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11:55 PM on 05/20/2011
Newark is awash in corruption always has been...

The Newark Star Ledger has contributed largely to this due to it's refusal to print stories of the police corruption in Newark and New Jersey and also the Corrupt Federal attorney's Office there which created Racial Profiling under Samuel Alito and then Michael Chetoff, Alito's protege...

Good Luck Howard, you'll need it...
11:20 PM on 05/20/2011
Nothing a couple of million out of Obamas stash can't fix. Socialism is only fun until you run out of other peoples money.
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11:09 PM on 05/20/2011
Celebrate each kind and thoughtful act. Lend a hand of you can. At the very least, offer good wishes and commend the effort. When everyone is a critic we get a fearful and bitter natipn. Let's cheer the optomists and wish them well. They are acting for the general good. We can too.
08:06 PM on 05/21/2011
I applaud Community Transformation! I was born in Newark and have witnessed the transformation from the riots of the 60's. To the nay sayers, as Malcolm X stated, "If You Are Not Part of The Solution, You Are Part Of The Problem"!
09:48 PM on 05/20/2011
Go Brick City!
Danish Lass
Think before you speak.
09:25 AM on 05/21/2011
I'm going there in July. I hope to see it with new eyes.
09:16 PM on 05/20/2011
   This is inspired, wishful writing about selfless social engineers determined to develop conditions that somehow connect to personal initiative and community transformation.  The indifferent reader realizes that there is not one mention, not one example of a manufacturing plant of any dimension, not even a sweat shop operation, nada in job creation via the private sector.
   New information sources are created to connect bored, angry, listless, unacheiving, unproducing citizens to share and possibly conspire for the overthrow of a failed economic, governance system.  But what esle is there besides words?
    This nation will not go forward with the same conventional wisdom of no taxation and reduced spending and the wonders of concentrated wealth and rule.  We must recognize first that the present corrupt capitalism is broken.  Then perhaps, we may formulate programs that renew opportunity for abandoned humanity with all the residuals that infers.
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12:37 AM on 05/21/2011
"and a neat grassy plot on which Panasonic will build a new headquarters."
This is likely a drop in the bucket for the needs, but it is something.

"We must recognize first that the present corrupt capitalism is broken."
Gotta go with you on that one. It appears a partial to total gut job, where whole sections will need to be torn out and replaced, for mold, and other contaminants are apparent.
07:00 PM on 05/20/2011
This is really cool! I think the more local the news gets the more people will be able to improve the communities they live in. Also, Newark has really gotten a lot more pleasant in the past 10 years. I will be happy to see it take its rightful place as New Jersey's central city.
06:50 PM on 05/20/2011
Thanks Howard for confirming for us that we're not nuts. Starting our own newspaper is exactly what we've done here in Southern Oregon. Just last week we launched to bring real news to the people of Southern Oregon. We live in a tiny media market dominated by right wing hate media. Yet our community is made up of talented progressive working class Americans that have seen their jobs, schools and public services and homes vanish in the last decade under so called conservative leadership. We barley have a middle class left here anymore. Our three TV Channels are owned by right wing media companies and our "local" newspaper is owned by Dow Jones. Our Republican Jackson County Board takes a page right out of the City of Bell playbook. We plan on taking our democracy back in Southern Oregon by utilizing the power of Citizen Journalism and the free press. We can no longer afford to allow Global Corporations to distill our news. We can't change America as a whole unless we change our local communities first and we believe the best way is through a free Press. Fox News is not going to hold my elected officials accountable. And Fox News dominates the media here and in smaller cities and communities all across America. Here in Southern Oregon we plan on changing that.
Max Baucus: What's in your wallet?
05:17 PM on 05/20/2011
I think there is something to this. I think this is a way around MSM. The Intenet has already given us a way to turn off the news "program" and get our news from multiple sources whenever we want. This links communities together. we become separated by no more than a mouse click. Authoritarian governments would hate this...not allow it. The only question is how much autonomy from AOL/Huffpo.
Peanut Santiago
04:58 PM on 05/20/2011
You are making me homesick for my hometown.

Maybe I can get up to New Jersey to visit my family and go to the city soon.

Broadway, Broad Street, downtown, Essex County College, University Hospital (originally City Hospital and the old building is still there I think), the Courthouse, City Hall.......

Yea, and even the rough neighborhoods.
I can go see some relatives still living in those rough neighborhoods.

04:33 PM on 05/20/2011
awesome! go Newark