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What's this?
10:04 AM on 05/11/2011
Vested interests, in making money will destroy us. I'm happy that the court saw through the veil of nonsense. I doubt though that these two will just go away.
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Retired CEO & Quality-Mgmt Consultant
10:04 AM on 05/11/2011
A SLAPP slapped? The Kochs are shameless.
We're The Fa-cowee
10:03 AM on 05/11/2011
You should have seen Brian Johnson, Sr. Tax Adviser for American Petroleum Inst. who appeared on Carol Costello's show this am.
It was enough to make you spit.
He explained that they sure do give back!! In the form of products he says. He complained that if they were just given more access they could produce more and make more money!!
His argument was an insult to our intelligence and was as creepy as the argument that aborted babies are responsible for Social Security shortcomings because they weren't there to contribute.
The whole interview was sickening....Carol pressed him but her attitude is too flippant when it should have been seriously demanding.
10:01 AM on 05/11/2011
Even in Utah that old First Amendment ban on prior restraint has legs. It is not a matter of a sympathetic judge or the influence of an advocacy group, it is a case of fundamental black letter law being followed. The law has a 250 year history of being ridgid toward preserving first Amendment rights. In this case the Koch brothers are public figures who are engaged in political speech. The website in question was clearly involved in political speech as well. Since the Koch brothers have dragged Koch industries into a public political fight they now have no claim to privacy which is the only compensatory path in first amendment arguments. This ruling had nothing to do with liberal or conservative views from the courts point of view, and everything to do with prior restraint. A satirical website making a political point is clearly under the same protection as a newspaper, a magazine, or a political handout. If the Koch brothers really wanted privacy they could have had it by staying in the background and giving money anonomously. They chose to become national political symbols and entered a game that has long standing and recognized rules. The fact that they don't want to play anymore is not a legal argument. If you don't like the heat, don't go into the kitchen.
02:39 PM on 05/11/2011
Very well said.
Jessica Erin
micro bio is micro.
09:56 AM on 05/11/2011
boo just more reasons to not like the kochs. i'm always surprised, when i feel like i can't like a person any less, when they are able to do just that.
Carpe diem
09:49 AM on 05/11/2011
I don't have time to review the 1352 comments already posted to determine if this article has already been provided. So, to those who are really interested in learning, who are these "Koch brothers", see the New Yorker article link. As non-politicians, these 5th richest people are doing more to destroy this country. Educate yourself.
10:21 AM on 05/11/2011
Oh puhleeze.

0bama and Soros has done more in the last 2 years than the Koch
Bros will ever do.
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Nigel Patel
People who are against government, govern badly
04:13 AM on 05/12/2011
Oh noes!!! George Soros!!!
Do you know why Soros sticks out? It's because he's one of very, very few billionaires not fighting AGAINST democracy.
Your Koch brothers aren't against "government" so much as they're against democracy. (which makes them good Libertarians)
K August
Research Alec Exposed
01:02 AM on 05/13/2011
I guess you don't know your Koch hero's very well.
A few recent news headlines.

The Koch Brothers: Dark Lords of Derivatives

Koch Industries Lackeys Admit To Manipulating Oil Prices…And Gloat About It, Too

Koch Brothers Increased Wealth by $9 Billion Last Year As They Fund Laws to Make Working Class Poorer

They've also been fined millions for spilling over 300 million gallons of oil in the rivers and streams of 6 states and sued by their OWN brother (the good one)
for stealing oil from native american and public lands.
09:47 AM on 05/11/2011
I am putting in a fix for the KOCH brothers.

Appeal it to the Supreme Court.
09:47 AM on 05/11/2011
Power to the people!!!! Koch bros...are criminals against mankind and mother earth!
09:45 AM on 05/11/2011
Just give it time and Koch will buy that court spot, and then it won't have to worry about another "activist" judge. Of course it will be a GREAT day for plutocracy when that happens.
Question Everything
09:30 AM on 05/11/2011
This is an outrage! How dare this judge deny the righteousness of corporate tyranny? All bow down to our corporate overlords! All hail the glorious corporate dominion!
Come Back Samuel Gompers
09:14 AM on 05/11/2011
Smear campaigns against environmentalists have been going on since the chemical industry
tried to paint Rachel Carson as some kind of libertine in order to discredit her important work. The
Koch brothers are environmental criminals and should be stopped by legal means. If only the EPA would get back to work, we could fine these two malefactors into impotency.
10:22 AM on 05/11/2011
And smear campaigns against the chemical and power companies have been going on since the 1960s.
Come Back Samuel Gompers
11:40 AM on 05/11/2011
telling the truth about pollution and environmental damage is not a lie or a smear campaign. Get real.
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08:47 AM on 05/11/2011
Maybe, just maybe, the worm is and there.
I think I'll have a bit of a shout now.
08:40 AM on 05/11/2011
Wow. The courts working for the good guys. Somebody give that Utah judge a hug.
09:27 AM on 05/11/2011
Or maybe it's the judge's way of telling them that the check wasn't big enough???
08:19 AM on 05/11/2011
suck my Koch
07:29 AM on 05/11/2011
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