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07:17 PM on 02/04/2008
I am stunned and outraged at the clear Obama slant on Huff. Nothing about HC in the headline except that Michelle Obama might not vote for her and that feminists hate her. And a below the headline, an entire story on HC crying again -- and she didn't cry!

I know Ms. Huffington is an Obama fan. But where have her ethical standards gone?
07:17 PM on 02/04/2008

It's obvious from the pic provided that Obama has a gnat problem!

They could be fire flys but ... it's not dark enough to tell!

07:15 PM on 02/04/2008
I'm so happy this will be over tomorrow! I'm tired of all the bickering.
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07:13 PM on 02/04/2008
Both Clinton and Obama have touched a wellspring of emotions among us that have been absent for too long. Whether it's due to gender, race, charisma, political agenda/platform, and/or trepidation over the current status of the country, they engender a strong visceral response. This has cause emotions to flare when a perceived slight or slander has been made; in which case anger erupts. Statements are made that only create divisiveness among the Clinton and Obama supporters. I have read where there are individuals that will not vote for the other democratic candidate if the one they have chosen does not win the nomination.

The end result will then be that a republican will win the presidency. A childish reaction of cutting off the nose to spite the face. The candidate that I feel most passionately about may not win. And as much as it pains me, I will vote for the other democratic candidate.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."
07:05 PM on 02/04/2008
Obama---picture of distrust--pushed by a politically correct corrupt ultra liberal agenda---they will allow another bush as president just to satisfy their pathetic fantasies
07:03 PM on 02/04/2008
Get out and vote tomorrow.

It is up to us to get our troops home, save our economy and our country.

Just vote Dem.
07:02 PM on 02/04/2008
Is it better to vote for Romney tomorrow knowing that Mccain vs any Democrat gives them a chance where as anybody other than Mccain against any Democrat is a non-starter?
07:00 PM on 02/04/2008
07:00 PM on 02/04/2008
We shouldn’t forget Colin Powell’s warning about Iraq, “if you break it, you will own it”. Those who originally voted to authorize the administrations war in Iraq (now proven to be without justification), includes Sen. Clinton, although she didn’t read the National Intelligence Estimate regarding the threat of Iraq (there were no WMD’s, “mushroom clouds”, etc).
There are therefore two camps here. One the one hand is the group, including Clinton, who by their vote created the original “breaking” of Iraq. On the other hand are the others, who subsequent to this original war vote by the “breakers” found it necessary to subsequently vote in favor of funding for our soldiers in Iraq so as to attempt to “fix” Iraq.
The Clintons continue to undermine Obama regarding Iraq, with their ridiculous criticism and “fairy tale” claims. IMO, this is simply an attempt to divert attention away from the original Iraq “breakers”, including Sen. Clinton, by criticizing those who have been placed precariously in the political position of now needing to “fix” Iraq. Sen Obama was wise enough to have discerned the lack of overwhelming evidence regarding Iraq originally, and should not be faulted for his votes, subsequent to that original vote, in trying to fund the troops in order to “fix” the debacle created in Iraq originally.
Sen. Clinton’s original vote authorizing war in Iraq IMO displayed lacking Presidential type judgment and leadership capacity. And unbelievably she once again gave her vote of approval for this administration to open the door for a military offensive against Iran (the threat of which was again discounted by our intelligence agencies) despite the potential of now “breaking” two nations, and placing the responsibility for “fixing” the political mess once again from the pocketbooks of the US citizens.
I fail to see in Sen. Clinton the Presidential type judgment and leadership capacity necessary in avoiding breaking things that shouldn’t be broken, and for criticizing others for attempting to fix the subsequent political messes created.
IMO Sen. Obama displays the judgment and leadership desperately needed today from a Presidential candidate.
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06:59 PM on 02/04/2008
Groucho, I must go. So, you take this Obama Thread and manage it from here on.

(I'm sure Groucho will show up soon.)
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06:57 PM on 02/04/2008
Since this is entirely my thread, I declare it the Obama Thread. Hillary supporters can go to other threads. Republicans can go to hell.
06:57 PM on 02/04/2008
The man does have a talent for creating excitement. Regardless of the outcome of Super Tuesday, everyone who is fed up with the last seven years and wants a chance of change should support the Democratic candidate. MyCane will only bring on more of the same, especially more war.
Get ready for Ralph Nader if Hillary wins....
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06:56 PM on 02/04/2008
I am so glad that all intelligent people have decided to support Obama.
...a curmudgeon from So. Arizona
06:55 PM on 02/04/2008
Gee, 13,000+ turned out here last week. Must be the weather...
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06:54 PM on 02/04/2008
The President just signed into law a bill that requires that all Democrats and independents must vote for Obama. Effective immediately.