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06:38 AM on 04/03/2011
New jobs = part-time, low paying, no benefits

Where does that get the unemployed. Still in the poorhouse. Welfare would pay more.
03:36 PM on 04/05/2011
Agreed. A job at Walmart or McDonalds will be poverty level for a business professional. Not only that, but they won't hire a business professional. Why? Because the second the business professional can find a better job, they will quit walmart or mcdonalds. And can you blame the business professional for wanting to get back to a real job again?
04:34 AM on 04/03/2011
There is but one problem with this great news:

What Americans need is not just a job. What we need is jobs that will feed a family. And 90% of the new jobs do not do that.

The trend of jobs being paid less and less while the top 1% owners gain 25% PER YEAR is not just bad. It is catastrophic. It is free market dragging the working people of America into the same slavery they introduce and implemented in every single nation in Africa, South America, and Asia over the last fifty years.

After they installed dictators and made them turn their people into slaves now they tell us that THOSE are the wages we must accept if we want to stay competitive. And the trend goes on.

We are being thoroughly f**ked and take jobs being created as good news. - Why? - Because the ones who are elected and paid for by us to protect us fron the parasites are the very ones who sell us out to them. The law calls that treason and so should we.
01:00 AM on 04/04/2011
Scent, you have just described 'utopia' according to the likes of those who want to redistribute wealth.
Why should we have all the jobs? The jobs should be redistributed, maybe Cuba will get some soon. Wait, they already have attained 'utopia'.
03:38 PM on 04/05/2011
Agreed. I live in Los Angeles and try getting by on a poverty paying job. Try paying for rent, food, gas, supplies. I haven't even had health insurance or put money into a 401k plan for years now. I can accept not having health insurance or a 401k. But at least let me have a job that can pay the bills (and if I am really lucky, I can perhaps put away a few bucks for the next time they sell my company and downsize my job).
Nina Platter
01:15 AM on 04/03/2011
This was so encouraging!!! I am so excited that Boeing received the contract for the Airforce refueling planes. It will bring 30,000 jobs to Seattle,Washington and over 15,000 to the SC. That is just one company, but it in turn will benifit, house values, retail, tax revenues, and so on! Microsoft is also a big employer who has been hiring. I also hear Google is hireing, and so on...things are looking up! It has taken a few years to turn things around but it is happening!
I hope our President can put more regulations on stock market, banks etc. so they dont screew things up again! ( I realize there were many factors involved in the problem, but putting it simply)
11:20 AM on 04/03/2011
You are drinking the Kool Aid. The Boeing contract is welfare, not job creation. The amount of money the Air Force spends to create one job would be enough to create 10 jobs in the private sector. There is so much waste and fraud that goes on with military spending, the only people really benefitting are the ones on top. They can't even organize their spending information to the point where an audit can take place, forget about the fact that there is no auditing to speak of.

Why wouldn't the banks "screw things up again." Last time they did, Bush and Obama bailed them out. There is no incentive for them to behave well, they are "too big to fail."
01:01 AM on 04/04/2011
It does not bring jobs, it keeps Boeing at its level.
12:53 AM on 04/03/2011
Please stop reporting and reading about our unemployment rate and our recession. If you do not have the b***s to stand up and start demanding, demonstrating, INSISTING on the end to the outsourcing of OUR work and ECONOMY. Untill we fill the streets of our cities and DC demanding that one thing, at least, we are going to be sucked dry. The 2% of our country that has most of the money will go on and on, blindly decimating America and telling you that YOU are unAmerican or Socialists or, maybe, witches for demanding they stop sending our economy overseas so that they will profit more while we sink. Kind of idiotic if you think about it: They're destroying their own economic base. Of course, if there's a new revolution, like the Marcoses and otherf rich blood suckers they will be packing up and moving to another country. They already have their money deposited out of our Country. Nothing is going to change until the people of this country begin fighting back. Remember Viet Nam? The people of America won against that illegal, immoral action.
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Make Peace in Our Time
12:05 PM on 04/03/2011
that's correct;either people start to demonstrate in large numbers or nothing changes
01:12 AM on 04/04/2011
Or we return the world to 1946 status. That would be really wrong, but not much different from demanding our government force the return of manufacturing to the US. It will put the rest of humanity back further into poverty.

Alvin, your idea not a good one. Get over it, others on this planet would like to join at least the 20th century.
12:01 AM on 04/03/2011
The sky is still falling--or at least there is still one dooms-day HuffPost reporter who says so.
01:14 AM on 04/04/2011
The numbers from BLS are crpola. The work force does not shrink when our population is growing. Using the 10 year average of work force size as stated by BLS, we would be just over 15 percent unemployed. Not 8.8.
Royal Payne
11:24 PM on 04/02/2011
By election time the rate will be 5.6%. I you believe this I have a condo to sell you in Utopia.
11:05 PM on 04/02/2011
It's companies like Kraft-Nabisco that are destroying America from within. Just like G.E and Kelloggs, Kraft has shipped our American jobs out of America. Who will buy your products if nobody has a job Kraft-Nabisco?I will not buy an Kraft or Nabisco food products ever again after buying a box of Ritz crackers at my local target store. I ate two crackers and noticed that they did not taste "Right". They were lacking the buttery flavor and had an odd taste. I then looked at the box and sure enough, I see that kiss of death for American food products and Our American food chain- " Made in Mexico".
Poor tasting food is not a concern for the Corrupt Kraft-Nabisco CEO Irene Rosenfeld and her horde of executives that are stuffing their pockets with Multi Million Dollar Bonuses while the Countless American workers they “Out-Sourced” are cast aside like garbage.
How many American workers lost their jobs so that Kraft-Nabisco could further their greed, 5000 American's, 10,000 American workers?
Way to Fcuk up America Kraft-Nabisco CEO Irene Rosenfeld!!!
Boycott Kraft-Nabisco!!! Boycott Kelloggs!!! Don't you buy products from companies that have shipped our jobs to another country!
Nina Platter
12:59 AM on 04/03/2011
That all has to do with our Free Trade policies. I am not exactly sure, I need to do some research but If we taxed these companies a terrif (which they are not) Then it would not benifit them so much to move their companies to Mexico and China. Then they would move their companies back to the US and return jobs here also. Most of our cloths, shoes, just about everything is no longer made here. Many small towns that once flurish, are ghost towns now since the factories left. SAD!
01:19 AM on 04/04/2011
Free Trade helps those outside the US.
If we closed it off, or taxed it, then we would be guilty of harming them.
Do you want to be the cause of the third world going to war over scraps?
they will blame us. they will say nina platter is a selfish, evl person.
A Groover has to expect a few setbacks .....
09:52 PM on 04/02/2011
middle Amerika lost its job security, decent wages, benefits, and healthcare over the past 10 years .....

nice to see people are finally waking up .....
01:20 AM on 04/04/2011
No, we started losing them in the 1920's. This just another cycle in the ebb and flow of world trade, and the friction it creates.
I speak my mind...
05:47 PM on 04/02/2011
Only reason the unemployment rate fell is because a bunch of unemployed people timed out on their unemployment benefits and were dropprd from the unemployment registry, thereby not counted as unemployed any longer it has been a trick that has been used since reaganomics.
02:31 AM on 04/03/2011
Agreed. Now they're on welfare or social security. Mine runs up in Aug. I've been unemployed since July 2009. Applied to several jobs, called them and no such luck.
01:22 AM on 04/04/2011
Just what 'Utopians' are striving for... more people who do not have to work.
Lifelong Democrat..... until the bailouts.
04:47 PM on 04/02/2011
I am the distillation of your righteous anger and social angst.

When did "we the people" become a footnote?

In the history and tides and times of men - never
Lifelong Democrat..... until the bailouts.
04:59 PM on 04/02/2011
Pleased to meet you - hope you guess my name
Lifelong Democrat..... until the bailouts.
05:10 PM on 04/02/2011
Anybody want the truth or are you so enraptured with your own being you can't see outside yourself?
03:43 PM on 04/02/2011
I have given you a classic example.
We are adding people into our consulting (managed services, service management and IT services) for the major corporations, but at the cost of those being laid off at the facilities. I

It is a a pattern that exists in the present economy.

Major corporations outsource work to us, and we get our employees (H1B) from companies already engaged in outsourcing jobs overseas.

The net decrease in unemployment is reduced, as a result.
Lifelong Democrat..... until the bailouts.
04:03 PM on 04/02/2011
but pay is the amalgamen of usury
Lifelong Democrat..... until the bailouts.
04:05 PM on 04/02/2011
3rd world averages. Buffett
03:27 PM on 04/02/2011
I know the reason reason unemployment is not dropping sharply as it should, and all efforts more often change into job less recovery,and the economic cycle seem to not work and recover to boom
This dual role (exporting jobs and being able to provide H1B resources) of the companies we deal with help us run our managed service consulting and save on cost, is the underlying cause of the irreversib¬le kind of unemployme-nt Americans have been facing in the last many years
03:26 PM on 04/02/2011
I know the real reason why unemployme¬nt is not dropping sharply and the reason for jobless recovery and the failure of economic cycle to recover

I work in managed service Industry with offices all over America, and I know the real reason (underlying cause) of unemployme¬nt not decreasing sharply

We provide IT & process improvemen¬t services to several manufactur¬ing and telecom industries (major corporatio-ns)
Telecom and Manufactur¬ing (major corporatio¬ns) industries who want to be cost effective

Many Major corporatio¬ns outsource their function to us, and we provide them capabiliti¬es thorough our partner companies, and that saves us money, which we are able to pass on our savings to major corporatio¬ns.

When we provide them with our resources to run their functions, we first learn processes and procedures from the m employees of the major corporatio¬ns, and then we get their jobs, and the corporatio¬ns lay them off after few months.

We have senior level executives within our consulting who are able to bring in H1 folks at lower cost f through the services of few companies who are strong players in Business process outsourcin¬g (BPO) & Knowledge process outsourcin¬g (KPO)

These companies are involved in various kind of outsourcin¬g (BPO, KPO) & have a strong record. They are responsibl¬e of exporting almost 50 million jobs in the last ten years, and they are in a position to provide us with several H1B resources at lower cost
Lifelong Democrat..... until the bailouts.
03:25 PM on 04/02/2011
When did we the people become a foot note?
former Repub till W
02:29 PM on 04/02/2011
Yes more work to do but....IT DID FALL   !!  Do not obscure that fact .
GOP - R  D & I  alike   Reminder Reagan -at one point- had a 10 % unemployment rate- he sold guns to Iran-  then lied about it . 1981 Reaganomics deregulation of the robber barons - 1986 total  amnesty ( with open borders )  for slave wages- put us on road to the Bush  Paulson  global 
2008 crash  700 Billion   TARP-  very edge  of deep  1930 's  depression.  In  Reagan's last year -
1988 - many were disappointed with him  But GOP /  right  /  Fox  has revised history to make
Reagan  seem like  the GOP's  savior...knowing our memories are  very short   -which they are
GOP FOX ( one and the same  ) counts  on that  . You betcha   Next  time Vote with logic and reason 
always     check facts                        Tell your reps    now and    often