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11:12 AM on 04/21/2011
I love how nukes and nuclear energy have their own super-disasters and end-of-the-world scenarios, yet they get to stay around while conventional warfare is screamed at for being the best way to handle situations. Oh, how I laugh at the ants run from the giant magnifying glass labeled 'Nuclear Destruction'.
02:12 AM on 04/23/2011
DU ammo /bunker busters missiles
11:09 AM on 04/21/2011
Shut them all down.

According to the article below, the U.S. Health care system is unprepared for major nuclear emergency:
Cut on the bias
11:57 AM on 04/21/2011
There is very limited responses after exposure has occurred, but even that is far more than could be delivered when thousands are affected. Evacuation is the only answer the nuclear industry has for their accidents-abandon your homes and property with little compensation and inadequate health care. Certainly there are better ways to boil water.
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11:04 AM on 04/21/2011
Replace Likely with Disaster. There fixed it for ya.
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11:02 AM on 04/21/2011
Amazing candor from a world official. The obvious question is: Is anyone listening? Certainly not in the US Senate. Nor anywhere else in the mainstream media. Seems pretty clear that more disasters lie ahead.
Protect at
11:12 AM on 04/21/2011
You're right about the candor. And it's unlikely that politicians (Senate, House, WhiteHouse) are going to pay sufficient attention, at least here in the US.
It's possible that humans will do enough damage to our ecosystems/oceans/climate  to knock off most of the human population and then there won't be such a need for energy.
10:57 AM on 04/21/2011
You can't slip much by that genius, can you?
I needs proof read more!
10:53 AM on 04/21/2011
Likely? I'd say inevitable.