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11:57 PM on 04/05/2011
Good for them! I hate Chase bank and I hope they go down in flames! In fact, I hate all of the big banks that took TARP funds and are now in a foreclosure frenzy. They got a bailout from the tax payers and are now foreclosing on said tax payers. How hypocritical and typical of our financial industry! We should all close our accounts with these banks just to show them that we won't stand for their chicanery.
Market Observer
11:49 PM on 04/05/2011
Wonderful,...move your money from these TBTF state-sponsored financial terrorist entities,...and clawback the bonsuses
11:34 PM on 04/05/2011
A good Bankster is a Jailed Bankster
11:58 PM on 04/05/2011
Agreed! They should all be in prison for what they've done to our housing market and our economy.
11:34 PM on 04/05/2011
It is time to vote out Obama
Have fun storming the castle!
11:25 PM on 04/05/2011
Don't mess with the Island, man. Women there go to the mall with more balls than pols take to Congress.
11:23 PM on 04/05/2011
THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! The power is in your pockets people. Dig deep and fight back! And all you jackasses dismissing the village's move need to get a clue and do the same. The village can be our Tunisian vendor. Is it sinking in yet?
11:18 PM on 04/05/2011
Now, if we can get others to realize that the The Village of Hempstead has set an example of how you deal with banks who were bailed out of their irresponsible behavior, ( to big to fail), and have no sense of responsibility for the people who were damaged by it.
When enough people say we're not doing this anymore, it'll stop.
12:00 AM on 04/06/2011
Thank you for the great post! Yes, we can stop these banks with our consumer power!
11:14 PM on 04/05/2011
Well done, Village of Hempstead, very well done!

Hopefully, you will be very selective and use a reliable, reputable credit union in your future financial dealings rather than the robber baron banks.
I heart Bernie Sanders
12:07 AM on 04/06/2011
I moved all of my business over to my credit union a few years ago.... so glad that I did.

I had to do it piece by piece though.... they have to trust you first.

The government did not have to bail out credit unions!!!!!!

Owned by the customers..... not by greedy CEOs
11:13 PM on 04/05/2011
Kudos to any government, non-profit or business that pulls its money from Chase bank and goes elsewhere.... their banking practices are unfair to consumers and yet they continue to add fees to their services.
I heart Bernie Sanders
12:10 AM on 04/06/2011
yep, they bought my account several years back and started trying to rob me immediately!

I had to jump through major hoops just to get away from them.
10:50 PM on 04/05/2011
Oh Pleeeeeeseee . Even though I don't condone Chase's practice. The problem also lies with Major Wayne Hall and the Trustee's. Village Property tax in Hempstead is SKY HIGH. Don't let them fool you, dear readers. The waste that goes on in Hempstead is disgusting. They dump millions of tax payers money on foolish project, while the village residents are TAXED. The school board and Superintendent is a JOKE.
The SKY HIGH VILLAGE TAX of HEMPSTEAD is the reason why many residents are leaving.
Truth be Known
10:43 PM on 04/05/2011
As a tax and financial advisor I can assure you the Big Banks are not going to get too concern when you move your checking and savings accounts to a credit union or local bank because that is not we they make the real money off individuals. What they would really get concern about is if there was a movement by individuals to take their retirement and brokerage accounts else where, because they are charging huge fees just for being custodian for those large sums. Some times 1 to 2 % on the amount held in the account. I have a client that has a trust that has a deposit about $500,000 and all they do maintain the account, they do not make investment decisions, and they are charging her almost $10,000 in annual fees.
.....don't get me started!
10:53 PM on 04/05/2011 about anyone with a mortgage that is underwater with one of these banks walk away or stop paying their credit well as moving their brokerage accounts
11:58 PM on 04/05/2011
Good point, but it is still more beneficial to keep your money in a credit union.. Mine charges no monthly fees~ And I sleep better at night ;)
10:39 PM on 04/05/2011
Seems like Mr Hall has just delegated the Village to third world status. He will probably appeal to obama to hook a brotha up, and the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for this mans boldness, read stu pid ity.
10:45 PM on 04/05/2011
What are you saying, Chase is a good place to bank? On what basis? My business accounts in a local bank are far superior to anything offered by the big boys.
11:00 PM on 04/05/2011
I think they are good, right now I've got a free Disney World trip comong from points I've banked on my Chase Visa card.
10:56 PM on 04/05/2011
I support you on this one. Wayne Hall and the trustees are the ones causing the mess in Hempstead. They waste money and the property TAX is so high! Don't let him fool you. The village is a mess.
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10:35 PM on 04/05/2011
What a great idea, taking action at the local level. I read an article on the Huff-Post a few days ago about local judges in Florida who are throwing out these bank foreclosures that were not properly filed with forgeries, robo-signing, etc.

Maybe this the way to fight back since DC can't or won't get anything done.
Get up, Stand up
10:33 PM on 04/05/2011
10:28 PM on 04/05/2011
Thank you for your support.
I was snookered by WAMU into foreclosure back in '06. Despite years of making good faith efforts to work with WAMU, then Chase, to get back on target the banks put obstacle after obstacle in my way. If they had worked with me - or, better still, not recommended forbearance (what bs) - three years ago, four years ago, five years ago - they'd be better off, I'd be better off, and we'd both be down the road.
Instead they tried to defraud me and hoist me out of my house using a combination of subtle lies, outright lies, and forged documents. My marriage tanked, my life savings is gone, and I've sold everything I own. Now I've sued them.
What was the point?
D=prosperity v R=austerity
11:47 PM on 04/05/2011
Good for you...hang in there!!! I was duped into a free WAMU checking account, well when I closed the account after they "secretely" charged then reversed, then charged, then reversed... for fee's after I told them to use the $30 I left in the account to pay for the ghose fees and close the dang thing already. That was 2003, how about my credit reads...account abuse? with a charge of $953.00. How about it, law suit?!