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Robert Frank
My last name is FRANK so thats what I am..
09:20 AM on 05/26/2011
Gaddafi: you guys lay down your weapons and then we can make peace !!!
I drink for the pain!
09:23 AM on 05/26/2011
The US doesn't want peace! We want WAR! Military contracts! That's the way we roll!
Sometimes you get and sometimes you get got
09:42 AM on 05/26/2011
What we really want is control of an oil rich country.
09:08 AM on 05/26/2011
He offers cease-fire on one hand, and keeps bombing Misurata and Yefren on the other hand.
It is impossible to imagine a future in Libya with this man and his sons on our soil.

If he really cared about Libya, if he really thinks it is a country and not a company owned by him and his progeny, if he really had faith in the population, he will take his family and leave. But he won't do such thing.
Rule 5 rules
09:40 AM on 05/26/2011
You only need to stop firing when your proposed ceasefire is accepted.
09:55 AM on 05/26/2011
That is true, however when he was pounding Misurata, and when his troops were at Benghazi's doorway, he never gave quarter to his opponents. Why should he be accommodated now when the tide is turning, and turning it is?
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08:59 AM on 05/26/2011
The Colonel will stay.
Max is Back
Caiu na roda, ou acorda ou vai rodar!
08:49 AM on 05/26/2011
He tends to make thee cease fire offers every other day but each one rings as hollow as the last as the corpses of his victims pile up during and after his phony cease fire offers...