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Carpe Diem!
08:05 AM on 02/07/2008
People will vote for Hillary because she voted for the war, she voted TWICE for the Patriot Act, military commission act, and she sat on the Armed Services Committe which authorized torture. Then these people will love to have their measly paycheck garnished because they cannot afford healthcare, which she will force on you and pay back her gracious corporations who gave her the biggest stash of campaign donations.
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Wake up! It's 1984.
06:31 AM on 02/07/2008
Once in a while, the RepubliCons do something right even if it's for the wrong reason.
07:54 AM on 02/07/2008
Wrong. Every needless dime is given to the Pentagon, and little is given back to people in need.

The Republicans are laughing at Pelosi and Reid, two hapless fools.

I want to know the difference between the Democrats and Republicans. Can anyone tell me?

And please don't advise me to vote for Obama. He's against universal health care.
08:18 AM on 02/07/2008
Obama isn't against Universal Health Care. He is realistic about the fact that it cannot be implemented. People will look at it and assume that their taxes will go up. You can guess what will happen after that.
06:28 AM on 02/07/2008
05:55 AM on 02/07/2008
Pelosi is the real evil.

In the House,She thoughtlessly threw the unemployed over the cliff (giving all Republicans cover),then held a press conference minutes before the Senate vote to tell the world that the Republican view should prevail.

She's a Democrat?
05:20 AM on 02/07/2008
So what else is new? Screw the Veterans has been the repiglican way for seven years now.

Rest assured the Veterans will not forget it when they enter the polling booths. Enough is enough, they know where their advocates are.

"I can't praise the Democratic leadership enough for what they've done with addressing the budget that was handed to them the day they took office," said Steve Robertson, legislative director for the American Legion.
01:09 AM on 02/07/2008
Nice match's, president bent on suicide leads party to suicide, they will not be mourned, it shall become a holiday when spoken of by our children
12:32 AM on 02/07/2008
Gosh it's nice of those Republicans to band together to stop taxpayer money from subsidizing those oil companies making historic record profits...

...and then I woke up to our nightmare in the reality-based community.

- Tom
VERY moderate Republican!
03:02 AM on 02/07/2008
Yes that is true. I am a Republican and I will hold those guys personally responsible when this economy hits depression stages. This sounds like same song, second verse and guess which party in in the WH. Yep Republicans. Finally we have a Democratic plan that will bail us out and what do the Republicans do. They torpedo the bill and we will surely remember that at the ballot box in November. I am switching to the ABR party as soon as they get organized so I can sign up. You know, the Anything But Republicans (ABR) party. For too long that party was turned loose on this country and they have totally wrecked everything. Now they are self centered that they stop any reasonable attempt to fix up their disgusting mess. No wqonder no one gives them any money for their party and people are voting for Democrats in droves. Democrats are the only line to draw against these tax and spend mobsters that control led both the house and senate until last election. There is no one else to blame except the Republican run government regarding this hapless war, the criminal behavior with our national money and their lack of interest in caring for their cash crop, the lowly citizens of this country. So I say bug off. I intend ot gibve piles of money, huge amounts of time and any other supportive role I can play to sdee that the Democrats get elected this next election. The Republicans blew their chance.
09:57 AM on 02/07/2008
Cash crop...scary but true
Special on pap smears at Walgreen's this week ....
11:57 PM on 02/06/2008
To Re-PIG-licans - giving aid to ordinary Americans is a waste of the taxpayers money?

Only the corporations are worthy of spending our tax dollars on?

Re-pig-licans are a waste of good oxygen.
Once I heard nothing
12:27 AM on 02/07/2008
It's Hillary's fault! As is everything else that's bad in the world. She is the devil, Satan, AIDS, cancer, poverty, homelessness.

And she is definitely not, we are who we are waiting for!!!

Get a life. Get rid of your BO and get clean with HRC!
We are against misconduct, not against wealth
11:50 PM on 02/06/2008
Everyone should read Senator Bernie Sanders' article about his ideas for the stimulus package. The Senate would be wise to adopt some of his thoughts.
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11:16 PM on 02/06/2008
No matter how hard the Repub's try and hide it, their hate towards certain segments of our society just has a way of oozing it's way through for all to see. Despicable.
11:13 PM on 02/06/2008
I'll never understand the loyalty some of the Republicans show Bush. He's a lame duck and a sinking ship. The nation is ready to throw off the yoke of Bush repression and will surely eject all who attach themselves to him.

PA Firefighter
11:07 PM on 02/06/2008
sorry: "his toady Lieberman"
11:07 PM on 02/06/2008
I know McCain wasn't there to vote...but was his today Lieberman also absent? Normally Lieberman would be a YES vote on this kind of legislation, but now that he's wedded to Old John, who knows.
11:02 PM on 02/06/2008
McConnell's playing his "win-win" strategy again: he knows the Dems will pass it if the Repubs agree, as they will, to money for the seniors and social security recipients. As usual, the elderly will be shafted (once again) and not get heating subsidies, nor will the unemployed get benefit extensions. Gotta love those Republicans. But they'll be hurt in terms of donations by not giving in the housing industry....

Finally, notice the absence of John McCain. I haven't seen the NV list, but his name will be prominent. Of course he'll be back for the "brokered" Bill vote to save his butt with seniors. And you can also bet that the vote today, coming up one Senator short, followed close head counting by McConnell to allow 9 at-risk Repub Senators to vote with the Dems. Another common trick. I'm drawing up my list of probable Repubs who voted with the Dems....wanna bet Norm Coleman is on it.
10:52 PM on 02/06/2008
Why can't all you lefty types understand the simple truth, that the best way to help the poor is by helping the rich? If the rich folks in this country get an extra 100K or so in tax refunds, they will be far more likely to give a dollar to the homeless vet on the street corner ... provided, of course, they can write that off on next year's taxes and get a $2 rebate.

This is what makes a vital economy tick, just in case you pinkos don't get it.
12:59 AM on 02/07/2008
Or give it to the poor and make the rich earn it via services/business..just like the poor does, if you haven't noticed the rich don't drive through poor neighborhoods let alone a place where the unemployed gather, except for illegals infront of the homestore, and they sure don't take their wallet out.
04:40 PM on 02/07/2008
That trickle down shit didnt work during the Reagan years, basically it was just pissing on the poor.

I think you are being sarcastic, but its so hard to tell with so many lovers of Reagan.