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give me liberty or give me death
09:04 AM on 05/08/2011
After 911 The Bush administration along with the NEOCONS drummed up a case for War. We had many people on the ground in Iraq that knew that they did not have any WMD...But they were drowned out in the "Spirit of Things" . the "16 words were forgery". claims of yellow cake were all lies. Announcements on every channel screamed "Saddam will nuke NYC in 40 minutes...So we all know the up shot to this story 5500 of our Kids gone forever, 600,000 Iraqi civilians massacred. Today 4 Major OIL Corporations are sucking the country dry. IRAQ had nothing to do with 9-11, Today this goes on:US drones killed 957 Pakistani civilians in 2010
IANS, Apr 14, 2011, 08.07pm IST

ISLAMABAD: A total of 957 Pakistani civilians were killed in American drone attacks in the country 2010, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in its annual report on Thursday.

The report that focused on human rights violations in the country also laid an emphasis on terror attacks in 2010, according to Xinhua. SO WHAT is it WE are doing? WE are making REAL Terrorists to continue our onslaught on the Muslim people around the World. WHY ? Our Defense Industry has bribed our legislators to do their bidding. Today the American Public have NO Lobbyist and NO Voice. when will we hire our own Lobbyist to keep us from getting kicked to the side of the road...MR
Not the talk. What good result would it hav
10:10 AM on 05/08/2011
Hope your lengthy post will serve as reminder to those with similar thoughts as yours and be an eye- opener to those who chose to turn deaf ear to facts and realities. I hope,too, in time they realize which side is wrong, and which side is right .
Birthers are nasty little creatures.
03:01 PM on 05/08/2011
The people in this country have no lobbyists because the corporate state has brainwashed them into believing that their lobbyist IS the corporate state. If you try to convince them otherwise (just read some of the idiotic posts on this site) the brainwashed sheep will respond that the people trying to help them are all "commie, liberal socialists." Yep, pretty much describes the situation.

Corporate state=my interest (because they told me so, and why would THEY lie?)
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08:45 AM on 05/08/2011
I guess the difference is that Bin Laden had it coming. The victims of 9/11 didn't. The street celebrations DID take many by surprise in the fact that they were mostly young. As a somber but grateful adult the rest of us quietly toast the occasion. This Breitweiser's for you. Celebrate in your own way... but celebrate.
08:00 AM on 05/08/2011
I agree with you %100.
America was raped from inside after the 9/11 attacks. The press says nothing about it, but that is where the collateral damage is.
less government means more in my pocket
07:51 AM on 05/08/2011
Sorry for your loss. I agree. For me, I was surprised when people celebrated . It is not that Bin Laden's death was not something that made me feel relieved, because I did feel relieved. I dont realy know if it was proper or not to show the pictures of Obama dead. I guess for some, they wanted it just for the satisfaction of knowing for sure that this monster of a person was really dead. I guess for others, showing the pictures represented something else, the rekindling of a memory that they did not want to experience again.
07:48 AM on 05/08/2011
I agree. I left the Trade center 9 months before the attack. My friends and former coworkers died horribly and so many of our neighbors. I was embarassed at all the celebration and have yet to hear a reasonable defense of it, especially since it seemed to be mostly kids. Bin Laden, still an active terrorist plotting more attacks, was finally stopped. It wont bring anyone back and it wont undo what was done, but he paid the appropriate price for his wanton public murder of thousands of non combatants. Its not revenge, its war. And war isnt the childrens game it was made to look like on the streets.
06:41 AM on 05/08/2011
No, it wasn't 'all worth it'. To many lives were lost in our efforts to put the pieces back to together in these countries after we'd already accomplished our objective. This was done to placate the self-righteous sensibilities of the left. To many lives are still being lost due to ridiculous rules of engagement, done to prevent 'collateral damage' - again, to placate the Left.
12:58 PM on 05/08/2011
how about to "placate" any sense of morallity that is possible in a war situation?

"He hit me , so I will kill his wife and children----and anyone that happens to be in the area" The thinking of a ???????
give me liberty or give me death
04:06 PM on 05/08/2011
she343 agreed you are right on target F&F....see my other posts which has even more detail.
Slater Torret
02:01 AM on 05/08/2011
I am sorry for your lose. That you are still humanitarian and caring, have not retreated from a philosophy of peace and altruism, is an inspiration. Thank you.
09:32 AM on 05/08/2011
I agree with Slater... I too, felt our dancing in the street was inappropriate and did not feel the exuberance felt by others... it was a strange feeling and joy was not one of them. as far as being worth it... have to say, no.
12:58 AM on 05/08/2011
Thank you so much for your compassion and wisdom - I had the same reaction to what I saw on TV - what is this? Your perspective is right on - all the loss of lives and liberties.
08:22 AM on 05/07/2011
The tragedy of bin Laden's death is that it wipes from our memory any recollection of why we were attacked on 9-11, robbing us of the opportunity to prevent future attacks.

As an Operation Desert Storm staff officer for the CINC - Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, I witnessed the the horror of our troops attacking a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us, and the spilling of Muslim blood - not just the blood of military fighters, but of Muslim families.

And for what? The al Sabbah family, most likely the wealthiest family in the world, thanked us for freeing Kuwait. Schwarzkopf warned DoD of what would happen if we bombed The Cradle of Civilization.

And he was right. Revenge came on 9-11. Now revenge is promised us for once again invading a sovereign nation and killing the leader of many Muslims.

It Needs to Stop Now.
Not the talk. What good result would it hav
10:29 AM on 05/08/2011
As long as it's done with certitude, no better way than to disclose the fact for people to know and cast away doubts and skeptisisms.
11:17 AM on 05/06/2011
Those were the exact thoughts that crossed my mind when I heard the news. It is truly inspiring to hear those words come from someone who has suffered so much, and yet still is not filled with hate or bile. Murder begets murder. That should be painfully clear to us. Unfortunately, the myth of American exceptionalism runs very deep within our culture's beliefs. Hopefully that belief will be shattered sooner than later, and before it is too late.
Not the talk. What good result would it hav
10:43 AM on 05/08/2011
Yes, before it is too late but not late enough to revise ideas and perspective towards a once 'great and super world that is America'
02:13 PM on 05/05/2011
You are thinking....most react, human condition, it will not change in our lifetime....
08:13 AM on 05/08/2011
Living in a reactionary world is absolute. Preeminent reactionary mind set is a no go. Granted US mic would be lost w/out it. We simply have to stop shooting 1st & asking Q's 10 years later. Then paying the bill 2 generations later. John Lennon please come back! LOL
12:54 PM on 05/05/2011
thank you for what you said
12:54 PM on 05/05/2011
You write: ... I cannot seem to remove the optics of the giddy, gleeful throngs of Americans who took to the streets celebrating in the early morning hours...

And I don't want to see any ugly blood stained sheets as proof of death or justice."

Please consider; indeed credit the fact, If it were not for these human passions for revenge and justice, then we would not have doggedly pursued, at considerable risk, and shot dead this messianic, psychopathic killer.

Your husband was his 'first' nameless (to him) victim; you and I were the next on his list.

A. Lautin MD
Multiply the truth. Speak truth through power.
05:30 PM on 05/08/2011
MD? If your medical degree is in psychology or psychiatry, then perhaps you could explain what psychopathic or psychopathy means. Instead of guessing what OBL was about to do to "next on his list", which is pure political scaremongering, on which you have no special insights or professional expertise, you could offer some insights on healing, or you could rise to the higher level of concern, and speak to the "better angels", of which Ms. Breitweiser is so soberly, thoughtfully, sincerely and eloquently appealing to in each American.

Here's what is explained about psychopathic persons and psychopathy. It's a common character trait BY NO MEANS restricted to "terrists", but could appear in persons living among us, breathing the same air, or working next to us, rich or poor, with or without advanced degrees, holding the highest or no political office, or just plain ordinary looking people, ...
05:48 PM on 05/13/2011

You have written, "Instead of guessing what OBL was about to do to "next on his list", which is pure political scaremongering, on which you have no special insights or professional expertise"

Please note:

Two days 'after' I penned this comment, investigations into OBL's plans revealed OBL's ambition to derail the major commuter trains here in the USA in an attempt to kill many civilians, as well as disrupt rail communications. I believe that places you, me, the author of the original HP contribution, all Americans at considerable risk.

Prediction is a pretty convincing element of proper theory. I do not think my comment lacked principle or was improper. Indeed my brief behavioral description of this mass murderer was in accord with known crimes he orchestrated/committed, and the behavioral ascriptions I attributed to him (his aspirations to inflict mass personal injury on us) was a prediction (as noted) born out by evidence obtained from OBL's compound.

Note: It is universally agreed that psychopathy is poorly tractable, to psychiatric innervation.

The final decision to shoot OBL dead was a military decision made in real time and subject to a surfeit of variables unknown to you and me, and a host of variables that were unknown to the highly exposed SEAL team that carried out this particularly delicate, critical mission. The military mission IMHO was a 'forced moved' in this war on terrorism, which necessarily prioritized the criminal indeed deplorable behaviors fostered and abetted by OBL.
08:47 PM on 05/13/2011
You write, "Instead of guessing what OBL was about to do to "next on his list", which is pure political scaremongering., on which you have no special insights or professional expertise..., ."

I penned the original comment two "days" before the investigations of OBL's compound revealed what he was 'about to do next'; and what he was about to do next was to coordinate/oversee the placement of explosives to kill as many Americans as he could riding on the rail system in our major cities - that would include you, me and Kristen Breitweiser ( author of the opinion piece) of which these comments pertain.

A principle component of an accepted/acceptable theory is prediction and not just (or in addition to) description. In the case of the predicted behaviors of a psychopathic killer, future killing is expected; unavoidable. What you refer to as 'my guess', I put forth as a prediction (prognosis - to know before hand); endorsed or warranted by a correct diagnosis - OBL is a messianic psychopathic killer. (Notably, psychopathy is poorly tractable to treatment).

The decision to shoot OBL dead was a military move. It was made in real time by a highly exposed SEAL team facing a surfeit of variables (many unknown/unknowable) at the time.

What was known at the time, were the hideous acts, committed, enabled, birthed by OBL; and (importantly) what also was known (predictable) was that failure to kill OBL would be associated with much killing in its train.
12:41 PM on 05/05/2011
Thank you for the deep and thought provoking words. Not everyone viewed this as a Frat party opportunity. Some of us prayed for his dastardly soul, for the thousands that this man had sent to an early grave, for the extreme endless war that was begun by then President Bush and President Obama seems to be unable to stop the momentum. I hold all of the survivors of 9/11 in continued prayer and Light.
12:30 PM on 05/05/2011
God bless you and your family, Mrs. Breitweiser! In all seriousness, if you ever decide to run for President, I'll help you any way I can to support and vote for you.