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Why do I even care?
09:37 AM on 05/13/2011
I don't take most receipts because it's just more waste I need to dispose of. Leaving it at the store puts the waste disposal on them. Now I have another reason to avoid them.
08:33 AM on 05/13/2011
Excellent piece. I'm so glad you wrote this. Most people know nothing about the BPA in receipts and, when you tell them, they don't quite believe it and assume that you are perhaps just over-reacting to yet one more perceived danger. I admit I was skeptical at first. Or maybe it's that I'm sick and tired of the endless discoveries that nearly everything we eat, touch and breathe (not to mention our economy and political system) are contaminated, and I didn't want to contend with yet one more thing.

It shouldn't be this way. And I think that, for most people, it isn't because they pretty much assume that if something is in common usage, it must be safe -- somehow believing that "they" (the various agencies of the federal government) would never knowingly allow BPA in receipts unless it was safe.
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But I'm Still Willin'
08:58 AM on 05/13/2011
I am assuming that trying to inform cashiers would be the same for them, unfortunately. What can they do except shrug it off?
I think, therefore I am mad as hell!
10:06 AM on 05/13/2011
Plastic gloves?
If you don't repeal Obamacare the dog gets it
11:31 AM on 05/13/2011
Hmm. Maybe the guy at the Post Office who wears gloves all the time is not just concerned about anthrax.