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01:30 AM on 05/02/2011
One thing I got from these tweets, is that I really would love to bang Rosemary Church.
01:20 AM on 05/02/2011
whyyy do we care about Lindsay Lohan's tweet about this???
not everyone can be me
12:15 PM on 05/02/2011
Probably for the same reason you cared enough to single out her tweet to ask why it was included.
01:17 AM on 05/02/2011
The best is that Trump's 15 minutes are up; that there was important work to do not to be messing with the birth certificate BS and that Obama IS the President. Love it!
01:14 AM on 05/02/2011
We will wake tomorrow morning to discover there have been retalitory strikes against Americans virtually all over the world. Although I have worked in the Middle East for five years in the past, I would not want to be there now. I suggest you avoid crowds anywhere in the world over the next few days.
01:11 AM on 05/02/2011
one down....millions to go
01:10 AM on 05/02/2011
Thank god again a great President He did the job that no one esle could do.

Of course you will get people who will say the President had nothing to do with this

But all the crazys who hate our President explain that.

He directed the raid and another great feather in his cap

Horray for our President
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02:03 AM on 05/02/2011
I'm a huge Obama supporter, and am proud that he had a role to play in this. But I'm tired of the Rah Rah of war. There will continue to be violence, and some of it may make its way back to our shores. If so, our President will probably be unfairly blamed for it as I can't imagine the GOP getting behind Obama like the entire country got behind Bush after 9/11 (until Bush launched into the Iraq debacle, that is). The GOP is selectively patriotic, after all. Anyways, to the extent that Obama's behind-the-scenes work contributed to tonight's successful mission, we can afford to praise his efforts. But we shouldn't take it beyond that. This "war on terror" business is a war without end, and no American President has control of its course.
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02:03 PM on 05/02/2011
Again another great feather in the President cap.

He proved again what a great man he is
01:01 AM on 05/02/2011
^^^Osama Bin Laden Compound Google Maps^^^

The most intense manhunt in the history of America has came to a close. Usama Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan, about 35 miles north of Islamabad. The Government got word about some couriers in the region who were possible involved with Bin Laden. They traced these couriers to a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan that was eight times larger than nearby homes, eighteen feet high barb wire, and routinely burned their trash which differed from other homes in the area.
Don't let them school you or even try to fool you.
12:59 AM on 05/02/2011
They finally went in after him! That's what I've been arguing for them do! What a great day to GIVEADAMN!
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12:52 AM on 05/02/2011
Love the quote from Mark Twain. I must admit, I don't wish on anyone, but this has to happen. This man had to die. If he was taken alive, those loyal to him would come out in droves to rescue him. I hate to say it again, but it had to be done.
you show me your micro-bio and I'll show you mine.
03:00 AM on 05/02/2011
Yeah, it did have to be done. So anyone who's feeling sad cuz it's still "wrong to take a 'human' life," get over it! That THING didn't want anything except our demise as a country, and by demise I mean the death of anyone who wasn't willing to convert to Islam (no offense to Muslims. We just shouldn't HAVE to become one if we don't want to).
There was never gonna be any reasoning with him. We were never going to be able to sit down and talk rationally to his crazy a**! Everybody's not redeemable, and he was one example of someone who wasn't.
It's not like we killed Mary freaking Poppins people. The Wicked Witch is dead. Next we just gotta get that evil sister (sleeper cells, terrorists everywhere, etc.).
My micro-bio is as empty as the rest of my life.
12:47 AM on 05/02/2011
Yes, Twitter was made for events like these. I can't wait for Paris Hilton and Ashton Kutcher to weigh in.
Still haven't found what I'm looking for
12:34 PM on 05/02/2011
Oh Pah .....leseeeee.
12:42 AM on 05/02/2011
This is an enormous event that will change the world. People will lay down their weapons and peace will flourish.
12:47 AM on 05/02/2011
Dont be naive
01:02 AM on 05/02/2011
I think Rob was being sardonic..
01:24 AM on 05/02/2011
He was being sarcastic.
And when will Obama go after the actual masterminds and perpetrators of 9/11, who are still free and unindicted by the FBI (as was bin Laden).
Awa an bile yer heid
02:50 AM on 05/02/2011
yeah and don't forget the part of the lion and the lamb ordering pizza and sharing a netflix moment.