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12:43 AM on 02/03/2008
Why should the Obama people know how to speak Spanish? How about American citizens speaking English?
12:05 AM on 02/03/2008
Prepare for the


11:41 PM on 02/02/2008
How do you say 'change' in Spanish? It's the magic word, you know.
11:12 PM on 02/02/2008
Interesting article. I believe that the most important information for voters is the people, activity thats happening AROUND the candidates, not the candidates themselves.
The info you get from the candidates themselves are not their words so much as the intangibles: their energy, their demeanor. But information about policy or impact is to be found in the body of the campaigns. the volunteers, the surrogates, the people that know or have known the candidates. I'm not saying the mouthpiece's aren't spinning, but when speaking candidly there's a lot there (dick morris' blog).That's what MSM needs to focus on. We set the tone, we set the policy, if given the voice. This is about the people, not the candidates.
(I think Obama gets that, and supports that. I think that's what he means when he says "change". Clinton has appropriated that theme for a completely different set of reasons, many of them egotistical in nature.)

"What I'm saying is, under our constitution, all the President is is the administrator of the people." -Wayne Morse
10:18 PM on 02/02/2008
Barak Obama in the CA Debate “The reason that this is important, again, is that Senator Clinton, I think, fairly, has claimed that she's got the experience on day one. And part of the argument that I'm making in this campaign is that, it is important to be right on day one.” And then he says “It means people with independence, who are willing to say no to me so, so that, you know, no more yes-men or women in the White House. Because I'm not going to be right on every single issue.”
10:17 PM on 02/02/2008
As a person who was born in Los Angeles, raised in Ventura County, went to high school in the Valley, college in Chico, Law School in Sacramento and now lives in Mission Viejo, I feel eminently qualified to make the following statement: California Mexicans, particularly those who have lived in the U.S. longer and have had to compete with low income blacks for jobs, housing and services bring much more than simple racism to the dance, although they bring that as well. They will never vote in large numbers for someone whom they see as a representative of black people. Just won't happen. Also I recommend 1) that any white people walking around Santa Ana clear out before sundown and 2)don't go knocking on doors in that area tomorrow. I mean anytime tomorrow. The drinking will start at around 9:00 a.m. and continue until the 4th quarter of the game. That would be an inopportune time to solicit voting committments.