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Equal Justice, Not Social Justice....
02:26 PM on 04/15/2011
Know what I learned from this article, it's time to invest in GE....
01:35 PM on 04/15/2011
I personally am somewhat interested in how long it will take for the overall population to realized the situation that is happening around them. The people only realize that something is wrong when it affects them. When the people unite and it is too late to react what will happen, I question.
---Jose Rodriguez
01:31 PM on 04/15/2011
Ay Dios mio , this is really a very big issue that when looked upon might cause a lot of problem. This year alone has brought a lot of problems, who knew there would be a lot of cuts, cuts on food, cuts on health, cuts on education, cuts on social security, cuts on almost everything. I read a magazine this morning which had this particularly interesting topic and i quote "CAN READING BE MAINTAINED" and it states that most students are not taking reading serious, but how can that be possible if a lot of libraries are being cut .
01:27 PM on 04/15/2011
Wooow!! What are these people doing? Can the CUT CUT CUT! Be changed and reverse it's way so the ones who get tax cuts are the poor and the rich get medical and other cuts so they'll have to pay... The most horrible part is that we haven't done anything about it, when are we going to start doing something? Oh my God if this keep going like this i think there would be NO public programs for the ones that can't afford them. They're crossing the limits.
01:25 PM on 04/15/2011
what are we all waiting for? are we waiting for the worst to happen like none of us kids without an education really this is stupid i want an education i want a good job when I'm older i don't like that people are ignoring this just like they ignoring everything and everyone in the world we have to speak up for our rights. i don't want to lose my education i love school. no matter what i say to anyone i want something better in my life i think we should all just get up from just sitting down and finally do something about this situation everyone I'm sure don't want to live on the streets asking people for something I'm sure people want to provide for themselves. people get up and do something about your education if you have the chance write a letter to the mayor or to someone that can help tell them how you feel about this situation
01:24 PM on 04/15/2011
Yecenia Castillo
Damn what these men are trying to do is not fair. I live under welfare housing and most of the programs there mentioning what am I going to do where is my family going to live. Obama and Bloomberg are rich already why do they want more money than what they already have ? They are some selfish low lifes. But remember what goes around comes around, when we have nothing left what are they going to do ? I hate the fact that they are doing all these cuts and not thinking about how its affecting us the poor, just because they have more money than us doesnt mean they're better than us the only reason they have power is because their taking our money. They want money take money from the rich the ones who are taking baths in money, why from us who barely have anything. Also how they expect us to get an education when we have all this stress because they cutting on education too, so how are we suppose to become somebody if they're not letting us. The only opportunities and options we have Bloomberg's stupid a** wants to cut them too. My head is going crazy with all of thisss.
01:15 PM on 04/15/2011
Everyone has different views on these major tax cuts happening. Some people live off of the major resources that are being cut. I wish the rich could walk in our shoes to see what we go through daily. If it would affect the wealthy it will hurt us twice as hard. $38 Billion can make a difference. Its just being used for other purposes. Use it for the right causes and this would never happen.
01:13 PM on 04/15/2011
I think that this is a competition for becoming the first trillionaire because he is cutting so many things that most of the people in the united states need. What is the point for all of this money? I understand that is nice to have money but not so much especially when we can already afford anything we need sitting on multi-million dollars. If we want a change, then why don't we do anything about this? As my classmate said... What are we waiting for?
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01:11 PM on 04/15/2011
"CUTS!, CUTS!, CUTS!"...I really have to agree with Alan Singer on this, Preschool children are very much the most vulnerable population in our society, how children are raised can pretty much determine their characteristics in the future. There is no real beneficial cuts, the act of cutting will always ensue 'pain' or will effect somebody regardless of how subtle it is or how stealthy the damage was given. It's not a shock that the state of childcare, education, and workers is in a really huge state of decadence, I'm glad people are already taking the liberty to fight off this cut, we really can't let this through. Let's face it, the majority of us live as one big poor population, we have to strive on and question the government affairs when they hit us with cuts, cuts, and more cuts. It won't stop till they are aware that the mass acknowledges their intentions, which frankly is not such the case all thanks to the subtle nature of the government.
01:05 PM on 04/15/2011
I think people should start to become aware of whats going on because we're all being cheated. the government keeps taking money from us and nobodies doing much, its getting to the point where more and more people are homeless and not heard. all of our benefits are being taken away but we're still being taxed large sums of money, how do people not notice this ???
01:02 PM on 04/15/2011
all these cuts on the poor is too much. we dont need anymore cuts the lower class cant take all of this. pretty soon we wont be able to even survive anymore. we are already struggling to live, do they expect us to just deal with this and no longer survive?
12:59 PM on 04/15/2011
Well In my opinion they are crazy. How come they have money to throw Missiles At other country's but they don't have money for the poor people.? i seriously don't get that. They need to stop cutting things that the poor people depend on and if they do then this country would go down. They don't really care. This is absolutely wrong.
11:52 AM on 04/15/2011
The idea of cutting $38 billion is crazy and heartless. It's getting to the point where the poor will have not resources to live. When people get into welfare they do it because they NEED it, for most people it will be impossible for them to pay the cost of life. Is any one going to ask the biggest question when cutting budget "How are the poor going to survive?". Obama himself acknowledged that the cuts will be hard on the people, but for him they were "necessary". What is necessary is to provide the people in need and protect the people that can't defend themselves, like the mothers, children and elderly that are getting the worse of the cuts.
11:13 AM on 04/15/2011
Cutting 38 billion is a lot especially to the poor. We having a hard time as it is and to cut on social serivces that we use to make it threw the day is going to make huge impact on our lives. Cutting on libraries which kids use to go read books and use computers because some us can't afford to have one. Cutting on education which is already doing bad now and taking more money would only make it worst. These leaders that we have are not doing there job and something has to changed.
11:13 AM on 04/15/2011
Essentially what the politicians/elected officially do while running for a seat is "put on a nice smile and tell as what we want to hear, after being elected they still have that smile on but; do what benefits them and their golf buddies. I believe these polititians all have parents and grandparents, my opinion is budget cuts on the elderly should affect them the same way it will affect us minorities.

-Nigel Manu