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Freedom from fear - the philosophy of human rights
12:54 AM on 02/09/2008
Condi skipped reading the MOST IMPORTANT MEMO

EVER regarding a very likely terrorist attack using

commercial jets yet the Republicans want her to

become their VP nominee. We can now truthfully, unlike Rude Rudy, use 9/11.

10:45 PM on 02/08/2008
Republicans can be hilarious sometimes. NutCain/Condi. Yuk Yuk. Tom Delay or Newt Gingrich would be funny. I think he should choose Dennis Hastert. That would be a fucking riot.
10:40 PM on 02/08/2008
And I'm supposed to sleep after reading this?
Just when I think we have hit bottom...the floor drops out again.
She should be right beside Bush and Cheney when they are removed from office...
In my lifetime...I have seen many administrations ...not all were great...but none were so bent on crippling this country as this one.
And we do nothing. Nothing. V.
09:55 PM on 02/08/2008
McLame and Condomsleeza. A perfect pair........of losers!
Liberty Loving, Liberal
09:46 PM on 02/08/2008
I think I’m going to be ill, massively ill. What a ticket, along with Bolton as Sec. of State. OMFG
08:28 PM on 02/08/2008
Its a tribute to the corporate propaganda system that Rice can even be considered for any position in government. No one seems to remember or care that 9/11 happened on her watch. She was National Security Adviser and hence the most senior person in the White House (next to Bush himself) who should have been held accountable. Its not as if she was making efforts against terrorists yet they succeeded anyway. She ignored warning after warning from Richard Clark and even the incompetent liar George Tenent. Then she became what I think is clearly the worst Secretary of State in history. The state department's morale is at an all time low. Important positions are going unfilled and our country has never been more despised by the rest of the world. Our power is also incredibly weakened, especially given that we are the last remaining super power. Rice has acomplished absolutely nothing but photo ops.
10:01 PM on 02/08/2008
I agree completely. It enrages me that she can be still be taken seriously, let alone be employed. Seems to me she's been one of the most inept people in the Bush adminstration. And that's saying something.
But on the bright side, it illustrates what McCain is up against. He has to please the radical right, but if he does, there's no way he'll win in the general election. In fact, it could be great for the democrats. I'm pretty ambivalent about the remaining democratic candidates, but I'll personally get off my ambivalent butt and campaign for either one of them against a McCain/Condi ticket. UGH.
07:26 PM on 02/08/2008
hope she goes for it. total incompetence but can smile and wave at the same time while exiting a plane in high heels.

she cant be a vp stanford wants her back she fits right in their war mongering fascist elitist program after all they took rummy for their think tank but cant take condi for a think tank as no one has caught her thinking yet.

what a sad time to be an american like a bad dream. someone said smile things could get worst so I smiled and sure enough things got worst in america.
Don't know much micro-bio-logy
05:51 PM on 02/08/2008

Black? Check.

Female? Check.

Happy to defer to men with guns? Check.

Better than a Medal of Freedom? Check.

Lesbian? oops.
06:25 PM on 02/08/2008
You have succinctly described Hillary Clinton. She did proclaim herself the first Black first lady during this very presidential campaign. You hit Hillary on the head with each "check"-nail.
Don't know much micro-bio-logy
06:59 PM on 02/08/2008
Nice try. Got "A" game?

We ARE talking about Condi "that was just a HISTORICAL briefing" Rice.

Whether the dems run Obama or Hillary, the Condi play is a good counter. For a neo-con.
05:23 PM on 02/09/2008
Independent (real Repig) No one was
talking about Hillary, you just
could'nt resist making a jab at
her !!
You can kiss ugly Condi all you
want but George will get you !!!
Don't know much micro-bio-logy
05:30 PM on 02/08/2008
How about a McCain/Obama ticket?

Michelle, I mean.

05:25 PM on 02/09/2008
No ! No ! Don't let them in !!
Condi will probably be trying to sneak George into the Lincoln bedroom !!!
Cozy !! but UGH !!!
04:56 PM on 02/08/2008
I've never said anything chauvinist like this in my life, but... this stupid bitch doesn't know a fucking thing.

Her work as Secretary of State has been utterly useless. Any foreign accomplishment, from 2005 to today, is because the other power came to the table despite her 'work.' I still remember her telling Korea, "Don't fire those bombs... no more bombs Korea... You better not fire those bombs... there will be serious ramifications if you fire those bombs." Korea went ahead and fired its bombs, and Rice just evaporated from public view (probably to go shoe shopping), with no repercussions. Her bargaining and diplomacy skills are both SHIT.

However... strategically it would be a smart move politically because:
- The Nazi party needs to groom some sort of successor to whomever might get into office this time. (McCain is like 12,000 years old)
- They would make history
- She's a relatively young Nazi
- A black candidate would give the GOP further leverage/propaganda from the pose of "being open-minded" - their other black option (Colin P), is now in disgrace, and can never run for Prez.
- Her hardline idiocy might cancel out some of McCains insane, inconsistant-granpappy vector; thus a bone to throw to the Nazi groundlings.
- It would generate a shitload of media coverage who prefer to flog rhetorical bullet items than cogitate.
04:18 PM on 02/08/2008
I listened to one of Condi's speeches and was reminded of a talk I heard given by a gentleman many years ago. He said "If you elect me 8th grade class president I'll bring donuts 'n stuff". He lost, but those days were different.
04:21 PM on 02/08/2008
Correction for you republicans:

Those day's we're differen't.
04:04 PM on 02/08/2008
Living proof that competence, integrity and character have nothing to do with the GOP...I hope they do it. Against a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket, they don't stand a chance.

also proof of just how far out of touch with America the GOP is...

and finally, where is Rice going to find the time to try to clean up the mess that she and her Neoconmen buddies have made of the world for their "legacy"... what a loser..
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03:58 PM on 02/08/2008
The Democrats are running a woman and an African American...
SAY! That gives me an idea!!

PLEEEASE run that ticket, Republics!!
03:52 PM on 02/08/2008
I think that Condi has had to put up with a lot from that moron Bush. She could have been a lot more effective. I love the idea of a McCain/Rice ticket! I am willing to bet that us Hillary followers - if Obama gets the nod - would rather see McCain/Rice. We value experience. We want to see a woman running this country. This is a ticket that could TKO Obama. I love Hillary - if she doesn't get the nod - I'm changing parties!
10:16 AM on 02/09/2008
Ahhh -- only another moron would put up with a moron.
health care for profit is immoral
02:13 PM on 02/09/2008
Troll Alert!
03:46 PM on 02/08/2008
I have a better idea. Let's reenlist McCain and sign Rice up for her first tour of duty. Then ship them both off to Iraq to singlehandedly fight the 100 year War.