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11:37 AM on 04/28/2011
Yeah. Sure the tax payer will get some money. Sure.
Linda from Deerfield
Paying attention
11:11 AM on 04/28/2011
This is great to hear. It's much nicer to hear of a feisty bunch demanding justice than the whining and spiteful AIG employees demanding their bonuses in spite of their employer having been central to the meltdown of the Western world.
10:58 AM on 04/28/2011
Here's how American taxpayers share:
We loan billions to the banks at 0.0 to.0.5 interest rate and they lend it back to us, the US taxpayers at 0.3%, all the while screwing us blind on fees and no interest on the trillions we deposit. Its outrageous what these chizlers are getting away with while our own congress aids and abets them.
11:39 AM on 04/28/2011
Could not have said it better myself! Banks make so much money off our deposits, yet give us almost nothing in return. I say try a credit union.
12:14 PM on 04/28/2011
Move your money out of the big banks, ALL the money you have with them including your mutual funds and retirement accounts. We do have economic power we are not using wisely