes who fall for the three "G's" fear tactics (Guns, God, & Gays), will think a second, the next time you let that drive you to the polls.

Or maybe if you agree with this neo-natzy asshole, you exceed him in ignorance.
09:24 AM on 01/29/2008
George Bush’s State of Union reminded me of dishonest contractor who did a bad remodeling job, running through a punch list of unfinished projects that will not be completed when he leaves, than handed off to new contractor to fix. This is a great metaphor for his missing in action Guard duty, his failed business ventures when he took the profits and ran, and his destructive political carrier.

Iraq War – incomplete
Afghanistan – what?
OBL – I don’t think about him much anymore
Budget deficit – lip service
Middle class – I don’t think about them either
Advancement of medical science – none
Heath care – haven’t given that much thought either
Job creation – what?
Housing market – oops
Corporate interest – more to do
Steal Iraq’s oil – I’m working on that
New Orleans – incomplete
Economic Recession – that's life
My own NSE – what’s that?
Environment – what?
Damaged Military – shit happens

Tax cuts – I got mine
Ideological judges – Check
Installing ideological loyalist in every part of government – Check
Divide the country – Check
Unite the country against me – Check
Brush cleared – Check
Iran – I will get to them before next January
100 dolor a barrel oil – better than I expected
Destroy FEMA – Check
Veto everything the public wants – I’m worken hard
Mississippi – coastal prosperity is going to wear it belongs, business interest and the rich
Media consolidation – on track
Social Security Surplus gone – Check
Discredit the DOJ – Check

Mission accomplished, worst of the worst.
09:16 AM on 01/29/2008
No specifics. Nothing but applause lines. Bush has just been an eight year nightmare!

I fell asleep during Governor Sebelius' Democratic response. Wow, that lady exudes a calm energy...zzzzzzzz.
Little bit Country, little Chicago Blues
09:14 AM on 01/29/2008
Instant Karma is going to get Bush
Beware sponsored knowing
09:12 AM on 01/29/2008
Nice suit. Sharp tie.
Was there anything else?
09:10 AM on 01/29/2008
How is it possible for Bush to have a serious discussion about Iraq and the “regional conflict” while leaving out the majority player, Saudi Arabia.
While we are supposedly fighting for a new democracy in Iraq, the Saudis posses what is arguably the most repressive regime in the region.
While this administration points to the Iranian influence, Saudi Arabia and Libya were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters who came to Iraq in the past year to serve as suicide bombers or to facilitate other attacks.
And why is it that every analysis of oil prices blame each and every increase on market conditions,
or some unforeseen disruption in the region, and never once mention the Saudis, who virtually OWN OPEC.
The Saudis dictate oil policy to ALL members of OPEC, impose quotas, and set the price of oil at every wellhead in the Middle East.
And least we forget, a handful of terrorists, mostly Saudi, attacked us on 9-11, prompting a massive infusion of funds into “National Defense” and an invasion of Iraq, but no action whatsoever against “The Kingdom”.
So when do we start getting the straight story about our good buddies the Saudis?
One would think we’d be less worried about the Iranians and more concerned about the real threat to our national interests, a repressive totalitarian fundamentalist Moslem nation that supports the insurgency in Iraq and has it’s foot on our collective throats.
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09:10 AM on 01/29/2008
Here's what Brent Scowcroft said of Lil' Bush in October of 2004. I wonder how much more disgusted Scowcroft is with him now:

"Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to President George H.W. Bush, was highly critical of the current president's handling of foreign policy in an interview published this week, saying that the current President Bush is "mesmerized" by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, that Iraq is a "failing venture" and that the administration's unilateralist approach has harmed relations between Europe and the United States."
09:05 AM on 01/29/2008
We've become so much like WW2 Germany. Cheering the lies, glorifying invasion and occupation, worshipping war and its profits, no truth.

Most of those with saliva running out of their mouths with rabid applause for Bush and Cheney claim to be Christian as well.

Cheering for destruction of the Constitution, windfalls for Blackwater and Halliburton, Cheneys secret energy meetings and corruption at a level not imagined by any forefathers.

The Dems, voted in to convict and make it right yet react with silence and tacit consent. Pelosi giving all this a giant thumbs up and protecting the evil ones. Sick times.